The more things you have at home, the more prosperous you will be. See if you have any!
The more things you have at home, the more prosperous you will be. See if you have any!
It is beautiful that someone in this world warms you and misses you.


what is the most important thing in life?

time is walking, age is growing.

looking back on half my life in a hurry, I found that it was like a dream.

when you are alive, you inevitably have to get along with others. If you get along with each other for a long time, it is inevitable to have ups and downs.

but life is like a cup. You fight for everything and haggle over everything. When the cup is full, there is no place for happiness and happiness.

the greatest accomplishment in life is tolerance. Tolerance is better than ten thousand taels of gold!

it is neither cowardice nor cowardice, but to observe people's difficulties, make up for their weaknesses, promote their strengths, and forgive their mistakes.

there is a couplet next to Maitreya Buddha in Lingyun Temple in Dongshan, Sichuan Province:

"laugh at the past and the present, laugh at the east and west, laugh at the south and the north, laugh at my ignorance; watch things, heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, look around, and others are always high and low."

Life, learn to be grateful, know how to be contented, have some accommodation, some tolerance, there will be peace.

more demeanor, more temperament, why not do it in life?


the more tolerant the neighborhood, the better it is to get along

"Cai Gentan" said: "Let one step higher in the world, retrogression is the progress of Zhang Ben; treat others leniency is a blessing, benefit others and self-interest foundation."

the greatest wisdom in life is to know how to save face for others. To be lenient to others is to accumulate blessings for yourself.

Sima Hui in the Eastern Han Dynasty, known as Mr. Shuijing, was a famous scholar who was good at drawing out talents.

once, a neighbor lost a pig. Because Sima Hui's pig was similar to his lost pig, he mistook it for his family.

Sima Hui did not argue, saying, "take it if it's yours." The neighbor drove the pig home impolitely.

after a few days, the neighbor found his pig elsewhere and guiltily returned the mistaken pig to Sima Hui.

instead of blaming him, Sima Hui said that it was not surprising that such misunderstandings occurred in the neighborhood, and praised him for being reasonable and able to correct his mistakes. The neighbor was very moved.

there is a folk proverb: Li Ren is beautiful.

when people are alive, there is no need to argue about everything. When the water is clear, there is no fish, and when the man is clear, there is no friend.

magnanimous people will choose to be tolerant in the face of other people's narrowness. only if they take things lightly, they will not worry about gain and loss all day long.

when you live in the world, there is nothing that is not commented on, and there is no one who is not judged.

the more you care, the smaller the container of your heart, the less happiness you will get.

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put up with some things as long as you can; for some people, give way as long as you can. It doesn't matter if you suffer some losses in your mouth, it doesn't matter if you give him three points.

learn to lose your temper, a little more peace, a little more tolerance, life will have sunshine.


the more tolerance between husband and wife, the deeper the relationship

some people ask: what are the secrets of those who have a happy marriage?

in fact, the answer is very simple: be more tolerant of each other, and the good day will come.

when I mention Yang Jiang, I think of Qian Zhongshu's sentence: the most talented woman, the most beautiful wife.

as a wife, she is her husband's good wife, Qian Zhongshu's ability to live is not strong, a person at home is always clumsy, has done a lot of "bad things".

but Yang Jiang never complains. Her "never mind" is the best comfort to her husband.

in life, Yang Jiang took care of almost all the chores, cooking and clothing, renting and buying a home.

she loves Qian Zhongshu, loves his knowledge, and tolerates his shortcomings.

although Qian Zhongshu is always in trouble, his feelings are delicate, and he is gentle and considerate to his wife and daughter.

the two went through more than 60 years hand in hand, Yang Jiang only shared her happiness with Qian Zhongshu and gave herself the trouble.

someone said to Yang Jiang: you husband and wife are great writers and scholars, and your daughter is also very good, and her achievements are great enough!

but Yang Jiang said: how much has the writer achieved? My greatest achievement is that I have a good family.

as the English poet Heine once said:

I would rather form a happy family with a small cup of truth, goodness and beauty than a dull family with several large ships of furniture.

in fact, in a marriage, the potential "killer" of husband and wife relationship is often not cheating and violence, but in the triviality of firewood, rice and salt, do not give way to each other.

because of the lack of tolerance and tolerance, two people are inevitably at loggerheads with each other.

when the husband reprimanded his wife for the waxy greens cooked by his wife, he did not think that he would come home so late every day, and the food would be hot over and over again. Of course, he would not know that they had been "young" on the spatula.

