The other woman lurked in my circle of friends for 3 years until she gave my husband a like.
The other woman lurked in my circle of friends for 3 years until she gave my husband a like.
Is it because of the iniquity of the previous life that you will meet so many villains in this life?



Zhu Mei received a call from the village committee, saying that her adoptive parents' village was going to be demolished and that she needed to go back and sign it in person.

it took her a long time to say yes.

Wu Ping was playing with his mobile phone at that time, and the word "demolition" was vaguely heard at the tip of his ear, and his eyes immediately lit up.

he leaned over and grinned and asked her, "Honey, what did you just say about demolition?"

Zhu Meibai glanced at him, ignored him, just went back to her room to pack her bags, and planned to ask for leave to go back to Sichuan tomorrow.

but Wu Ping didn't give up and leaned over to get to the bottom of it.

"Honey, I really thought I heard you tell someone about demolition and signing."

"Hmm." She answered lightly and simply mentioned the matter to him.

although she and Wu Ping always quarrel about family expenses every day, and their feelings are exhausted, after all, he is her lawfully wedded husband, and he has a right to know about this.

when Wu Ping learned that her adoptive parents' house was going to be demolished, she almost grinned to her ears: "Oh, such a good thing, wife, you have to take me with you."

"just sign it. I can handle it myself." Zhu Mei subconsciously wanted to refuse.

but Wu Ping gave her an analysis:

"didn't you say that your grandparents and uncles looked down on your adoptive parents, and they bullied you every day when you were a child? If you go back by yourself, what if they refuse to give you the house and let you sign it? You still have to take me back. With me, at least they don't dare to go too far. "

This selection will save so much of your precious time.

Zhu Mei thought his words were not unreasonable, so she took him back to Sichuan with her.


when she returned to her hometown, Zhu Mei found that the house left by her adoptive parents had been occupied by her uncle's family, and even the door locks had been replaced.

she took Wu Ping to the big aunt's house to ask for the key, but she was driven away by the eldest aunt and grandmother.

"what key? is that your house?" Although grandma is old, her voice of scolding her is no weaker than she was then.

"that is, it is the house of our brother-in-law. What does it have to do with an outsider like you?" The eldest aunt also stood by and shouted.

"those are my parents!" This is the first time in more than 30 years that Zhu Mei has yelled at them.

"what parents." Grandma interrupted her. "are you born to them?" You are the bastard they picked up by the river, and you don't have any blood of our Zhu family.

this house belongs to my son. When he dies, the house naturally belongs to my eldest son. Demolition has nothing to do with you as an outsider. "

Grandma took it for granted, just like she did eight years ago.

that year was the second year that Zhu Mei graduated from university and returned to work in her hometown.

her adoptive parents drove tricycles to restaurants in the city early in the morning with a truckload of vegetables, but at an intersection, they were crushed under an out-of-control cement truck and killed instantly.

Zhu Mei almost fainted to death when she received a call from the police station.

but the adoptive parents have no children all their lives, and she is the only adopted daughter. At such times, no matter how heartbroken she is, she can only hold on to deal with the afterlife for them.

when he talked to the cement truck driver about compensation, he said that the conditions in his family were not good, and he could only offer 80,000 compensation, no matter how much, he could only pay for it with his life.

Zhu Mei doesn't want his life or his money. She just wants her adoptive parents to live well.

it's just that she didn't expect that before she had a deal with the cement truck driver, Grandma took her uncle and his family to kill and said:

"this little girl is not the child of my son's daughter-in-law. She can't get the compensation, so she has to give it to us."

they wanted compensation, so she gave them all.

, she resigned and left Sichuan, went to Hangzhou, and got married.

although she leads an ordinary life after marriage, she never comes back here except for the anniversary of her adoptive parents' death and Ching Ming Festival.


Zhu Mei originally thought that her step-by-step concession would win the tolerance of her grandmother and uncle's family, but she did not expect that eight years later, their dislike was still waiting for her.

but as she did eight years ago, she still wants to compromise.

they are also right. Although her surname is Zhu, she doesn't have the blood of the Zhu family after all. In that case, she doesn't want to fight.

but after listening to her idea, Wu Ping strongly opposed it.

he analyzed her again:

"this is something that belongs to you. Why not?" When your adoptive parents were alive, did they treat you as relatives? Besides, this house was built by your adoptive parents who saved a little bit by selling vegetables. They didn't contribute money or effort. Why did you give them the house? Even if you don't think about our lives, you should think of your adoptive parents. Do you think they will want to leave the house to your grandma and uncle? "

Zhu Mei didn't think that Wu Ping would think about these things for her. She couldn't help wondering if she had been too hard on him in the past and misunderstood that he didn't love her enough.

"Honey, I didn't expect you to be so thoughtful about me." She looked at him with emotion.

when she looked at it like this, Wu Ping swallowed a little awkwardly.

but Zhu Mei did not care, but later added, "but this, ah, let me think about it again.""

