The difference between love and love is really obvious.
The difference between love and love is really obvious.
I hope you go both ways, serious, long-term love, and cherish.


two days ago, someone edited a clip from the TV series "my first half of my Life".

he Han and Tang Jing have not been married for ten years, and they seem to be more like close and understanding partners than lovers.

when Tang Jing invites he Han to date, he Han will refuse because of his work, but after falling in love with Luo Zijun, he Han will give up her work and rush to see her as soon as she calls.

especially that time, when Luo Zijun went to Suzhou to do business, he Han called her in advance to tell her that there would be a thunderstorm in Shanghai in the evening and told her to come back as soon as she had finished her work. If she had other plans, she should book the return ticket for the high-speed rail in advance.

but Luo Zijun encountered an accident on his way back. The torrential rain and the car broke down again, and he was trapped on the road.

as soon as he Han knew about this, he set off and drove from Shanghai to pick her up and bring her an umbrella in spite of the heavy rain.

he has been with Tang Jing for ten years and has never done these things for her.

he was sure that Tang Jing would not commit such a low-level problem, and even if there was a problem, she could solve it by herself without him.

it's quite touching.

you see, the difference between love and love is obvious.

the person who likes you, whether you need it or not, whether he wants it or not is the main thing.

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when you say you haven't eaten, he says remember to have breakfast and don't be hungry; if you say you're in a bad mood, he comforts you not to think too much and be happy.

for those who love you, TA remember what you need, and TA will help you remember what you don't need.

haven't eaten yet? Take you to the restaurant where you said you wanted to sign in last time; I feel that you have not been very happy recently. A rose, a surprise meeting, or a short trip are all thoughts.

Love is heartbeat, is presumptuous, is the moment of fireworks blooming amazing, and love is restraint, is the only, is to put you in the heart above their emotional position, is the cure of a long stream of water.

Love can be given to many people, but love can only be given to one person.

Reader Xixi told me about her relationship with her husband on Wechat, and she smiled in her own voice when she started talking.

together for several months, the progress is just holding hands, kissing the forehead, can feel each other because of cherish and cautious, careful and full of joy.

when their first kiss was at Disney, the straight boyfriend of science and engineering, who was always clumsy, touched her head and asked, "can I kiss you?"

although this trick is also contributed by male roommates, who can stop this restrained romance? ha.

after being together for a long time, after graduating from college and getting engaged, Xi Xi once asked, "Why were you so polite and restrained to me in the first place?"

the boy scratched his head and said, "because we have a lot of time, take your time."

in this fast-paced era, many stories about heartbeat are short-lived.

desire is better than treasure. If you don't get a reward for your high-frequency efforts in a short period of time, you will feel disappointed, and the end of the show is inevitable.

for those who really love you, the future is as important as the present, and there is no need to rush to get things done overnight.

some people describe feelings like this.

when you see a flower, people who like it will want to pick it off and take it home, while those who love it want to water it and watch it grow up.

makes sense.

if love is a dog and horse, for a while, love is boiling tea in warm water, you can help each other in rivers and lakes, or you can grow old together in the wild or mountains and forests.

those who love you will always love you as you are, and love the most real you, even if there are inevitable shortcomings, weaknesses and even embarrassment in the real world.

the heartbeat may not be reliable, but if the water flows long, it will last longer.


A world scene, I hope you will meet someone who really loves you and give you sincere joy and company.

I hope you will go both ways, be serious, long-term, and cherish it.

good night and sweet dreams.