The best state of life: have dreams, something to love, something to look forward to
The best state of life: have dreams, something to love, something to look forward to
As long as you have a dream, it's never too late.


"you only have one life, to do what you like."

an uncle

yesterday, when I flipped through the moments, I happened to see that my former childhood had quit his job in a stable institution and partnered with several friends to start a business.

I talked to him privately at the window. Why did I suddenly figure it out and decided to give it a try?

he returned: "step by step before the age of 30, when I am 30, I want to fight for another one for myself."

I wish you well with a smile.

in the bottom of my heart, I always remember this sentence:

it's never too late, the dream is still intact in your life, waiting for you to open it.

and this sentence that moves me most comes from "there is only one life, do what you like", which is the book I will read with you this week.

I believe that after reading this article, you will be able to reconcile with all the imperfections in your life and find that the best life is yet to come.


have dreams

once read such a post:

A 10-year-old girl writes down her dreams and the biggest troubles of the moment, a 20-year-old stranger gives advice and leaves her own troubles, and so on until the 80-year-old.

one by one, you will find that everyone has their own troubles at each stage. They are only afraid of making the wrong choice, of missing it, of being too late.

some people say: the dream of our youth has long gone with time, now life is so annoying, our life is like a dog.

Grandma Moses told us:

"the so-called road to the dream of life is to stick to your own persistence and keep your own world in the mediocre and trivial life."

We are all ordinary majority, perhaps a few words can be summed up life, life is extremely simple.

Dreams are like sunshine shining into reality, beautiful but out of reach.

none of us can predict the changes of tomorrow, nor can we stop the pace of old age.

like most ordinary women, Grandma Moses spent most of her life in silence as "the farmer's daughter", "the worker's wife" and "the mother of the children".

at the age of 80, she began to pick up her brush. in her painting career of more than 20 years, she created a total of 1600 works and became a world-famous genre painter.

there is no doubt that Grandma Moses left a great deal of color in her life.

You are sure to find that cocktail dresses for juniors that will be what you need to show your unique style. We have a huge selection of cuts and styles to choose from.

in this age when eating is not for belly-wrapping, and you don't have to deal with exams, you'd rather forge ahead than go round and round.

there is an epitaph in the graveyard next to Westminster Abbey in England:

"when I was young, I dreamed of changing the world; when I grew old, I only wanted to change my family, but in the end, I realized that only myself could change."

only when you recognize your position and adjust your direction at the right time, the dream will come closer to you.


Love when something happens

I saw a topic on Zhihu: "what kind of experience is it to regard hobbies as a career?"

some people are very happy, while others are complaining about taking hobbies as a miserable life after work.

in fact, it is not difficult to regard hobbies as a job, but it is difficult to keep enthusiasm all the time.

there is a good saying:

Happiness is to do what you like, and your heart will be free if you like what you do.

A man named Chunshui up wrote a letter to Grandma Moses, saying that he was 30 years old and wondered whether he should give up his stable job as a doctor and pursue his dream of writing.

Grandma Moses replied with a postcard:

"do what you love, and God will gladly open the door to success, even if you are 80 years old now."

the young man followed the advice of Grandma Moses, which led to Junichi Watanabe, a writer who became famous in the literary world.

what you do is not the most important thing. What matters is whether you feel happy and happy when you do these things.

We can't change external changes, but at least we can choose what we like and pay for it.

Wang Deshun, the most handsome man who became popular overnight, walked the catwalk at the age of 79. At the age of 80, he lived like an 18-year-old boy.

doing what you like is the best antistaling agent in the world.

maybe each of us has different talents and chances. There is not always a smooth road ahead, with encouragement and blow, but since we like it and enjoy it, we must stick to it.

We work hard, not to please or move anyone, but to be good enough to live our lives in the way we like.

Grandma Moses said, "the life I want is simple and peaceful, and I can focus on what I really love."

there is still a long way to go, and we must take every step steadily and steadily, and live every day fully and meaningfully.


look forward to something

oneA father handed the boy a piece of old clothes worth one dollar and asked him to sell it for two dollars. The boy washed the clothes and hawked them for more than six hours at a crowded subway station.

his father handed him another old dress: "think about it, how can this dress sell for $20?"

after thinking about it, the boy drew two lovely cartoon characters on his clothes and sold them to a young master at the gate of the aristocratic children's school.

when he got home, his father handed him another old dress: "can you sell it for $200?"

the boy looked embarrassed. "Why don't you have a try?" His father inspired him, "think about it, there will always be a way."

coincides with the promotion of Lafosi, the heroine of the popular movie Charlie's Angels. He managed to get Lafferty to sign the old clothes.

the boy looked at his father gratefully: "I see." You are enlightening me. As long as you use your head, there will always be a way. "

Father nodded and shook his head again:

"I just want to tell you that an old dress worth only one dollar has a way to be noble. Not to mention those of us who are alive? "

this boy is the later Michael Jordan.

Yes, even a piece of old clothes can be noble, so what reason do we have to belittle ourselves?

Life is not perfect, endless quarrels, endless work, endless money.

even with rich life experience and broad knowledge, we can never see what life is really like.

but as Grandma Moses said:

"Don't ignore those ordinary moments, don't forget your original wishes, seriously and persistently insist on a happy life, then, in the end, everything will get what you want."

remember, never blame yourself for not having a good life.

you should know that the most inconspicuous ordinary moments of your life are the best.

instead of making life miserable, stick to the belief that life can be better through hard work.

from now on, you should learn to read more, run more and learn more new things.

then in the difficulties again and again, in those moments that are not easy to find, to find the true meaning of life.

believe that everything is at the right time, the scenery you have now must be the best, and please believe that a good life has appeared.


Grandma Moses said, as long as you have a dream, as long as you stick to it, it's never too late.

what I'm afraid is that you will stop when you are young!

No matter what kind of life you choose, just accept what life has given you and let every minute and every second have no regrets.

if you are really willing to work hard, the worst result in life is a late bloomer.

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Grandma Moses

"you only have one life, to do what you like."

A copy,

May you take advantage of your youth,

Love the person you want to love, do what you want to do,

turn all humble things into eternity!