The best way to live for the rest of life: don't force, don't give up, don't regret.
The best way to live for the rest of life: don't force, don't give up, don't regret.
Love what you love, do what you can.


"what kind of life do you want to live"

an uncle

everyone must have heard the story of "Handan learning to walk".

it tells the story of a young man from Shouling of the State of Yan who came all the way to learn how to walk from the people of Handan in Zhao State because he envied their beautiful walking posture.

as a result, not only did he not learn this posture of walking, but he also forgot his original posture of walking, and finally had to crawl back.

hearing this idiom at first glance, I can't help laughing and sighing like Li Bai, "Shouling lost his step and laughed at the people of Handan." however, looking back, there are too many people in life like Yan teenagers doing things like blindly imitating others.

do not realize that everyone has his own life. Everyone praises the tiger for its power and teeth that can break the enemy's throat with one bite, but the antelope also has its own talent, and no one is second to none when it comes to running.

like animals, everyone has their own unique charm, and everyone has their own life.

how to spend your life, but only you can deliver the answer.

Today, Uncle Yoshino wants to share Yoshino's book "what kind of Life you want to live" with your book friends.

you, who hope to finish reading this book, still have the Qingming Festival on the road that showers all day long.


be yourself

follow the heart

Uncle has a young boy and is now a doctor. Because he looks like a star, everyone advises him why he should quit his job with a monthly salary of thousands of days and nights upside down and go to the entertainment industry.

and he never smiles and says nothing.

one day, another kind-hearted man said, "you are too much like XX. It is really aggrieved to be a doctor."

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this time the small reply: "I know the star you are talking about, he is only a third-rate actor, but I am a first-class doctor."

after listening to this, the uncle couldn't help applauding. Yes, no matter how much others say, you are the unique scenery in the world.

your life is up to you. Why change yourself for the sake of other people's eyes.

"what kind of life do you want to live" begins with the following sentence:

"there are too many people in this world who pretend to be noble in the eyes of others. They care most about themselves in the eyes of others, and unwittingly leave their true selves behind."

I had a deep feeling after reading it.

because I have seen too many such people, in order not to become different, the choice is arranged to be assimilated, and the dignity is maintained in fear.

however, life is different, and what kind of trajectory you should have depends on your heart.

only by being true to your heart can you live your true self, not in order to fulfill the eyes of others.

A clown in a mask

, acting a script that he is not good at in the expectations of others.

Mencius said, "everything is prepared for me, reflexive and sincere, happy". Only by not relying on not pandering and not deceiving yourself, can you reap great happiness in the face of your true self.

in the days to come, remember to do what you love, follow the path you like, be true to your heart, and live the life you want.


do what you do

No questions asked

everyone knows that Ang Lee is a successful director, but he also had a dormant period when he was so talented.

at the age of 26, Ang Lee, a recent graduate, came to New York in the face of his parents' opposition, but he didn't know that the road to movies was not easy, and there were so many young people like him who wanted to break out on Broadway.

this is undoubtedly a kind of torture for him with high ambition, and his fledgling sharpness has become more and more dull in the sharpening of tea, rice, oil and salt.

for a while, Ang Lee gave up the film industry and chose to apply for a computer to find a "stable job" in order to make a living.

one day when his wife came home and saw his computer schedule, she, who had always been gentle, tore up the schedule and said to him word by word, "Ann, you have to remember the ideal in your heart!"

it is this piece of paper that makes Ang Lee pick up the movie and be vigilant all the time. After all, Ang Lee won the title of best director for his classic films such as "Wedding Banquet" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

you see, sometimes you may only be a piece of paper away from success.

most of the time, failure is not because it is not good enough, but because it is less persistent and brave.

I still remember a sentence written by the poet Mu Xin in the Book of Plain:

"my confusion and timidity are always there, but I tell myself that even if I go into an abyss, there is still a long way to go."

so, afraid of the mountains and rivers all the way away, the future is hopeless, into an inch of joy, walk past, the abyss will be a long way forward.

as Genisaburo Yoshino conveys in his book, the greatest thing about mankind is that it is constantly surpassing the "impossible".

Life is like a reverse journey, no one can go smoothly. But I always firmly believe that those frustrated and down and out are just guideposts to guide you forward.

everything has cracks, and the predicament is not indestructible.

You just keep going, all the good things are on the way, just to meet you unexpectedly.


Love what you love

cherish owning

there was a great scholar in ancient Greece named Socrates.

one day, Socrates asked his disciples to pick the largest ear of wheat from a wheat field and asked them to move forward, not backward.

the fields are full of ears of barley. Which one is the biggest?

the disciples walked forward with their heads down and picked and picked attentively for a long time. Some people tried to pick a few ears, but were not satisfied, so they threw them away.

suddenly, Socrates' old bell-like voice was heard: "you have come to an end."

at this time, the empty-handed disciples woke up from a dream. they looked back at Mailang, and countless wheat plants shook their heads, as if they were sorry for them.

people seem to walk in the wheat field all their life, always working very hard to find the biggest ear of wheat.

it is true that the pursuit should be ambitious, but holding the ear in front of you is real.

people always say that life is like a play, in fact, it is more ruthless than the play, it has no rehearsal, can not start all over again, a turn around, a miss, may be a lifetime.

yesterday has passed quietly, and the future is fickle again. The only thing I can do is to hug my lover, get together with friends and talk to my parents on every ordinary day.

"it is better to take pity on the people in front of you than to be full of mountains and rivers."

Love what you love, cherish what you have, you can be closer to happiness and hold happiness more tightly.

2020 has begun, and in the new year, you should start a new journey. Don't change yourself easily because of the opinions of others, and don't choose to stand still because of the long road ahead.

Spring comes and summer goes, autumn harvest and winter storage, the years are so easy to pass, the rest of life is not too long.

wish you to step on the world of mortals, taste all kinds of flavors, and still be able to smile and live brightly and vividly.

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what kind of life do you want to live?

May when you are confused,

firmly believe in your value.

Love what you love, do what you do,

listen to your heart and ask nothing.