The higher the level, the more likely it is to judge people by their appearance.
The higher the level, the more likely it is to judge people by their appearance.
Once exquisite and excellent, the world will be open to you.

it is said that people cannot be judged by their appearance and the sea water cannot be measured, but if there is no proper image, no matter how interesting the soul is, few people care about it.

in fact, the higher the level of people, the more likely they are to judge people by their appearance.

the so-called "appearance" is not only the appearance of a person after time polishing, but also the temperament and self-cultivation after the precipitation of time.


your appearance affects your worth

A young monk asked the Zen master "how to improve the value of life".

the Zen master asked him to go to the back of the mountain to pick a stone and take it to the vegetable market to see how much it would cost, but don't sell it in a hurry.

the young monk went to the vegetable market early in the morning with a stone on his back and shouted, and finally a woman was willing to pay a silver or two to buy it.

the young monk did not expect that anyone would be willing to pay for a stone and hurriedly recite it back to report to the Zen master.

the Zen master said, "you can polish this stone and sell it somewhere else tomorrow."

the next morning, the little monk went to the antique shop with smooth stones on his back. In the end, someone offered 120 yuan to buy it.

the young monk excitedly went back with the stone on his back, "Master!" I can't believe someone is willing to pay 120 for this stone today! Can you tell me the answer now? "

the Zen master replied, "there is no hurry. Tonight you carve this stone well and sell it at the gate of your mansion. If anyone is willing to buy it, sell it to him."

on the third morning, the little monk sat at the gate of your mansion with a carefully carved stone.

the owner of the house was attracted by the exquisite craftsmanship when he went out and bought the stone for 1200 yuan in one breath.

the little monk was in full bloom this time and rushed back to tell the Zen master.

the Zen master said meaningfully:

"you want to improve your value without the help of dignitaries, but high-level people often like to judge people by their appearance. A stone, the better the shape, the better the texture, and the more expensive it is.

the better one looks and the higher he practices, the more likely he is to be favored by Bole, and the higher the value created by nature. "

when studying the relationship between income and appearance, economists found that people with above-average looks earn 5% more per hour, while those with below-average faces earn 9% less per hour.

A person's image is not only a business card in interpersonal communication, but also a passport in work and life. Different appearance and state have different "worth".

people with good appearance are more likely to be favored by fate and reach the other side of success more quickly.


your dress shows your attitude

well-known host Yang Lan once said:

"No one wants to know your noble soul through your sloppy appearance."

and this is due to her experience in an interview in the UK.

at that time, Yang Lan was rejected by the company because she did not meet the dress code. Depressed, she walked into the cafe with loose hair and an overcoat wrapped over her pajamas.

when she sat down, she found that the old English lady sitting opposite was exquisite in makeup and well-dressed, in sharp contrast to herself.

after a while, the old lady handed Yang Lan a note with a beautiful handwritten English sentence: "the bathroom is around the corner on your left."

Yang Lan was a little embarrassed and hurriedly went to the bathroom to take care of it. The old lady had already left when she came out, but there was another line on the note:

"as a woman, you must be delicate. This is a woman's dignity."

that she discovered that the old lady she came across in the cafe was the top executive of a famous company in the industry.

Morley, a famous American image designer, has interviewed the presidents of 100 large enterprises, and the final survey results show that

97% of CEOs believe that people who show their image charm will have more opportunities for promotion;

95% of CEOs believe that inappropriate clothes will make interviewees more likely to be eliminated;

93% of CEOs said they would never use someone who doesn't know how to dress as their assistant.

your aesthetic and attitude towards life are hidden in your costume. Exquisite appearance is not only a stepping stone for you to enter a famous enterprise, but also a stepping stone for you to climb another tall building.

Oscar Wilde once said: only shallow people "do not" judge people by their appearance.

for outstanding people, they would rather use "one-looking talent" as a pronoun, rather than let "untidy" become their own deduction.

you know, a person's efforts in image management and in cultivating his inner temperament will always evolve into an explicit aura.


your appearance hides your happiness

good-looking is a kind of capital in itself, because behind the exquisite appearance, there must be a heart that loves life.

Yang Liping, who is in her sixties, is still dancing on the stage like a fairy.

Karen Mok, who is in his 40s, has a handsome figure and a pair of beautiful legs that no one can beat.

Peng Yuyan, who is full of hormones, chocolate abs and waistcoat thread.

the reasons are nothing more than diet, health, exercise and optimism.

A person's appearance often carries his temperament and life;

A person's habits and accomplishment are vaguely reflected in his words and deeds.

People who are sloppy and unseemly tend to live a muddy life; those who are neat and comfortable tend to act in an orderly manner.

We often say, "liking a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, is loyal to character, is obsessed with flesh, is infatuated with voice, and is drunk with affection."

in fact, it is only when it starts with appearance that there is a story of "falling into talent".

thus it can be seen that appearance is the beginning of a happy life.

what kind of life you want, or what kind of people you want to attract, start with your appearance.

Beautiful face and cymbidium heart are never contradictory options. With both, it is easier to meet people with the same frequency and have a happier life.

if you study both inside and outside, you will have a more wonderful journey.


your appearance is your level

Life is a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile at you.

for those who live carelessly, time is a "pig-killing knife"; for those who run hard, time is a "beauty knife".

your appearance shows external growth and reflects inner self-cultivation.

put aside your obsession, live in the present, take more care of your skin, travel more, and read more in order to pick up the beauty scattered in time.

build up self-confidence and live a higher level of self-confidence in order to strive to become a more refined and excellent self, and the world will be open to you.

the rest of my life is short. May thousands of mountains and rivers come to you when you run out of mountains and rivers.

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