The power of peace of mind
The power of peace of mind
Life is calm because it is quiet and elegant because it is calm.



the power of peace of mind


an uncle

Uncle envies that kind of person:

No matter how noisy society is, you can always keep a space to do what you like, reading, painting, growing flowers, fishing.

No matter how trivial life is, it can always be calm and elegant, and the smile reveals a calm appearance of the years.

envy because most people can't do it.

We seem to be on our way all the time, and we are too busy to calm down and do something to settle down every day.

in fact, life is only in a hurry for decades. The more you experience, the more you understand that life is not for others to see, but for your own feelings.

Today, my uncle wants to share this book "the Power of tranquility" with the book friends, hoping that together, in the plain years, we can show a volume of heart valve and open a meditation.


peace of mind is to reduce desire

there is a saying: "selfish desires are born every day like dust on the earth." If the day does not sweep, there will be another layer. "

people's desire is like dust, desire life, heart dust will rise. As long as you don't clean up, your heart will be covered with a layer.

only by being calm can one's desire be reduced.

have heard such a story:

there was a young carpenter who was ordered to make wooden posts for Lu Guogong to hang bells and drums.

the finished carvings of the wooden pillars are so exquisite that everyone who has seen them laments that this is miraculous craftsmanship.

therefore, the Duke of Lu summoned the little carpenter and asked him how he had developed such exquisite craftsmanship.

the little carpenter said, "before I prepare to work, I will fast to rest my mind."

on the third day of fasting, I forgot to "celebrate the reward"; on the fifth day of fasting, I forgot "not honorable and clumsy"; on the seventh day of fasting, I had reached the state of selflessness.

, I began to go to the mountains to look for suitable wood. When I was calm, I naturally made it more finely.

as the saying goes, "once the mind is pure, the lotus blossoms everywhere".

only when you are calm can you hear the voice of all things, and only when your heart is clear can you see the essence of all things.

remove the utilitarian desire that binds people's mind, peace of mind and peace of mind, will have the power to put aside impetuosity.

more than a thousand years ago, Tao Yuanming began to ask:

"will the countryside be barren, but Hu will not return?"

for Tao Gong, the height of the temple and the struggle for fame and wealth are always calmer than the peace of mind of building hedges and planting chrysanthemums.

Zhuangzi, a thinker, felt at ease in front of the salaries of senior officials.

he said that life is too short to be swayed by desires. Only by keeping meditation can we be the most authentic self.

there is no trouble in the heart, but there is peace in the mind.

meditation is a kind of access to settle down.

in one's life, one needs to practice a meditation and let go of the complicated desires entangled in life, so that we can really enjoy the peace and freedom of life.


peace of mind is a kind of wisdom

as the saying goes: if the water is static, the image is clear, and if the mind is quiet, it is wise.

means that all things are complacent, and only when the water is calm will it be clear and reflect the world.

people, in the face of busy and impetuous earthly troubles, only by keeping a meditation and giving up a bit of impetuosity can we have the wisdom to face things without fear.

have seen such a story:

there was a rich businessman who replaced all his gold and silver with portable silver tickets in order to avoid turbulence.

he carefully hid the silver ticket in the handle of a special oil-paper umbrella, then disguised himself as an ordinary person and took the umbrella to return to his hometown.

in the face of sudden changes, the rich businessmen soon calmed down.

after careful observation, he found that the package he had with him was intact and concluded that the person with the umbrella should not be a professional thief.

if you think of it this way, nine times out of ten, someone who lives nearby must have taken the umbrella.

the rich businessmen started to make a living in repairing umbrellas and waited quietly.

two years have passed, but he still hasn't waited for his umbrella.

the rich businessman calmed down and thought about it carefully. He observed that some people would choose to buy new umbrellas when their umbrellas were too bad to be repaired.

then came up with the method of "exchanging old umbrellas for new umbrellas", and offered a free discount for changing umbrellas.

there was an endless stream of people who came to change umbrellas for a while. Before long, an old man came to replace it with a worn-out oil-paper umbrella.

the rich merchant took a look at the umbrella he had lost, and the handle of the umbrella was intact. He quietly changed a new umbrella for the old man.

then the rich merchants packed their bags and were finally able to return to the countryside.

when he is calm, he is wise, and the rich businessman can get back the lost money because of his meditation.

there are nine times out of ten unpleasant things in a person's life. When you encounter a difficult problem, you might as well calm down and take your time. Only in this way can you find a solution to the complicated problem.

peace of mind is not only a magic weapon to regulate people's spirit, but also a kind of resilient wisdom.

in the vast world, there is an endless supply of fascinating things. If you practice a meditation, you will have infinite wisdom and spiritual pleasure in life.


peace of mind is a person's deepest experience

the young monk asked the master, "what is the most difficult to control in life?"

the old monk asked, "what do you think?"

"is it what other people think?" The young monk thought for a moment and answered, but the old monk shook his head and said nothing.

"is it fame and fortune?" The young monk guessed that the old monk still shook his head.

, the young monk said several answers one after another, all of which were denied.

the young monk had to ask the master for advice: "what is the most difficult to control?"

the old monk smiled and said, "what is most difficult for a man to control is his own heart."

I think so.

people live all their lives and cultivate their hearts all their lives.

the human heart is like a mirror, elusive, many times, you think you have seen through, but do not realize that it is just a reflection in the mirror.

as Carnegie said in the Power of stillness: people spend a lot of time exercising to strengthen their bodies, but few people are willing to take the time to exercise their minds.

We strive to pursue and look into the distance, thinking that as long as we keep running, we will reach the place we want to go and live the life we desire.

often lose a meditation in the process of chase.

"A trim of idle clouds and a stream of months, a journey of landscape and a year of bloom. There is a moment of floating life, a tree of Bodhi and a haze. "

many people stroll to see a flower show, and the ferry goes to enjoy the spring water of a lake, from city to town. All the way, they are looking for the hometown that belongs to the soul.

after half a lifetime, I found that the graceful scenery in life is never in the landscape or on the road, but whether we are willing to feel, appreciate and touch it with a meditation.

peace of mind is not only a realm, but also the deepest experience for a person.

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Life is calm because it is quiet and elegant because it is calm.

May you always be as indifferent as water and smile in the passage of time; the years are quiet and shallow.

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