The most "useless" people are often the best.
The most "useless" people are often the best.
The more useless, the more advanced.


uselessness is of great use, inaction is of great use

A story like this is told in the World:

Zhuangzi walked in the mountains and saw a huge oak tree whose shade could lie thousands of cattle.

the disciples flocked to watch, but some woodcutters sat under the tree to rest and did not cut down the tree.

Zhuangzi asked, "there is a big tree right in front of you. Why don't you cut it down?"

"big is big, but it's useless."

the woodcutter said, "the shipbuilding of this tree will soon sink, it will soon be destroyed as a tool, the sap will soon flow out as a door, and the pillar will soon be eroded by moths."

Zhuangzi sighed, "all useful trees have been cut down because they are useful." It is precisely because of its uselessness that this tree can enjoy all its years! "

what is useful? What is useless?

the moral Sutra says, "what you have is beneficial, and what you don't have is useful."

means that tangible things play a convenient role, while intangible things really play a role.

for a big tree, this is probably its greatest use.

the usefulness of the useless is of great use; each has its own reason and has its own use.

things, and the same is true of people. There are no useless people in this world, only those who have not found themselves.

so don't belittle yourself at any time. The books you have read, the people you have met, and the things you have experienced can make you the best you can be.

learn to enjoy the "useless" life, find that you know yourself, and your life will get better and better.


the useless has to be leisurely, and the first mind can accomplish the mission

the moon will be full and missing, and people will be reunited and separated since ancient times.

look at the world with a normal mind, and only when there is something to do and what not to do can we live a colorful life.

64-year-old Chen Daoming became popular again because of his role in Qingdi in Qingyu years.

in the play, he subverts the image of a generation of emperors. "dishevelled clothes" is not angry with himself, and his acting skills are amazing.

and put aside the screen, Chen Daoming likes to break free from the "boiling" world and do some "useless" things:

read, practice calligraphy, play the piano, play chess, sew a purse for his wife, thread and cut clothes for his daughter.

Feng Xiaogang teased him for "masturbating and skillful skills to please women and children," but Chen Daoming faintly replied, "if it's not for the useless, how can you spend your life at an end?"

in the noisy and chaotic Vanity Fair, Chen Daoming is like a clean stream, living sober and abstemious, not infatuated with appearance, but only pursuing his own heart.

as he said:

"A sudden spring rain may be useless, but it gives people a refreshing feeling;

embroidery and craftsmanship may be useless, but they bring us beauty and surprise;

Poems and songs may be useless, but they can speak your heart and soothe your sorrow. "

when I read it carefully, it becomes more and more enlightening.

No wonder Ji Xianlin praises him as a "competent graduate mentor at Peking University."

some people say that there are three levels of human life: live, live respectfully, and live soberly.

many people only do the first two, but it is difficult to really understand the meaning of sobriety.

in life, some people will be sad for a long time because of other people's words, and they will easily change their original intentions because of other people's doubts and accusations.

follow other people's team, be the "good old man" in the eyes of others, and live as they like.

do not realize that life is always your own and has nothing to do with others.

perhaps, you think it is useless to exercise, it is useless to spend time with your family, and it is even more useless to study after work.

but when you find that one day these things start to be useful, they won't wait for you in place!

there is too much beauty in this world, which is precisely the result of "useless".

instead of blindly pursuing what is useful, it is better to calm down and be a "useless person". Ask your heart, peace of mind, and peace of mind.

as the Italian poet Dante said, "go your own way and let others talk!"

remember, never underestimate the quietest person in the crowd, because the more low-key the person is, the more meaningful he is.

when you understand "the usefulness of the useless", you have to take it easy!


Advanced life is to be a "useless" person

in the Love of the City, Fan Liuyuan said a sentence to Bai tassel:

"the most useless woman is still the most powerful woman."

uselessness is not useless. But know how to play stupid at the right time, learn to be tolerant, and live a thorough life.

in the TV series "Little Joy", the role played by Huang Lei is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

compared with Ji Shengli and Qiao Weidong, he is the least capable and capable father and husband.

on weekdays, he doesn't have much ambition. His daily hobby is fiddling with flowers, birds, insects and fish and cooking for his wife and children.

when people reach middle age, they are dismissed by the company and are unemployed at home. In the end, they are forced to drive a ride-hailing car.

his wife, Tong Wenjie, has a quick temper and is furious when something happens, but Fang Yuan can successfully quell his wife's anger in a few minutes with her unbreakable tongue.

son Fang Yifan is naughty and doesn't like to study, but Fang Yuan respects his son and understands him, and has successfully resolved the conflict between his wife and son again and again.

as long as he is there, everything can be reduced to minor matters.

such a man seems mediocre and does not have much success in his life, but it is because of his existence that this family is much happier than many families.

in the words of Tong Wenjie: "my home is a limited edition. I can't help it. I'm lucky!"

Yes, many times, we pursue fame and fortune too much, talk about our abilities and abilities, and ignore the negligible happiness around us.

Trying to find a superb short red prom dresses that will not kill your budget? Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

and it is these "useless" actions that make us interesting and rich people.

Liang Wendao said in Yueji:

"read some useless books, do some useless things, and spend some useless time in order to reserve an opportunity to surpass yourself beyond everything you know. Some great changes in life come from such moments."

Life is not a clearly priced item, nor is it easy to use. You should always let it store its strength in the dark so that it can shine.

those who try to prove their worth often do not know that most things in the world, even himself, are useless.

Buddha said, "all four are empty."

in life, there must be some light in firewood, rice, oil and salt, which comes from life and is detached from life.

be a "useless" person, the more useless, the more advanced.


"the Kite Runner" says: life is not just about doing meaningful things.

similarly, isn't it the best embellishment in the journey of life to do some useless things that are "meaningless"?

it is precisely because of this that we are able to meet the best of life.

the fallen leaves outside the window are silent, and the time in the house is quiet.

May you face the ups and downs of life calmly and accept the impermanence of the world.

May you be a "useless" person and do something interesting.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.