The female doctor suffers from cancer, and the husband of the associate professor knelt down and begged for divorce: I am only 40 years old, leave me alone!
The female doctor suffers from cancer, and the husband of the associate professor knelt down and begged for divorce: I am only 40 years old, leave me alone!
Life is very short, take good care of your body, this is the foundation of everything.

I saw a video on the Internet today, which is about:

Ms. Yang, because her family is poor, she is eager to change her fate by studying hard from an early age.

soon, she met Mr. Zhang, who is also a doctoral student at school.

Mr. Zhang is the same as Ms. Yang.

similar family backgrounds and similar school experiences make the two people sympathize with each other.

after the marriage, her husband, Mr. Zhang, was very considerate to Ms. Yang. The marriage was supposed to be very beautiful, but an unfortunate news broke their happy life.

Ms. Yang was found to be suffering from liver cancer.

husband Mr. Zhang always takes good care of his wife's illness and even borrows money for his wife's treatment.

seeing that her husband never gave up on her, Ms. Yang was very moved.

after five years like this, Ms. Yang's condition has not only not improved, but has become more serious.

and her husband's attitude towards her has already changed 180 degrees.

he began to disappear, but he would send Ms. Yang two or three thousand yuan in medical expenses every month.

in the past two years, we have not even sent two or three thousand yuan in medical expenses.

according to Ms. Yang, Mr. Zhang now works as an associate professor in a university and has a stable source of income.

but he turned a blind eye to his sick self and even scolded her often.

Ms. Yang is devastated by the fact that her husband, who used to be gentle and considerate, is now so kind to herself.

later, when the reporter interviewed Mr. Zhang, he said that he was not a cold and heartless person, and he took good care of his wife at the beginning of her illness.

the reason why I want to be separated is that during the Spring Festival, I took my wife back to my hometown. On the first day of the Lunar New year, my mother called my wife to dinner, and the wife said she was not feeling well and didn't want to eat.

then her mother nagged her for a few words, but her wife suddenly flew into a rage, regardless of going back to her mother's house.

there is a custom in their hometown that they will be laughed at when they return to their mother's house on the first day of the Lunar New year, and the wife's behavior undoubtedly makes them lose face and do not respect their family.

the couple clashed over this incident, and then Mr. Zhang called his father-in-law and told his father-in-law that he wanted a divorce.

on the question of the cost of treatment, Mr. Zhang said that he had never treated his wife badly in this respect.

during the six years of marriage, she gave Ms. Yang a living allowance of more than 200,000 yuan one after another. She decided to divorce two years ago and did not give any more money.

Ms. Yang did not agree with her husband's remarks.

she thinks that the 200000 yuan mentioned by her husband, including the daily living expenses of the husband and wife over the years, and the treatment expenses actually given by the husband, is only more than 40,000 yuan.

and over the past five years, the treatment has cost more than 300,000 yuan, and the 300000 treatment expenses are all supported by the hard work of parents and brothers.

as for the matter of running back to her mother's house on the first day of the Lunar New year, Ms. Yang explained that she was very uncomfortable at that time and wanted to lie in bed, but her mother-in-law kept talking to herself.

so I went back to my mother's house on the spur of the moment.

this is not the main reason why two people want to divorce. The husband is actually looking at his cancer and doesn't want to spend too much money.

Ms. Yang has advanced liver cancer and needs a liver transplant, but a liver transplant costs 800000.

at this time, the husband begged Ms. Yang to let herself go.

Mr. Zhang apologized for sending malicious messages before, and explained that he had lost his head and said it on impulse, and he was forced to do nothing.

my parents are in their 70s and have always wanted grandchildren, but they are now in their 40s and want to have a normal family and a child.

and Ms. Yang's illness is so uncertain that he has to make plans for his future.

Ms. Yang was heartbroken in the face of her husband's determined attitude.

she has always believed that her husband is the one who saved herself, and she hopes that her husband can bravely take responsibility and be responsible to herself.

but no matter how he was persuaded, Mr. Zhang always stuck to his idea, and Ms. Yang was completely discouraged and finally agreed to divorce.

the condition for divorce is that Mr. Zhang will help him pay off all his debts, treatment fees and credit card bills, totaling 500000 yuan.

Mr. Zhang said that he could only bear 300000 of the debt at most, until in the end, the couple failed to negotiate and had to go through the judicial process to resolve the matter.

after reading this story, I feel very mixed.

this can no longer be judged by right or wrong, it can only be said that this is true human nature.

in this doctoral couple, no one is nobler and no one is worse, only naked human nature.

for the doctor's husband, he married a wife who was also a doctor, and he was very satisfied with it, so he was very kind to his wife.

this gives the woman an illusion: my husband loves me very much and I am very happy.

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later, his wife got cancer, and according to the current medical conditions, there are many cases of cancer cured, so he actively takes care of his wife and wants to cure her and continue to live a happy life.

for many men, their wives don't give up when they start to get sick.

first of all, he does not understand the seriousness of this illness, and it is impossible for him to hear that his wife is ill today and dump his wife tomorrow.

No matter how cold-blooded a man is, he probably has to go through a process.

second, after all, I have been married to my wife for many years, and there will be some feelings in my life together. It is only natural that I must want to cure my wife at first.

third, there is also a balance between the pros and cons.

it's not that easy for a man to marry.

from the man's performance after marriage, we can see that he is quite satisfied with his marriage and his wife.

if it were not for this life change, I believe he would like to have a good life with his wife and have another baby to form a happy family of three.

but gradually, his understanding of liver cancer became clearer and the economic pressure became more and more obvious, and he began to weigh:

my wife is in the middle and advanced stage of liver cancer, how much is the possibility of her cure?

if she can't be cured, won't I end up with nothing?

if she doesn't die for ten or eight years, I have no money and I am old. What will I do for the rest of my life?

I don't even have a child. I can't let her drag me down all my life.

is not only the outburst of contradiction, but also the true portrayal of the heart.

if you die now, I won't have any trouble, or you can divorce me as soon as possible.

although it looks cool and thin, it is the most real performance.

but for the woman, her husband is her only chance to live.

although her parents and brother have not given up on her, after all, their ability and income are limited, and they cannot afford high medical expenses.

but my husband is Gao Zhi, and if he is willing to do his best, he will have a chance to live.

for a drowning person, even a straw is the hope of saving his life, so how can he let go easily?

and she has a doctorate degree, knowledge and ability, and there is no lack of analysis and judgment.

in order to coax her into divorce, her husband said he would try his best to help her after the divorce, and even sent her to her hometown to take care of her.

she is sober:

now that he is not divorced, he has done this to me. He is really divorced. How can he take me to my hometown to take care of me? and what kind of care is this?

so, she doesn't believe at all that marriage is the last thing she has to do with her husband, especially since they don't have children.

to say the least, when a man gives up on you, it doesn't matter whether you divorce him or not.

because he thinks he has given up on you in his heart, it is useless for you to do anything.

I often advise women to pay attention to themselves, to be nice to themselves, and to consider this aspect.

in terms of probability, women must be more affectionate than men. Their husbands are sick. About 8 out of 10 women are willing to be in the same boat, and only 2 may give up.

my wife is sick, and it is optimistic that 2 out of 10 men will never give up.

it is also true that children get sick, and most men give up earlier than women, because men and women treat their relationships differently.

in the stories of doctor and wife, we have to admit that blood relationships are often more reliable than relationships.

in the past, I didn't really believe in this, but as I get older, I really think consanguinity is one of the most wonderful things.