The children raised by these families are more promising when they grow up, aren't they?
The children raised by these families are more promising when they grow up, aren't they?
Positive discipline is the best method of education.

talk about "positive discipline"

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two days ago, I saw a short video and felt deeply:

A 9-year-old boy cried alone at home at night. The neighbor was awakened by the cry, worried that something might happen and called the police.

after learning the situation, the police tried to call the boy's mother many times, but the little boy refused.

it turned out that he was afraid of delaying his mother's work and not getting paid, so he would rather not disturb and stay by the window late at night crying waiting for his parents to return.

netizens said one after another: "other people's children" are always sensible and make it easier for their parents.

"look forward to the success of your children and the success of your daughter" is the greatest wish of parents, but most parents do not know how to educate their children.

if you are also upset about this, you might as well come to "positive discipline" with your uncle this week to find the answer.

parents are the best starting line for their children, and family education is more important than anything else.


A healthy family, kindness and firmness go hand in hand

such scenes must be common on the way to raising children:

in the mall, when the child sees that the toy he likes can't move, he can't resist the child's cry, so you buy it anyway.

at the dinner table, you teach your children not to be picky about food and not to waste food. As a result, grandparents come out to be "peacemakers".

when doing homework, the child is distracted and preoccupied with his studies. The father beside him thinks that he should give his child a happy childhood.

one side did everything he could, while the other turned into a "pig teammate" to gag around and tear it down. They do not realize that such discipline is meaningless and will even make children more arrogant and indulgent.

in psychology, there is a law of watches.

says that when a person has a watch, we can know the time accurately; when we have two or more watches, it is difficult to determine the time accurately, which makes the watch reader lose his judgment of time.

as the enlighteners of their children, parents must remember that "alliance" is more beneficial to their children's growth than "platform-breaking" education.

just like the concept of positive discipline mentioned in the book: kindness and firmness is the foundation of education.

the so-called "kindness" means respect for children;

"kind and firm" doesn't mean to make the child obedient in a roundabout way, but to really let the child grow, trust and understand the child.

when a child has tried the consequences of a wrong choice, he will naturally grow up in the process of choice.

only in a kind and determined family can children develop the ability to adapt to life.


respect is the prerequisite for a good parent-child relationship

once saw a precious mother share a sentence in moments:

is really his own. One second he was yelling and blaming him, and the next he could call his mother sweetly.

every parent must be very familiar with this scene, suffering from yelling and forgiveness every day.

you will yell for your child's failure in the exam, and you will be severely reprimanded when your child makes a mistake.

but what parents don't realize is that when they vent their emotions on their children wantonly, they virtually hurt their children's self-esteem.

read the story of such a baby penguin:

this morning, my mother lost her temper and shouted at me angrily. As a result, I was so scared that my whole body scattered and ran away.

my head flew into the universe, my stomach fell into the sea, and my mouth was stuck in the mountains. Finally, my mother, who lost her temper and screamed, took me back and repaired me.

my mother said "I'm sorry" to me, and I forgave my mother.

you see, children can always forgive their parents easily, so why don't parents have the patience to respect him?

only by learning to respect the child and treat him as an independent life, will the child not dare to speak out of fear.

as "positive discipline" says, "win the child, not win the child on your strength."

"there is no gold, no one is perfect.

"everyone makes mistakes, let alone children.

parents should set a good example, learn to convince people with reason, and think more from their children's position, so that their children will both love you and fear you.

as the saying goes, being a parent is a journey of mind and wisdom.


Wise parents know how to be fair

in "Juvenile talk", a sixth-grade girl cries to her father: her sister is naughty, while her father always scolds her sister indiscriminately.

the girl on the platform asked sadly, Dad, can you try to trust me for once?

the father off the stage was silent for a few seconds, but said:

"the ancients all knew that the big gives way to the small, and you are 6 years older than her. Is it still necessary for your father to say that?" She is young and ignorant, and neither are you? "

this scene is distressing.

I have to say, in a family with a second child, it is really difficult for parents to do so. ""A bowl of water is flat." as the boss, he seems to be born with the responsibility of being sensible and caring for his younger brother and sister.

parents forget that he is also a child and a treasure he once held in the palm of his hand.

Jane Nelson said:

when you feel pain in the process of education, your educational method must be wrong.

in every second-child family, the love of the parents is the balance between the eldest and the second treasure.

when parents love each other in balance, their children can get along more harmoniously.

when you have Erbao, you should pay more attention to the feelings of the boss, because how the eldest brother and sister feel will affect the character of Erbao.

when buying toys for Erbao, don't forget to buy one for the boss, who is also a child in need of care.

when two children are in conflict, don't emphasize letting your brother /sister know that their parents' love and punishment are equal.

the second-child family is nothing more than hoping that after many years, they can grow into the most solid dependence on each other.

if you have two treasures in your family, please don't ignore the boss. Only by building a bridge with love can you get through the number that enters your child's inner world.


good parents are better at communicating

parents should be good at observing their children's state of mind and finding the right way to communicate with their children.

you should know that the way you communicate with your child will directly affect your child's attitude towards life.

Judy and Linda smashed their neighbor's car with oranges. Instead of scolding, her mother sat down to discuss with them in a friendly way.

first of all, she understood the child's idea that it must be a happy adventure to hit her neighbor's car with an orange.

"what do you think Mr. Hibbert will think when he sees it? How would you two feel if someone threw oranges at your car? "

the two little girls looked ashamed, and their mother continued to seduce them. finally, the sisters apologized to their neighbors and cleaned the car.

it takes courage for a child to admit his mistake and make amends.

Child psychologist Drax said: "Children need encouragement, just as plants need water."

encouragement is the best way to help an ill-behaved child improve.

as long as you give children a chance to talk, they are actually better at solving problems than adults.

it is right to love children, but love alone is far from enough. Love requires heart and skill.

the goal of positive discipline is not to help parents change their children, but to help their children improve their behavior and become better themselves.

every parent wants their child to have a brighter tomorrow, but education is never achieved overnight.

when you become your ideal parent, your hard work will be rewarded one day.

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