The amazing ending of "Qifa Shuo": not against the ordinary, not with the mediocrity.
The amazing ending of "Qifa Shuo": not against the ordinary, not with the mediocrity.
I live the life I want and have no regrets!


recently, the sixth season of "Strange Theory" ended brilliantly.

Zhan Qingyun deserved to get BBKing. Fu Seoul lost to Zhan Qingyun reluctantly, but in the face of such a strong opponent, she still tried her best to play her own elegant demeanor, although the defeat was glorious.

but what my uncle wants to discuss with you today is the topic of the final debate-"do you regret being an ordinary person all his life?"


if this question were in front of you, how would you answer it?

"wonderful work"

the first thing I think of is the boy named Sanchong in the Japanese version of Seven years of Life.

so when he was in college, he had already become a magnificent pitcher on the school baseball team, achieved remarkable results, and was reported by the media.

if nothing happens, he will follow the traction of his dream and go to the light of life.

but unexpectedly, a few years later, he gave up his dream, quit the baseball team and went to work in his father's printing factory.

when asked why, he only said: there is no fixed number of things.

the story sounds a little depressing.

but this is the obscure part of fate. Not everything can be achieved by hard work alone. An extraordinary life needs the support of many dimensions, such as individual struggle, opportunity, times and so on.

We've been busy for most of our lives, and it's possible that we ended up answering Maugham's sentence:

I try my best to live an ordinary life.

"wonderful work"

when we were young, we dreamed of crossing the world and changing the world.

but when I grow up, I realize how difficult it is to live an extraordinary life. If you just live an ordinary life, you have done your best.

if you tell me in advance, this is the life you face, do you still have the courage to go on?


in this regard, I have always liked an attitude towards life, that is, I still love life after recognizing the truth of life.

Xiao Hei in "Qifa Shuo" talks about his life of Beijing drifters.

Beijing drifters's days are fast-paced and stressful. In order to work, I get up early and late every day and squeeze into the subway where the plug can always fit into people.

you have to be quick to share with someone and use the toilet.

but even so, he said, have we ever given up the pursuit of life? We all work hard to support this ordinary.

"wonderful work"

Hemingway wrote about a fisherman in the Old Man and the Sea who went fishing and failed to catch a fish for 84 days in a row.

finally caught a big Marlin on the 85th day.

but because the fish was too big, he fought at sea for three days and nights before he tied Marlin to the boat. However, on the way back, he was attacked by a shark. After all, there was only one fish bone left.

things are obscure and obscure, and maybe our lives will be the same.

try his best, but he can't bring back a complete "Marlin"; if he spends his whole life, he can only live an "ordinary" life.

but so what?

at least we have fought for it, at least we have seen the sea, then we will not regret it!

"wonderful work"

in fact, as Wang Anshi, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, said, "if I try my best, I can't get there, so I can have no regrets."

if a person has spared no effort to pursue his ambition, even if he fails to reach it in the end, he has nothing to regret. After doing my best, there is no regret, no emotion.


"do you regret being an ordinary person all his life?"

when it comes to looking at this question here, what it triggers us to think about may not be whether life is destined to be ordinary, nor whether we should regret it after all the dust has settled.

but asking: how on earth can we live in this once life?

I think the key lies in the sentence "I don't regret it".

the Moon and sixpence depicts an extraordinary life.

for the dream in his heart, the protagonist Cland gave up his rich and happy life and went to the distant South Pacific to inject the value of life into the gorgeous canvas until the last moment of his life.

but there is also a small potato in the book, Captain Bruno.

after Bruno retired, he bought an estate and planned to enjoy life with his wife from now on. However, a mistake made by the financial broker made the couple destitute overnight.

the dream of simplicity has been shattered, but the idea of "happy life" has not changed.

Bruno borrowed money from a friend, bought an uninhabited island, and planned to start all over again.

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husband and wife build houses, clear shrubs and plant coconut trees. I am so busy every day that I am often so tired that I sleep like a dead dog as soon as I touch the bed.

compared with the painter Cland, the captain's life is too ordinary, but equally happy and fulfilling. Who can say that such a life is meaningless?

Qiu Chen said a paragraph during the debate, which was extremely moving:

Don't think that expectations that have never been met in your life will be a curse.

A person's life is very short.There are some high mountains that we can never reach, so we can look at them from a distance.

"wonderful work"

if you are not destined to climb a mountain in your life, climb a hill.

you can pursue something as great as Crande, or you can create a "highlight moment" in the ordinary like Captain Bruno.

it is important to live a down-to-earth life with no regrets.


but in real life, the problem we have is

neither the determined bravery of Cland nor the diligent steadfastness of Bruno.

because he was afraid of failure, he honked his whistle early before he started.

or have been staring at the distant mountains, complaining, but do not see that there is a road right now. Even go around in circles, always stay in the same place.

so I hope you don't take mediocrity as your enemy, but don't be willing to be mediocre.

I hope you will always have the innocence and spirit of a teenager, shout in the wind and rain, sing for the night, always hot, always filled with tears.

I hope that when you are old and look back on your life, you can proudly say: I have lived the life I want and have no regrets!

"wonderful work"

this sentence "no regret" is not the helplessness of everything that has been done and cannot be changed, let alone the numbness and alienation of life.

is a righteous and frank confession to yourself.


one book a week, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to recharge