The father decides how high the child flies, and the mother decides how far the child flies.
The father decides how high the child flies, and the mother decides how far the child flies.
Teaching by deeds and deeds is the best education for children.

parents are the first teachers of their children, and their inadvertent actions may affect their children's lives.

A child is like a mirror. He projects the problems of the whole family. Children learn what their parents do.

you can know a thing or two about whether a child is promising in a family from his parents.


Father decides how high his child will fly

have read a sentence like this:

as an "important person" in a child's life, the same affirmative word, if spoken by the father, will have 50 times more influence on the child than the mother.

feels the same way. Do you remember the many daughters of Huang Lei who were frequently searched some time ago?

No wonder she is praised as "someone else's child".

it is undeniable that Duoduo's ability to grow up so well is inseparable from his father Huang Lei's education.

he likes to travel, so when he is free, he takes his family around the world, so he never gets stage fright when he is in trouble. He likes reading, and under the influence of osmosis, he also integrates reading into his daily life.

and the most rare thing is that Huang Lei always gives a lot of respect and believes in and supports every decision made by Duoduo, even if it is ear piercing, hair dyeing and other things that his parents do not allow.

as he wrote in a letter to Duoduo:

I hope you do what you like, get along with the people you like, and live your life in the way you like.

he consciously cultivated his children's independent and sound personality, so that Duoduo had more gentleness, atmosphere and wisdom than children of the same age, and dared to display himself on a larger stage.

this is what a father should really do:

is not to hold you as a treasure in the palm of your hand, but to show you the world and teach you to move forward even harder.

I think of Su Fu, Su Shi and Su Zhe, who are called "one father and son three poets and eight ancient writers".

after Su Shi and Su Zhe brothers were born, Su Fu made up his mind to bring up the two sons. But instead of blindly setting rules and forcing children to read, he accompanied them to study and make progress.

the Analects of Confucius, Mencius, the Book of songs. In order to make it easy for his children to understand, he read these classics thoroughly and finally went to take the Jinshi exam with his sons. As a result, all three were among the best.

and Su Huan's own open mind also inspired the children.

even though his life took a sharp turn and was repeatedly relegated, Su Shi remained as optimistic and open-minded as his father.

in the most difficult time, you can also use the sentence "bamboo stick and awn shoes beat the horse lightly, who is afraid?" A storm of misty rain for life "the wind is light and the clouds are light."

Maternal love is as long as I have, as long as you want, I can give it to you.

while fatherly love is obscure and unobtrusive, it often points out a direction for children to arrive with their own strength.

therefore, the father is a pearl to guide the direction of his child's life, with a light on his head, so that the road of life will not be difficult.


mothers decide how far their children fly

A mother is the most intimate being to her child. For children, she is the first textbook of life.

every word and deed of a mother will be seen by her child, which will affect her child's life.

Last weekend, I asked a client to discuss the project. When I arrived, I found that she had brought her daughter, who had just entered primary school, with her.

she said: "the child recently had a summer vacation, there is no one at home, really do not rest assured, forgive me, we talk about us, the child she can play on her own."

I was a little nervous at first. After all, children of this age are always unable to sit still, in case there is a quarrel, both sides are embarrassed.

when we finished talking, the little girl was still absorbed in reading her cartoons. I smiled and said to her mother, "your daughter is so nice, quiet and quiet."

her mother explained that their usual mode of getting along with each other is more like friends than mother and daughter. No matter who does something wrong, the other person can point it out without any scruples.

therefore, she will not interfere with what her daughter likes to do, and her daughter will not interfere with her work. But when you encounter problems in life, you are always the first to confide in each other.

and they are always holding their own books at home, exchanging a few words of reading experience from time to time, not to mention how comfortable it is.

Mother and daughter are independent of each other, but they depend on each other. Under this way of education, the daughter has become more and more independent.

Japanese novelist Yuizo Yamamoto wrote in A woman's Life:

there is a famous fable.

is about a bank robber on death row.Being escorted to the execution ground, the executioner said he could meet a request before he died.

the criminal said, "I'd like to have a whisper with my mother." The grieving mother hurried forward and leaned her ear towards her.

unexpectedly, her son bit her ear off and said hard:

"when I stole the pencil-box, instead of beating me up, you praised me for my ability. If not, how can I keep stealing? How did it end up today? "

imagine that if the mother had stopped the child from stealing for the first time, the child would not have been reduced to such a land.

Zheng Yuanjie said that when a child grows up, it is the mother of success and failure.

mothers like to read, hands and feet are diligent, and children also like to read books and take the initiative to do things;

mothers can be kind to their parents and parents-in-law, and their children will know how to repay their parents' upbringing and contribute to society.

mothers like to play mahjong and swear, and their children will swear.

the child will end up in the same pattern as the mother.

those mothers with large patterns know how to pave a loving path for their children, which is narrow, but enough for them to go through half their lives.


Teaching by deeds and deeds is the best education for children

to put it bluntly, when every child is born, it is a piece of pure white paper, and the parents are the painters with the pen.

so, if you want to paint a beautiful painting, take a look at the posture of the brush in your hand.

if you are cold and autocratic, the child will be arbitrary and bossy; if you are enthusiastic and enlightened, the child will be bright and progressive.

as one writer said:

"there are no shortcuts to educating children except by deeds and companionship."

parents' words and deeds and a harmonious family atmosphere are the best soil for raising children, which cannot be achieved by no matter how expensive the early education class or the best school.

Life is only a few decades, and the validity period of parents is very short. Don't let your children pay for your mistakes, so you won't regret it for the rest of your life!


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