The happiness of your life is hidden in your bowl.
The happiness of your life is hidden in your bowl.
Eat three meals a day to cure the tired heart.

like this passage very much:

"two people in one room, three meals and four seasons, plain and light."

the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

A good meal can solve 80% of life's problems.

have a good meal and repair luck

one year, my friend and I went to a vegetarian cafeteria for dinner.

With our prom with slits attires you know that you made a perfect choice. Shop now at prices that will make your head spin.

rows of dining tables are filled with all kinds of vegetarian dishes, and guests can pick up dishes by themselves, unlimited portions.

my friends and I were very greedy and always felt that we didn't have enough to eat, so we sandwiched every kind of food and piled it high in the bowl.

after a while, before I finished eating, I wanted to pick up food again.

an uncle came up to us and said:

"add food after you finish eating. Every grain of rice and every dish is a blessing. Learn to cherish blessings."

when I heard this, I felt ashamed and ate the meal honestly.

after that, I don't waste food any more. If I can't finish my dinner out, I have to pack it up and take it home.

A good meal is a person's self-cultivation.

as the saying goes, the bowl is pure and blessed.

your bowl hides the blessings of your life.

only by being grateful for food and in awe of giving can you cultivate your character and cultivate supreme blessings.

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto:

"it is not easy to think of one porridge and one meal; half a silk and half a wisp, it is difficult to keep thinking."

now that we are well-off, many people feel that food is not so precious, so they have formed the habit of eating and drinking and wasted a lot of resources.

A grain of rice looks tiny, but behind it is the sweat of countless people.

A meal, seemingly simple, is behind the cook's heart.

when you eat, you should know that cattle and horses are good, and silkworms should be remembered.

there are clothes to wear and food to eat.

the fertile land covers an area of ten thousand hectares and the solar eclipse is one liter. Thousands of rooms in Guangsha, sleeping seven feet at night.

it is true to cherish blessings when you are alive and have a good meal.

careless food, precipitate wisdom

A light meal can support people, but a bamboo house in a shack can settle down.

the lightest life has true wisdom.

writer Liang Shiqiu has gone through a hard time.

at that time, white rice and white noodles were so precious that they were eaten with peanut skin and bran.

in order to let the children eat, Liang Shiqiu's wife made a steamed silk cake:

millet noodles, a little white noodles, a little white sugar, steamed cakes.

later, Liang Shiqiu rarely bought a piece of meat. He carefully studied the practice of Dongpo meat, smearing sauce and braising it over charcoal fire.

sit in the yard with your family and taste it slowly.

"eat a bowl of fireworks and steal free time for half a day. Even if it is a light meal, you can find a passion for life. "

simple food can nourish the body and mind.

Su Shi, a poet, was demoted to a desolate area, and his life was very difficult.

at a family dinner, Su Dongpo cooked bamboo shoots and pork together, which turned out to be very delicious.

so he wrote a limerick:

"No bamboo makes people vulgar, no meat makes people thin, not vulgar and not thin, braised pork with bamboo shoots."

one porridge and one rice, one drink and one peck, it is delicious.

when you are alive, you drink wine that does not quench your thirst, eat snacks that do not satisfy your needs, and read books that do not seek much understanding.

We can't change the environment, but we can change our mindset.

even if you are poor and humble, you have to live a good life.

three meals a day, heal the heart

"Life is like sending, live up to tea, soup and weather."

for a time, I didn't go well at work and caught a bad cold.

when I went home, I lost my voice and cried alone, feeling extremely depressed.

Mother was worried, but she didn't ask questions. She just went back to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

A bowl of fried fungus with lettuce, a bowl of steamed fish, and a newly killed old hen, stewed for three hours.

this soup contains red dates, yams and quail eggs, all of which are warm ingredients.

my mother said to me, "if you can eat a little, you will have the spirit to live when you are full."

after a bowl of hot soup, all the sad feelings dissipated.

later, I left my hometown, drifted away and lived in a rented house.

although the environment is simple, I still buy pots and pans and cook.

"go to the Kitchen" says:

"who is not sentimentally attached to the brilliance of one tea and one meal, eating is the best comfort."

Food has a powerful healing power.

in the steaming food, feel the warmth and dispel the darkness.

if you are anxious at the moment, you might as well cook a meal and have a good meal.

as the saying goes, you should eat, you should drink, and don't take things to heart.

Life doesn't have to be gorgeous, just calm your heart and please yourself in three meals a day.

"to chew your life and live a good life often depends not only on your mouth, but also on a heart that is soaked in smoke and fire."

what time heals is that those who are willing to cross by themselves live up to the delicious food and don't despise life.

have a good meal and repair the good fortune of your life;

crude food precipitates true wisdom;

three days a dayMeal, cure the tired heart.

, may you and I first keep our feet on the ground, and then look up at the stars.