The best way to live for the rest of my life. You're absolutely right.
The best way to live for the rest of my life. You're absolutely right.
May you not embarrass yourself, live up to the years, and cherish it in an ordinary life.

time flies, time is in a hurry, unwittingly, it has reached the half slope of life.

along the way, human feelings, joys and sorrows, have dissipated with time.

count the first half of my life. I have seen the blossoms, walked all the way through the mountains and rivers, and experienced great winds and waves.

in those days, I had tasted the sweetness, suffered, climbed through the trough, and had scenery, but in the end I was still lost.

sometimes, you and I are like a drop in the ocean. We go so far that we forget why we set out.

maybe the days have not been satisfactory, but there is no way to turn back.


live yourself well for the rest of your life

A little gardener went out to carry water and was bitten by a dog on his way back.

after returning home, the little gardener and other old gardeners helped him take care of his wound, picked up the bamboo pole and ran out.

seeing this, the old gardener hurriedly stopped him and said, "does your wound still hurt?"

the gardener shook his head.

"Why hit the dog when the pain is gone?"

"because it bit me, I hate him!"

the presbyopia continued, "if a dog bites you, you hate it; if you hurt it, it also hates you." When will vengeance go on? But you are human, so why bother with a mad dog? "

the little gardener was silent and bowed his head.

the gardener added:

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"this person, like planting flowers, has three ways to deal with hatred:

the first is to hold a grudge, allowing the seeds of hatred to take root and sprout in your heart, and in the end it is yourself who gets hurt.

the second is to forget hatred. Although the soil has been renovated, there are still traces of planting.

the third is the wisest, which is to take the initiative to reconcile with the enemy and give the flowers to each other, which not only unties the knot, but also leaves fragrance. "

as the old gardener said, we should all care less and be more magnanimous as small as every plant and tree, and so big as to be human and do things.

Life is short, and mature people know that time is precious and do not get entangled with bad people and things.

No matter what other people care about, spend time with someone who is worth it and live well with yourself.


for the rest of my life, let yourself go

an old man once told such a story:

A fisherman found a big and beautiful pearl on the beach, but the only problem was that there was a small spot on it.

the fisherman didn't care about it, but he kept thinking about the spot when he was fishing and was absent-minded.

so he took the pearl out of his pocket and tried to slowly remove the spot so that the pearl was flawless.

when he ruthlessly cut off the surface of the pearl, the spots still existed, and he cut off layer after layer, thinking of getting rid of the little spots.

in this way, he didn't catch a fish all afternoon, and the last spot was gone, and the pearls no longer existed.

most of the time, like this fisherman, we pick up sesame seeds but lose watermelons, and miss more wonderful moments in life for a little thing that comes to mind.

We keep picking it up in the first half of our lives, and we should learn to let it go in the second half of our lives.

the sea of life, let all love and hate go with the wind, and all the past fall to the ground.

if the road is impassable, you will learn to turn; if you can't forget it, you will try to let go; if you can't let go, you will learn to let go.

when you have it, you will cherish and be grateful; when you lose it, you will be a little more calm and calm.

when we lay down our baggage and precipitate the past, we can easily start our journey and stride forward.


be kind to yourself for the rest of your life

Buddha said: "three thousand prosperous, flick the finger for a moment, a hundred years later, but a handful of yellow sand."

in this limited life, we should be kind not only to others but also to ourselves.

loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance and a prerequisite for a happy life.

in the first half of my life, I was busy, my lover was too full, I slept too late, I thought too much, and I ended up tired.

only then did I find that I kept everything in mind, but forgot only myself.

in the past, I used to eat and drink and prepare for each other, until I suddenly realized that youth can be wasted, but the body can't.

the second half of life is about health.

No matter how busy you are at work, don't forget to go out more and keep fit; no matter how much you socialize, don't forget the most down-to-earth firewood, rice, oil and salt, a vegetable and a meal; no matter how tired you are from overtime, you'd rather stay up all night.

I like what Feng Zikai said very much:

"when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small; if you look down on the vicissitudes of the world, your heart is safe and sound."

there is nothing to worry about in the world.

instead of worrying about trifles, it's better to spend your time on something more meaningful.

Life is a process, and people with rich hearts often know how to enrich themselves.

have your own hobbies, read the books you want to read, go where you want to go, buy clothes you like. No matter how ordinary life is, you can live a poetic life.


For the rest of my life, I was grateful to meet

once saw a cruel formula in a book:

"if your parents are now 60 years old, their remaining life expectancy is 20 years, and you don't live with them, then you see your parents for about 6 days a year, and spend about 11 hours a day together! So: 20 years x 6 days x 11 hours = 1320 hours, that is to say, you have only 55 days left to spend with your parents. "

Life is a process of "subtraction". No matter whether it is our parents or other people who accompany us, the time together is always short.

in this limited time, please cherish the one who loves you, restrain your temper, pack up your grievances, and don't lose the one who really treats you.

Life comes and goes, the next day is not long, the debt of the first half of life, remember to make up for the second half of life.

be grateful for every encounter in your life, cherish the family and friends around you, recall in the flowing time, and remember in the silent relationship.

May you not embarrass yourself, live up to the years, and cherish it in an ordinary life for the rest of your life.