The front photo of Bai Baihe's second child was exposed. After 6 years of divorce, the single mother washed the white on her own.
The front photo of Bai Baihe's second child was exposed. After 6 years of divorce, the single mother washed the white on her own.
Everything in the past has long been reversed, and then we need to live our lives better.

on November 5, the media revealed that Bai Baihe had given birth to a second child, and the second son was more than one year old.

in the exposed video, Bai Baihe goes shopping with her baby in her arms, while Bai Baihe's mother pushes the stroller.

after shopping in the parking lot, Bai Baihe waved goodbye to the staff while holding the baby.

contact the previous revelations that the news of Bai Baihe's second child is really not groundless:

two years ago, in February 2019, Bai Baihe was photographed by passers-by in the obstetrics and gynecology department of a hospital, suspected of being pregnant for an examination.

A year ago, it was revealed that Bai Baihe returned to Bai Baihe's home late at night with the director and college classmate Zhang Silin.

therefore, as soon as the news that Bai Baihe gave birth to a second child was exposed, it sparked a heated discussion.

many netizens blessed that she finally had a new life with the pot of infidelity.

an actress can be expected by the audience even after such a heavy blow.

on the one hand, it is because she has been wronged, on the other hand, because she has the strength and strength.

she has already used her own actions to show everyone.

13 years as a mother

she has never been sorry to her son

in April 2017, when the cheating incident first came out, he was faced with a torrent of abuse from the whole network:

Bai Baihe did not defend himself and did not say a word about the infidelity of her ex-husband Chen Yufan.

in order to protect the child, he chose to be patient, holding the pot of derailment, and never took the initiative to wash himself.

until November 2018, Chen Yufan was arrested for taking drugs, along with his 25-year-old cohabiting drug addict girlfriend he Shizhen.

people found out that Chen Yufan was the one who cheated on her, and she was the one who cheated on her in marriage.

as early as 13 or 14 years ago, the two were together and interacted sweetly on Weibo.

after marrying Chen Yufan, Bai Baihe chose to marry her husband and teach her children and became a full-time housewife at home.

two years later, the 24-year-old gave birth to her son Yuanbao.

talking about the years after marriage, Bai Baihe said in a speech in the starry sky:

"I basically buy food and cook every day, take care of and balance the relationship between my family, sort out and communicate the feelings between my family, and organize family gatherings.

I was thinking, what role do I play in our family? I feel like the director of our neighborhood committee. "

which young girl would be reconciled when she is in her early 20s and becomes the "director of the neighborhood committee" who takes care of all kinds of trifles and family chores at a young age?

what's more, Bai Baihe has never been an unenterprising person, just for the sake of her family, she weighed and chose to compromise.

you know, she almost became a planner girl.

when Zhang Yimou went to the attached Middle School of Beijing Dance to choose female No. 1 for "Happy time," he immediately fell in love with the 16-year-old and invited her to audition.

although she lost the audition because she had no acting experience, Zhang Yimou was impressed by her and suggested that she be admitted to the Peking Electric Power Company or the acting Department of Chinese Opera.

two years later, 18-year-old Bai Baihe was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama.

A year later, Zhang Yimou was still very impressed with her and asked the 19-year-old to shoot her own commercial.

Bai Baihe chose to be a housewife for her family, but she was not completely forced to do so.

because, as a mother, she really enjoys it.

whether it is the years of popularity or the years of becoming a single mother after divorce:

apart from acting, the most important person in her life is her son.

Open her Weibo to search for "Yuanbao", and all that appears is the warm daily life of her and her son Yuanbao.

it snowed in Beijing two days ago, so I had a snowball fight with my son happily.

No matter how busy filming is, the mother's delicious food cooked for her son;

I miss my son just two days after I joined the group.

when I worked out with my son, I didn't want him to start school, saying that my family was not an immortal beast but a warm man.

even if I work outside, I think about my son all the time.

the plane has just landed. On the way from the airport to the hotel, I quickly sent Wechat to my son: "my mother has already arrived in Hong Kong. I will check your homework when I get home the day after tomorrow."

before leaving for the movie premiere, he carefully told his son, "when your mother comes back from work, you should be asleep, so your mother will call you first."

on "the Life of yearning", she talks about getting along with her son, saying that no matter how anxious she is to go out, she will insist on hugging Yuanbao every day, or the kind of hug that is completely off the ground.

and blamed himself for not keeping his promise to pick up his son from school because of his work.

on the "Crossing King" program, he sang a "Paper plane". He chose such a song with a partial melody to sing it to his son Yuanbao.

and said frankly: "I think I can't live without him."