Home is a place to talk about love, not a place to argue.

in the world of two people, there is always one person making mistakes, one pretending to be stupid, one making trouble, the other admitting defeat.

people who are willing to admit defeat are never timid, but they just understand that the biggest "win" in life is to "lose" for the one they love.

the harmony of marriage is the foundation of happiness in life.


tolerance to parents is the best filial piety

Wang Shuo once wrote a paragraph to his daughter:

I don't remember loving my parents. I was afraid of them when I was a child. When I grew up, I began to bother them, and then I quarreled with them when we met.

then he looked down on them and avoided them, and then he felt sad at the thought of them.

isn't this passage a true portrayal of most people?

many people talk eloquently in front of classmates and friends, but they are silent as soon as they get home. Except for the occasional response at the dinner table, they spend the rest of their time playing with their mobile phones.

you dislike their incompetence and complain about their nagging. Don't they want to keep up with you?

it's just that you walked so fast that you forgot to look back at them.

saw such a story not long ago:

at night, a father and son are walking in the yard.

Father and son were under a big tree. The father pointed to a bird on the branch and asked, "son, what is that?"

"A crow."

"what is it?" My father's ears are a little hard of hearing lately.

"A crow." The son said it aloud.

"what did you say?" The father asked again.

"Dad, it's a crow, you hear me? it's a crow!" My son has become a little impatient.

when the father heard his son's answer, he didn't say a word.

then one day by accident, the son found a yellowed notebook while packing his things. He opened the notebook curiously, which recorded the details of his father's daily life.

"Today, my son found a bird in the yard. He asked me," Dad, what is that? "I told my son that it was a crow. After a while, my son asked me about the bird, and I said it was a crow."

"my son asked the bird's name again and again, a total of 25 times, and I repeated it patiently each time. I'm glad to have this opportunity. I know my son is curious. I hope he can remember the bird's name."

since when do you find that there is a generation gap with your parents and you can't talk with them anymore?

at which stage do you feel superfluous in the face of the meticulous boos and warmth of your parents?

even when they ask you how to turn on your computer and how to make video calls on your phone, you look impatient.

Confucius said, "Color is difficult." When it comes to something, the disciple obeys his labor; when there is wine and food, sir, do you once think that you are filial? "

what is the most difficult thing to honor your parents? Color is difficult, is to be kind to parents, tolerant parents, do not give parents face to look.

when your parents are blinded and can't speak clearly, please remember who taught you to babble every word when you were a child.

when parents can't walk and their legs are weak, please remember who taught you toddlers step by step when you were young.

maybe other people's bowl of noodles makes you grateful, but forget your parents' three meals a day in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

think about the reason behind their garrulous talk. All I hope is that you eat and sleep well, learn self-discipline and take good care of yourself.

Sanmao once said:

"parents are getting older, so it is always difficult to change the concept of an adult.... In many places, parents must be forgiven and forgiven. "

A person's greatest upbringing is to be able to tolerate his parents' imperfections.

if you can tolerate your parents, you can tolerate the whole world.


when he is young, he is full of joy and vigor, and he must pay attention to everything. Now, he enjoys peace and quiet, turning a blind eye.

experience some things, see through some people, finally understand that the ups and downs of the journey is colorful, but the long flow of water is the most direct to the hearts of the people.

Wang Zengqi said: in a hurry life, suddenly look back, only to know that insipid is true, defend each other for love.

A long way of life, there are people in this world who warm you and miss you, which is not bad.

Home is a harbor and doesn't like wind and waves.

my wish in this life is: the family sits idle, the lights are amiable; the years are fragrant, but the innocence is still.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.