The more unfortunate a woman is, the more she likes to show off these three things.
The more unfortunate a woman is, the more she likes to show off these three things.
Do not live in illusory fantasies in order to have true happiness.

there is a sentence in the psychology book Hidden Personality:

"the more self-abased a person is, the more he wants to climb up and get ahead



by the same token, the more a person lacks something, the more he likes to show off.

because what he shows off is exactly what he desperately needs, what he wants, and what he wants to have.

but people who really own it seldom show off, because it has long been commonplace and accustomed to it, and the crazier it is to show off, it shows that there is no silver 320 here.

show off your money

some people say: money is the least need to show off, really is true, true can not be false, false can not be true.

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do you still remember the incident of "Shanghai socialite putting together orders" on the hot search?

out of curiosity, a blogger spent 500 dollars sneaking into a group of Shanghai socialites out of curiosity to learn about the lives of Shanghai socialites.

it turns out that the purpose of this so-called "Shanghai socialite" group is to make friends put together orders, mainly some luxury goods and luxury services, and then be used to take photos and show off in moments or small red books.

group name is also followed by the number 3, which shows that there are countless fake socialites like this.

six people can make a Ritz-Carlton afternoon tea for two, 85 yuan per person, and a Ritz-Carlton room for 15 people for a night, 200 per person.

in addition to the hotel, there are also bags, 1500 yuan to rent a Herm è s bag, each person can carry it for a week, what is even more outrageous is that there are people fighting famous brand secondhand stockings …...

Why are there fake socialites?

it is mainly because of vanity.

in order to meet celebrities, business elites and dignitaries, they try their best to package themselves, not hesitate to borrow money, not hesitate to be in debt, and pretend to be a socialite.

want to catch a "rich son-in-law" and marry a "bachelor". From then on, he changed his ordinary and even poor life, delusional that he would fly up the branches and become a Phoenix, but he did not realize that the poor performance had long been seen through.

these women who always pretend to be rich are often miserable and have unrealistic delusions.

show off your knowledge

Su Shi wrote in "Farewell to Dong Chuanliu": "his life is wrapped in thick cloth, and his belly is full of poetry and books."

this poem means: even if you are covered in coarse clothes and inferior cloth in your life, you will naturally shine as long as you have knowledge and temperament in your chest.

A knowledgeable woman with a scholarly breath, there is no need to show off, her behavior or manner can be reflected.

the famous host Dong Qing is a good example, knowledgeable but low-key and self-disciplined.

the 2016 "Chinese Poetry Conference" was born, Dong Qing exports into chapters, and Chinese and foreign poems are readily available, which is shocking by her profound literary accumulation.

in 2017, the "Reader" became a popular variety show style. Dong Qing on the stage spit lotus flowers and witty remarks, and the interaction with the distinguished guests was a perfect match, pleasing to the eye, and deeply impressed.

if you have poems and books in your heart, years will never defeat beauty.

but such an excellent Dong Qing's evaluation of himself is: just an ordinary person, still need to continue to work hard.

well-bred women never show off, and those who show off their knowledge expose their ignorance.

only people with low patterns and narrow horizons are in urgent need of attention and recognition from others.

when you read a book, you quickly post it on your moments, which may not show your knowledge in the eyes of others.

use this as a means of showing off, which makes people think you are shallow.

A cultured woman acts in a low profile and treats others gently, like a piece of jade, carefully carved.

therefore, women who always dislike other people's lack of knowledge and show off themselves often do not have much ability, but only show off.

show off your happiness

there is an old saying that "keep each other in silence, silence forever".

this is a kind of reserved and quiet love, as quiet as water and hot in the heart, just to be together to meet everything, no need for vigorous decoration, no need to show off.

A company party, truth or dare game, three female colleagues lost the game, chose the big adventure, the content of the dare is to call her husband and say: I love you.

after the first female colleague called, there was no answer, and the call was still unanswered. after making numerous calls, the other end still showed that no one was connected.

the second female colleague got through on the phone. After saying that I love you, the answer was:

"you are out of your mind. Why do you suddenly say this? you have no money, or you have done something wrong behind my back. You have something to say and fart. You are busy."

the third female colleague is also the older one who is usually silent. After she called shyly to say I love you, she got a gentle answer: I love you, too.

the result is different from what people think of being alone, because usually the first two are always showing love, and there are all kinds of gifts in moments, either famous bags or a large number of roses, shaming others.

but in the end, it was the female colleague who never told the outside world about her husband, who seemed happier.Some.

what can be seen on the surface may be camouflage, but only in private is true.

if a woman likes to display gifts given to her by her husband on various platforms, it is likely that her husband doesn't really care about her and seldom buys anything suitable for her.

because I am not spoiled by my husband, I need to create some beautiful fantasies to satisfy my vanity.

Happy women keep a low profile, quiet and beautiful, silently manage their own happiness, do not show off, do not compare, calm and calm.

it is only when unfortunate women do not have it that they have a kind of expectation and desire, and whenever they seize a little opportunity, they can't wait to tell others, "I have it, too."

there's nothing wrong with pursuing happiness, but it's hard to find the right direction, change yourself, and improve yourself.

Don't live in illusory fantasies in order to have true happiness.