The poignant truth of 2019: "Sorry, I can't find you!"
The poignant truth of 2019: "Sorry, I can't find you!"
Such feeling cannot be recalled again; It seemed long lost e'en when it was felt then.


some things,

you won't understand until the last minute of your life

I have done a solicitation before: "if tomorrow is the end of the world, what would you most like to do at the last moment of your life?"

@ D major:

I just want to cherish my parents and family and chat with them while I can still cherish it. Last month, my beloved grandmother died of a serious illness. I didn't have time to see her for the last time. If you don't know which will come first tomorrow or accident, then cherish every minute and every second you can have.

@ salty lemon seven:

I want to make an appointment with my best friend who formed the band to have an impromptu concert in the open-air park. For the last time, dedicate the blood to the dream from the bottom of my heart; for the last time, pay tribute to those young and frivolous years!

@ Waha:

want to go to a feast with my boyfriend, have a seafood buffet, and finally choose a few more favorite strawberries. If the world is really going to end, I want to remember the sweetness of being alive.

everyone's answers are very moving, but what impresses me most is the netizens

@ different paths


after reading everyone's comments, I envy them, probably because the person I want to see most is gone before the end of the day.

11 years ago, the boy who had a crush on me sent me the last text message under the ruins of the Wenchuan earthquake. The biggest regret in this life is that I didn't like it when I said it earlier.

if there is only one day left in my life, I really want to take that message to Wenchuan to have a look.

when you look back on your life at the last moment of your life, those unfinished regrets will pop up like a sharp thorn in your heart, leaving you dripping with blood and out of breath.

those green days when they wanted to talk, the timid and fiery mind made people both sad and nostalgic.

meet the right person at the wrong time, it turns out that there are some regrets, which will really take a lifetime to remember.


some love,

is a secret that you never dare to say.

among the wishes before the end, there will be the people you care about the most, the things you look forward to the most, and the purest secret love.

when the apocalypse deprives a person of all his possessions, his material things, his wealth and his fame and fortune, then only feelings and love can become the last comfort and become the only light in the long night.

when I mention the end, I can't help but think of the

"Shanghai Fortress"


Ten years later, this novel, which carries the memory of my youth, is

Douban still maintains a high score of 8.4

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. Now the mood of reading it, as it was ten years ago, was moved by that warm-blooded youth, and deeply moved by the long-lasting secret love of the past.

the story tells the story of aliens attacking the earth on a large scale, and human beings unite as one to build an energy fortress called "bubble defense" in the few remaining energy cities to resist. However, New York, Tokyo, New Delhi. Human strongholds were destroyed one after another, and Shanghai became the last hope.

in this war, the protagonist Jiang Yang fell in love with Lin Lan at first sight.

Jiang Yang once thought that if I could not catch her, even if she was a chicken skin crane, as long as she was still alive, she would still cry when she met again.

Jiang Yang knew that he was not mature enough and didn't have a high level. he tried his best to give Lin Lan the best company, but he never dared to tell her about love.

companionship is his most cowardly confession.

when we really fall in love with someone, aren't we like this? Will be inferiority complex, will become cautious, worry about gain and loss, a beating heart, only dare to kneel humbly in the dust.

A friend once told me that he once had a crush on someone. At Christmas, he was waiting in the ice and snow for the other person to study next night, just to give him a piece of chocolate.

because he was too nervous, he kept the gift tightly in the palm of his hand. His heart was beating hard, but he pretended to be careless and said, "I've bought too much chocolate. I'll give you a reward!"

it's just that he forgot that the chocolate had melted long ago with such a hot palm.

the secret of a teenager is you. Young regret, it is you.

We are afraid that we can't even be friends after confession, and we are even more afraid that our carefully maintained relationship will become estranged.

how can there be so many unsatisfied lovers? It's just that I'm not qualified to be around you.

because I like it, I am serious and weak.


for the person in my heart,

be a better person

if you try your best to like someone, you will try to make yourself better and better.

even if it's the end of the world, I still want to give you the best.

as the song goes: I have nothing, but I still have a lonely voice.

Jiang Yang, originally just a young boy who just stepped out of school, can only force himself to grow up rapidly in the cruel war.

when the end really comes, Shanghai will sink to the bottom of the sea, and he runs madly against the flow of people, just to save the girl he loves.

Jiangnan said: "every man has a little beast at the bottom of his heart." Perhaps, the men are waiting for the little beast to grow up and have enough strength to support the uneasiness and expectation of the beloved girl.

No one is really fearless enough to ignore life, just think of the person they like, even if they are covered with scales.If you hurt, you won't flinch.

the person we like is like a beam of light that illuminates our way to excellence. You who guard TA will be invincible in the end.


if at that time,

I hold your hand tightly

"Shanghai Fortress" said: "some stories seem to be doomed, not because of accident, not because of missing, but because of an inextricable knot."

in fact, if Jiang Yang had been more confident, he would have seen Lin Lan's silent response.

it's just that he never dared to face it squarely, and after many years, he finally received the message that was too late, and he knew that Lin Lan seemed to be saying something silently, but these seemed to be separated by thousands of gullies, and there was no way to know any more.

how many affectionate feelings are defeated by mouth-to-heart and insincere words, and the unspeakable love sank with her in the depths of Shanghai.

the feelings of joys and sorrows are not supposed to be recalled today, but they were carelessly lost at that time.

how different would it have been if I had said, "I love you"?

affection needs to be accompanied for a long time, and love also needs to be said more. If you have someone you like, be brave and let him know what you want. There is only one life, don't let regret occupy you for the rest of your life.

maybe there will be an echo in the end. This work that carries the memory of my youth is about to be adapted into a movie.

opens on August 9th


Life is full of love but not the fate of fetters, fortunately, there is a movie can go back to "that time", let the story start all over again, before the end of the world, ask "if" again.

Teng Huatao, the director of 33 days lovelorn, spent six years preparing the film. The movie version of "Shanghai Fortress" not only retains the original period of green heart and secret love, but also expands the grandeur and vastness of the Armageddon.

as a science fiction film based on Shanghai, the movie version of "Shanghai Fortress" is also a good portrayal of the desolate apocalyptic feeling of this once-beloved city in the Armageddon War.

what is even more rare is that the film also focuses on the countless warm-blooded children in the war, who used to be children living in a time of peace, young and ignorant, but in order to wait for their homes and let their families see the sun the next day, finally chose to fight.

in the process of fighting against advanced civilizations, the indomitable and tenacious of mankind reminds me of a scene in the "three bodies":

maybe humans are as small as bugs, but bugs have never been completely wiped out, and they will never give up, even if there is only a glimmer of survival.

although aliens have more advanced technology and creepy bodies, humans will never give up at any time.

at the end of the day, a river may be small, but countless rivers and oceans will converge into an unyielding sea, and Shanghai will fall, but even if we lose a battle, we still have to reverse the war!

it is worth mentioning that in the movie

the green and warm-blooded Jiang Yang is played by Lu Han

, as

Commander Lin Lan is played by Shu Qi

, it is also a very suitable casting for the original work.

Jiang Yang's sincerity and shrewdness as a soldier, Lin Lan's responsibility and tenderness as a commander can be well restored in the movie.

I still remember that at the end of the book, when Shanghai sank, Jiang Yang, who was in battle, finally failed to find Lin Lan. He said:

"Shanghai has a large population, 18 million people. I'm sorry, Lin Lan. I can't find you among these 18 million people."

this time, under the eyes of thousands of people on the big screen, I wonder if there will be any regrets.

August 9

, I also hope that you can go to the cinema with the people you like to see this sincere work.

Don't leave regrets for your own life.