with son Yuanbao in the past 13 years, whether he is a stay-at-home mother after marriage, he grows up with him wholeheartedly;

or taking care of his son in the busy filming work after he became a hit;

or become a single mother after divorce, lose a lot of resources due to the storm, and accompany her son while fighting for a career;

as a mother, she has a clear conscience and is beyond reproach.

is it hard to turn around after a divorce?

she fought a beautiful turnaround

after the affair and the divorce of Guan Xuan, many people feel that Bai Baihe is completely cold and can't turn over.

but who would have thought that she quietly accumulated strength and silently fought a beautiful turnaround.

she has no resources, no popularity, but she still has acting skills and works that people can remember.

she is still worth looking forward to.

in the past, she was a stubborn Huang Xiaoxian in 33 days lovelorn;

is "piss off!" Xiong Dun, who is still strong and optimistic with terminal illness;

is Huo Xiaolan, the goblin catcher in Monster Hunt.

now, in the Dream of the Insomniac, she shows the helplessness and hardship of a stay-at-home mother in suffocating life.

in the suspense movie "door Lock" about the safety of women living alone, she takes an immersive selfie with 20 jin of equipment.

switch 5 emotions in 12 seconds, and the strength proves that the acting skills are still online.

next, she has a lot of works to wait for:

partner Tong Dawei's family drama "our Marriage" is directed by Shen Yan, who directed "my first half of my Life".

partner with Huang Jingyu's crime film "Censorship", directed by crime film ace Mai Zhaohui;

my superhero, produced by Huang Xuan and noon Sunshine, is directed by Li Xue, who directed Nirvana in Fire, camouflage, and River 2.

of course, she didn't turn around overnight.

before getting back on the acting track, two years after the divorce:

she did not shoot, and the previous scenes were not released or did not have any splash for various reasons.

but she didn't give up.

sign up as a vegetarian, participate in the musical audition, and eventually become:

Li Zongsheng's Musical, produced on Global Broadway and directed by John Rando at the Broadway Tony Award, is the director of Li Zongsheng's Musical.

sharing my clothes today on Weibo, unintentionally, has made me a popular clothes blogger.

also made her own radio program, "he she said," which discussed women's topics, which attracted more than 100 million listeners on the first day of launch.

she won the turnaround after all.

and this is due to the fact that she is very sober about her career and marriage.

she once said: "Life will not make you always naive, grievances, suffering and setbacks can not be less."

"acting well is the only way out."

she was not in love with her past marriage:

at the "our Marriage" press conference, she admitted that her marriage to Chen Yufan was not bad, but a failure.

and on Weibo, quote a line that plays a role to express your view of marriage:

"in marriage, I will not give up myself because I love you."

she has nothing to do with the present and the future, and she is not afraid of the future.

she said that "failure" does not mean that it is bad, nor does it mean denying herself.

she has full confidence, as she once said in an interview: "now that I can earn money to support my family, it doesn't make sense for me to be popular."

she calmly lives a better life, has the spare power, more love, and takes good care of the people she knows around her.

after playing Xiong Dun, she has been taking care of Xiong Dun's parents and subsidizing them to travel to the United States.

(because Xiong Dun's 90-year-old grandmother never knew the news of her granddaughter's death, Xiong Dun's parents lied that she had gone to live in the United States, so her grandmother always asked Xiong Dun's parents to visit her in the United States. )

has never won word of mouth and whitened himself with this.

after six years of divorce, she is no longer a girl professional, but she has become the master of her own life.

single mother

her name is powerful

Bai Baihe is a single mother. After six years of dormancy, she finally "washed" on her own.

more single mothers are also fighting a beautiful turnaround on their own.

I saw a piece of news two days ago.

Ai Fukuhara was hired as a visiting associate professor at the university.

November 4 is her birthday, and she also blogs to cheer for her first year as a single mother.

and Tong Liya, who recently impressed everyone with her years of dancing skills because of the "Dance Student" program.

and a mother in Baoma Garment Factory was laughed at by her husband and her mother-in-law when she decided to divorce:

"what can you do when you are divorced? who else wants you?"

as a result, she settled down her children, found a job, earned her own money every month, and got better and better every day.

like Bai Baihe, these single mothers all have one characteristic:

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is very sober and clear, so it is very powerful.

it's not that they haven't been hurt, but they know better:

whoever hurts me will make me stronger.

everything in the past has long been reversed, and the next step is to live your life better.

being trapped in the quagmire of the past and torturing yourself over and over again has no meaning except to deepen the pain.

only by making positive changes can life be exposed to the sun.

I really appreciate these single mothers who always have a breath in their hearts and can get up and start all over again.

they have the courage to let joys and sorrows go with the wind, neither hate nor resent.

at any time, you can be content with the present and bloom your own flowers freely.

I hope every single mother can live out her own light.