Wu Ping didn't say much either, but just silently picked up his cell phone and played by.


however, Zhu Mei did not expect that her grandmother and uncle's family would go so far as to remove all the belongings left by their adoptive parents from the house and set them on fire in front of the house.

when she rushed to the scene and saw the pile of ashes, she went crazy.

she rushed up and grabbed her uncle and asked him why he should burn the belongings of her adoptive parents without her consent!

but the uncle pushed her away with disdain and said something she couldn't accept:

"just a bunch of things used by the dead, keep bad luck! Besides, that's my own brother. I can do whatever I want with his things. There's no need for an outsider to advise me. "

my uncle's insults to her adoptive parents made her finally calm down and fight for herself.

"originally, I wanted to see that because you are my parents' biological mother, brother and sister-in-law, I don't want to fall out with you for demolition money, but every time what you do is forcing me to break face with you. In that case, I don't want to be at peace with you. "

"I'm telling you, my parents built the house with their own money. Even if I'm just the adopted daughter they picked up, I still have the right to inherit the house!"

"what is it? Inheritance? You are not a member of the Zhu family. You are talking about inheriting or not inheriting. In short, even if the King of Heaven and Laozi comes, this house has nothing to do with you! "

my uncle listened to her, but he was indifferent and insisted that she had nothing to do with the demolition of the house.


Zhu Mei knows that if the house goes on like this, no matter how long it takes, it will not come to an end.

so she listened to Wu Ping's advice, consulted a lawyer, and learned that under such circumstances, she could sue her grandmother and uncle's family and ask them to return their adoptive parents' house to her.

as a result, Zhu Mei no longer took her grandmother and uncle to court.

because when her adoptive parents adopted her, she went through the formal adoption procedures, so she finally got back the key to the house and then got the demolition money she deserved.

Grandma and her uncle's family called her on the day she got the demolition money and scolded her, saying that the adoptive parents had worked so hard that they had raised her as their own daughter so that she could live a normal life, but she took their mother and brother to court after their adoptive parents died.

she didn't finish what they said and hung up directly.

she looked at Wu Ping as if she saw him when they first fell in love, thinking that with this demolition money, their life would be a little richer, they would no longer have to argue about money, and their relationship could naturally go back to the way it used to be.


it is a pity that Zhu Mei was wrong about Wu Ping and her remaining attraction to Wu Ping.

soon after she got the demolition money, Wu Ping found various reasons to ask her for money.

until one day, she saw him retweet a crowdfunding post in his moments.

the forwarding copy he wrote at that time was: help forward it.

in fact, she was not interested in this kind of crowdfunding link before. After all, her ability is limited. Every month, the pressure of a real estate car loan is too much for people to kick, and even their children dare not be born.

now that she has got the demolition money and is financially rich, she naturally wants to be a loving person like her adoptive parents.

so she clicked on the link directly and went in to read the story of help.


the caller of the story is a pregnant woman who is raising money for the treatment of her seriously ill mother.

after reading the story, Zhu Mei felt sorry for the woman and donated 500 yuan.

after donating to return to the home page, she flipped through it again and inadvertently found that there was a list of contributions to love, so she clicked in it curiously.

this is not bad. As soon as she entered, she saw that Wu Ping was at the top of the list, and the amount of donation was as high as 20,000.

it is surprising and abnormal that Wu Ping should donate 20,000 yuan to crowdfunding.

you know, Wu Ping, like her, would never donate money on crowdfunding in the past, but his sudden magnanimity aroused her suspicion.

so she carefully flipped through the help stories and certified photos above, only to see Wu Ping's finger appear in the lower right corner of the last photo.

Wu Ping's finger has been hurt before, and there is a piece of meat missing from the ring finger, which is particularly obvious.

this is his finger, and she will never admit it.

when she saw this, she was even making excuses for Wu Ping, wondering if the person who asked for help might be a distant relative of him whom she did not know.

but after she withdrew from the crowdfunding link, she saw that the dynamic he forwarded had an extra like.

like is "your treasure" and no comments are displayed.

everyone who plays Wechat knows that giving likes in moments can only be seen by mutual friends of both sides, but Zhu Mei has no recollection of this person in her moments.


Zhu Mei clicked on the chat interface of "your treasure", only to find that they became Wechat friends three years ago, andShe also sent the stranger a link to a dress on Taobao.

at that time, she was quite happy and felt that her taste was appreciated, so she readily added Wechat to each other.

after Wu Ping fell asleep that night, she secretly took his cell phone and looked at it. Unexpectedly, she really let her find your treasure.

this "your treasure", Wu Ping's note to her is a big brother, but their chat records are so ugly.

it turned out that it was only because his mistress outside was pregnant and his mother was seriously ill that he thought of taking money from her to subsidize them.


after learning all the details of Wu Ping's affair, Zhu Mei became more and more nauseous.

she took pictures of all the evidence, dumped him the next morning and filed for divorce.

she is very glad that she has been married for five years, and they have never dared to have children because of the great financial pressure, so they can now bring up divorce decisively.

it's just that, unexpectedly, Wu Ping refused.

he said that unless she gave him half of the demolition money, he would spend time with her and never get divorced.

Zhu Mei was naturally unwilling to share with Wu Ping the demolition money left to her by her adoptive parents, so she turned him down.

A week after she explicitly rejected him, he sued the court for divorce and demanded an equal share of the property.

when Zhu Mei received the court summons and a copy of the complaint, she was very tired.

she really doesn't understand whether she did something wrong in her previous life and met so many villains in this life.