The best way to get along with others: respect is standard, reliability is high, and kindness is top.
The best way to get along with others: respect is standard, reliability is high, and kindness is top.
The journey of life is long and tortuous, so you must walk side by side with the right person.

Marx said: friendship is indispensable in life, but it is not easy to get true friendship.

if you want to have a long-term relationship, you always need to give and run-in with each other.

after half a lifetime, I realized that the best mode of getting along with each other probably follows a logic:

respect is standard, reliable is high, and kindness is the top.

respect is standard

Schiller said a famous saying: "those who do not respect others will not be respected."

only those who respect others can be respected.

have read the story of comedian Charlie Chaplin.

on a tour, Chaplin met an audience he had admired for a long time.

the two had a good conversation, so the audience invited Chaplin to his home.

the other party was a baseball fan. He showed Chaplin around his baseball collection room and happily introduced all kinds of collections to Chaplin.

Chaplin smiled all the time and listened attentively.

people around him are surprised by this, because Chaplin is quiet by nature and is not keen on baseball.

this reminds me of a story by writer Bai Xianyong.

for a time, Bai Xianyong's youth version of the Peony Pavilion caused a sensation across the country, and many people were praising and discussing this work.

but his friend Chen Wenxi was not interested at all, so he never mentioned the play in front of Chen Wenxi.

later, when Chen Wenqian knew about it, she said with emotion, "I am very grateful for this!" He can innovate, I can be stubborn, and no one will convince the other. "

think of a sentence by the philosopher Kant:

"I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can understand as much as possible."

in this world, everyone's experiences and positions are different.

it is not necessary to seek common ground, but to respect each other.

when dealing with people, the first thing we need to do is to give each other enough respect.

respect other people's interests, respect their values, and respect each other's differences.

only if you respect others, will others respect you.

Equal treatment and mutual respect are the most basic rules of communication between people.

reliable is high-end

heard a saying: "really make friends to find reliable people, smart people can only chat."

what is reliable?

someone once made an incisive definition: there is an explanation everywhere, a reason for everything, and an echo of everything.

whether a person is worth interacting with and whether he can get along for a long time often depends on how reliable he is.

I have a cousin in my hometown. He has a friend who runs a decoration company.

usually this friend is always enthusiastic, making friends with others, and often says that if you need any help, you can feel free to come to him.

Last year, my cousin's new house was going to be decorated, so I naturally thought of that friend.

the other party talked eloquently and quickly came up with the design plan. As soon as my cousin saw that it was exactly what he wanted, he quickly signed a decoration contract with him and paid a deposit.

when the construction really started, my cousin realized that this was not the case at all.

it was originally agreed to guarantee the quality of the materials, but as a result, all the inferior products were sent.

cousin hurriedly asked him to change, and the man promised that there was no problem, but in fact he procrastinated.

Searching for a superb attires short marriage guest that will fit your budget? There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

it took more than half a year to finish what could have been completed in three months.

cousin is also suffering can not say, can only secretly eat this dumb loss.

unreliable people always pay attention to promises, but always have nothing to do.

in life, there are many such people who talk about it in words but never put it into practice.

when something goes wrong, they will only pass the buck and procrastinate if they can.

when you get along with this kind of person, you should not only be always afraid, but also make you suffer unnecessary losses.

writer Chi Li once said:

"reliable, simple to say, complicated to fall down; sounds like a feeling, but it's a principle to do it."

people who are really reliable have the ability to reassure people.

in this world, there is no shortage of smart people, but reliable and down-to-earth people.

be sure to walk with reliable people for the rest of your life.

at the same time, you should always remind yourself to be a responsible and reliable person.

only if you are always reliable, will you meet a friend who is as reliable as you.

honesty is the top match

have seen such a piece of news.

A classmate gave a big red packet of 8888 yuan when he got married, but he received a gift of 1314 yuan in return for his marriage.

the client Xiao Liu said that he and Chen had a very good relationship at school and promised each other that they would give 8888 yuan in red envelopes when they got married.

Chen got married two years ago, and Xiao Liu gave a red envelope as promised.

he said: "this is equivalent to more than two months' salary, but I feel that I have to keep my promise in order to live up to our Brotherhood."

as a result, when it was Xiao Liu's turn to hold the wedding, the other party only gave 1314 yuan as a gift, and not even himself was present.

soAfter years of friendship, in the end, it is not worth thousands of yuan.

Xiao Liu recalled their promises at that time, and thought of his own efforts over the years, which made him feel even more chilled.

the maintenance of a friendship usually requires both parties to give equally. If there is bias, even the best relationship will fade.

as the saying goes, "honesty is better than honesty, shrewdness is not as good as kindness."

people who really care about you will not take advantage of you, but will think of you instead.

A Chuan, a colleague of mine, once made an appointment to see a movie when we first met.

when I went home after watching the movie, I found that he had transferred 41 yuan to me, while the movie ticket was only 25 yuan.

later he told me that he had bought two colas before check-in, and that 16 yuan was the money he paid for the two colas.

since that time

, I found that this man is worthy of deep acquaintance. He doesn't take advantage of others and is very generous to his friends.

some people say: "appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character."

along the long way of life, we will meet many people and get to know many people.

but only when you associate with people with good character will your feelings become deeper and stronger over time.

get along with each other by fate; deep acquaintance depends on character.

people who are kind and well-behaved are the most worthy of our deep acquaintance for a lifetime.

getting along with others is a spiritual practice.

Su Qin once wrote:

be with whoever you are comfortable with. Those who can enter my heart will be treated as kings, and those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory.

in the final analysis, whether people can get along with each other depends first of all on whether they respect each other; whether they can get to know each other deeply depends on whether they are reliable or not; and whether they can walk for a long time depends on their character.

short-term communication depends on temperament, life-long communication depends on conduct.

the journey of life is long and tortuous, so you must walk side by side with the right person.

, may you and I both gain sincerity, make good friends, and share the ups and downs of life.