The joy of being alone, you have no idea
The joy of being alone, you have no idea
Learn to be alone and be yourself bravely.


Schopenhauer said: we bear all misfortunes because we cannot be alone.

I think so.

A person's time is a freedom and beauty, and sometimes a person can stand up to thousands of troops.

it is a required course for everyone to learn to be alone, to get along with themselves, and to make peace with life.

being alone is a feeling

solitude is the melancholy of "people who fall flowers are independent and micro-swifts fly";

solitude is the loneliness of "flocks of birds flying high without a trace, a cloud drifting away alone";

solitude is the freedom and ease of "picking wild flowers by the fence and accidentally seeing Nanshan".

solitude is the broad-mindedness of "the boat dies and Jiang Hai spends the rest of his life".

everyone feels different when they are alone.

or bored, or lonely, or cheerful, or calm.

Adult world, too much helpless, need a quiet space, release themselves, warm and nourish.

take off the tiredness of the day and give yourself a space to be alone.

or close your eyes and recuperate and integrate internally; or read under the lamp to enrich your soul; or pick up a pen to send words and cook words to heal your wounds.

quietly living in a corner of time, listening to the drizzle under the porch, watching the flowers bloom out of the window, savoring the fragrance of the years.

being alone can make a person feel lonely and spend his days like years.

being alone can also make a person quiet, rich and warm.

A person's best state is to enjoy prosperity, settle down loneliness, endure loneliness, and like to be alone.

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being alone is an ability

through the ages, many excellent people like to be alone.

the famous writer Zhang ailing once said: prosperity fades away, and people are lonelier than fireworks.

when you learn to be alone, you learn the courage and ability to face life.

if you learn to be alone, you will not be afraid of being alone.

if you learn to be alone, you will be able to resist setbacks and blows.

if you learn to be alone, you can grow up quickly.

when we learn to be alone, we become better and better.

Kant, a German philosopher, has never been out of Gunigsburg in his life.

he had no wife and no children, lived like a day for several decades, guarded an inch of land, and wrote the critique of Pure reason.

those who do not know how to be alone are often afraid of quiet and leisure. They drive out loneliness with busyness and loneliness with noise.

they are fragile, timid and afraid to face the misfortunes of life. They always run away from their hearts and deceive themselves.

their days are monotonous and boring, and their lives are barren and desolate.

if you are not alone, you will never recognize yourself;

if you are not alone, you will never heal yourself;

will not be alone, can not feel the peace and beauty of the mind;

will not be alone, can not enjoy the real freedom and broad-minded.

excellent people often like to be alone, while mediocre people are often afraid of being alone.

solitude is a realm

quiet afternoon, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, a book, a cup of tea, a beautiful melody, so that a floating heart, slowly calm down, to feel the years quiet, things like smoke.

the days are quiet, and the eyes are gentle.

as I get older, I gradually learn

simplify the deletion.

No longer wronged to do what you don't like to do, no longer deliberately to fit into a circle to cater to others.

more often, I choose to deliberately alienate, stay away from all the social activities I don't like, immerse myself in a person's world, do what I like, release my heart, and enrich myself.

in my spare time, I used to walk in the fields alone to get some fresh air.

occasionally look up at the sky, occasionally pick up a fallen leaf, write the name of the person you like, clip it in the bookmarks of the years, and save the fleeting years.

away from the hustle and bustle, it seems to shield all the troubles.

alone between heaven and earth, fragrant grass as a neighbor, green mountains depend on each other, the moon as a companion, spend time together, count the fleeting years.

solitude is not only a kind of practice, but also an ability;

solitude is not only a realm, but also a kind of emotion.

people with rich hearts like to be alone, while people with desolate hearts are afraid of being alone.

being alone is the joy of being alone.

learn to be alone and be yourself bravely.

, may you enjoy being alone, enjoy being alone, and embrace being alone.

being alone is

A person's Qinghuan



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