The heart-wrenching truth of being a parent: don't let your negligence become a lifelong regret for your child.
The heart-wrenching truth of being a parent: don't let your negligence become a lifelong regret for your child.
Behind every excellent child, the parents are working hard to lift.

there used to be a very poignant educational video.

the children in the short film can be said to be "bears" with a unique style--

they take apart their mother's unused mask, sabotage the program written by their father, and doodle on their mother's paintings.

parents complain a lot about this, but they can't figure it out: why are their children like this? Don't they love themselves?

however, an accidental eavesdropping revealed the truth:

it turns out that the child removes the mask to make it dry faster, because the mother often says, "when the mask is dry, I'll tell you a story."

Dad always has a pain in his eyes when he writes code, so the child learns from his father's appearance and taps the keyboard to help him fill the screen.

on the other hand, the mother starts to draw all night, and the child doodles just in the hope that the mother can have an early rest.


then they realized that although they were always by their child's side, they had never understood their child's needs.

in fact, none of us are perfect parents, far from loving ourselves as our children do.

therefore, most of the time, we need to be more patient to understand the child's behavior and understand the child's needs.

Uncle has a friend, Ah Rong, who has complained to me about his bear child before.

the West West of their family has been lively and active since he was a child, but he couldn't keep up his spirits as soon as he did his homework and lay down on the desk. She has fought, scolded and scolded her child's father, but to no avail.

every time she gets angry, Xi Xi always looks aggrieved, but dares not argue for herself.

after thinking about it, Ah Rong decided to calm down and have a good talk with Xixi. As a result, I learned that it was not that Xi Xi was unwilling to do his homework, but the desks and chairs were so uncomfortable that he could not concentrate, and he felt uncomfortable after sitting for a while.

moreover, after such a long time, there is something wrong with Xixi's eyes, and everything is a little blurred.

in fact, parents often pay little attention to these details, so the desks and chairs used by many children to do their homework are basically made according to adult standards, which is difficult to meet the needs of growing up.

but the child's growth is not trivial, in case there is any negligence, it is too late to regret it.

therefore, parents, do not ignore the needs of their children, must choose special learning desks and chairs for their children.


Why should there be special desks and chairs for children?

for school-age children, they spend at least 1/3 of the day at their desks.

if you use inappropriate tables and chairs for a long time, you are likely to develop the bad habit of hunched back, which, more seriously, will lead to nearsightedness, affect physical development, and cause a lifetime of regret to the child.

this is not alarmist talk. Similar examples are not rare:

according to the data of the Health and Health Committee, in 2018, the number of myopic patients in China reached 600 million, and more than half of the school children and teenagers had the problem of myopia.

People's Daily's recent Weibo also pointed out that only by developing good sitting habits can we correctly prevent myopia.

therefore, it is very important to choose a set of children's study tables and chairs for children. It can not only make children learn comfortably, but also help children sit correctly and take care of their healthy growth.

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and after multi-comparison, it took a long time for Uncle to finally find a set of children's learning desks and chairs with super cost performance--

Kangpuole children's study desk and chair Moscow set

, share it here with parents in need.

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what's so good about Kangpu Le?

of course, what my uncle wants to recommend must not be empty words.

as we all know, the current international standard sitting posture is simply three 90 °:

90 °between calf and ground, 90 °between thigh and calf, 90 °between forearm and forearm.

but for children who study on inappropriate tables and chairs, it is easy to sit askew and it is difficult to develop good sitting habits.

and this Moscow suit can be said to be an artifact for correcting sitting posture. Without much effort, children can easily maintain a standard sitting posture, naturally 30 centimeters away from the book, and keep their backs straight.

built-in table

up and down pressure rods

, which is derived from the STABILUS barometer in Germany.

friends who are familiar with cars may know that this is the same brand as the brake pressure bar of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

quite high cost, high security,

rise and fall can be completed in a second, very convenient, let uncle this detail control is simply difficult to resist!

the table can adjust not only the height, but also the inclination, sitting, reading and standing.Painting really realizes dynamic learning.

& lt;

if mom and dad need it, they can also use

"L type"

read the table with parents and children. While doing their own work, while helping the children with their homework, accompany the children to grow and progress together.

after I recommended it to the Xi Xi family, it has almost become the new favorite of their family, and it can come in handy no matter what I do.

in addition, Kang Pu Le has also worked hard on the details.

just take

front and rear table

come on, there's a 2.5cm

Safety gap

, even for children with small strength, they don't have to worry about getting caught when adjusting the high and low angles. it can be said to be quite sweet.

and the star match chair matched with the Moscow table is also very suitable for children growing up.

after all, it must be reasonable to sell so well. Its

the seat back is S-shaped

, add

±10 °backtracking design

, when moving back and forth, you can stick to the curve of the spine firmly, regardless of the child's

waist or back

, you can find

appropriate attachment point


moreover, the height of the match chair and the depth of the cushion can be accurately adjusted, even if the child grows quickly.

the height of tables and chairs can be easily adjusted from small to large, which is equivalent to saving a lot of money for budget-conscious parents.

of course, since it's for children,

Security is a top priority


Kang Pu Le learning tables and chairs are used

imported environmentally friendly plates

, there is no peculiar smell when used, and formaldehyde emission is only 0.006mg/m ³, which is even lower than that in milk.

its safety and environmental protection has also been obtained

six major environmental evaluation institutions in the world

certification, children use healthily, parents are more at ease.

quality and performance

Kangpu Le brand insists on serving global users with high-quality components. So far, it has obtained

Swiss SGS Security Certification, German Rheinland TUV Certification, American FSC Certification, Japanese Silver Award

and other international honors.

it not only provides products, but also conveys parents' strong love for their children through products.

Uncle Kangpu Le also found a big surprise when he inspected Kangpu Le:

Kangpuole children's learning desks and chairs have ultra-long quality assurance service.

tables and chairs can be guaranteed for six years


barometric rods can be guaranteed for ten years

, free delivery and free installation throughout the country. There is no one in this service!

it is believed that in the company of Kangpule children's study tables and chairs, children will be able to develop good sitting habits from an early age, eliminating problems such as hunchback and myopia at the source.

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