The real reason for being unhappy, I woke up after watching it.
The real reason for being unhappy, I woke up after watching it.
When the heart is simple, people will be happy.

Life is only thirty thousand days, so is happiness, and so is unhappiness.

instead of frowning all day long, it is better to adjust your mood and face every day with a smile.

as the ancients said, "if you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world."

the rest of your life is not long, so learn to make yourself happy.

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thinking too much is a disaster

I have read a story.

A farmer was wandering at the edge of the field. Someone asked him, "have you grown wheat?"

the farmer said sadly, "not yet. I'm afraid it will rain tomorrow."

the man then asked, "did you grow cotton?"

the farmer continued to shake his head and replied, "not yet. I'm afraid the cotton will grow worms in the later stage."

the man asked again, "what kind of seed do you have?"

the farmer said hesitantly, "I don't have anything until I can't be sure."

be prepared in advance for a rainy day, but if you think too much, you will bind yourself.

A netizen from Zhihu once told such a story.

by chance, she added to the Wechat of an elder whom she respected very much.

at first, the two chatted happily, but one day, she suddenly realized that her elder had not replied to her Wechat.

she began to recall whether she said the wrong thing, which made her seniors angry.

in this way, after worrying for a long time, she couldn't help but pick up her phone and check it over and over again, but she still couldn't wait for a reply from her predecessors.

she thought again whether the elder had blocked herself.

although she stared at her phone, she dared not send a message to verify it.

an hour later, she finally received a reply from her elder Wechat, only that her mobile phone was dead.

most of the anxiety in this story is entirely her own brain, thinking about simple little things into big things in just an hour.

there are no big things in the world. Big things evolve through small things, and nothing can afford to think too much.

as the saying goes, "there is nothing in the world."

the heart of those who think too much will be tired, and that of those who think more will be bitter.

Don't let yourself frown because you think too much.

Love comparison will only increase annoyance

in the French novel Necklace, Mathilde wants to go to a party, but there are no fancy clothes or expensive jewelry.

she took out 400 rubles that her husband had saved for a long time and bought a beautiful set of clothes.

but with beautiful clothes, Mathilde is still not satisfied. So she went to borrow a gold necklace from her friend.

wearing a gold necklace, she got a lot of praise at the party that day, and Mathilde was very proud.

when she got home, when she looked at herself through the mirror, she exclaimed that at some point the necklace she had borrowed from her friend had disappeared.

A friend's gold necklace was particularly expensive, worth 36000 francs. Mathilde panicked for a moment and could only repay it by borrowing money from relatives and friends.

after that, Mathilde quit her easy job as a babysitter and began a decade of heavy physical work in order to pay off the loan.

her delicate rose fingernails were worn out by long work.

her pretty face also looks much older because of her long hard work.

Ten years later, when Mathilde met her friend who had lent her the necklace, her friend was still beautiful, and she was already a weather-beaten old woman.

the most unexpected thing is that at last a friend told her that the necklace was a fake.

because of a moment of comparison, Mathilde got more than a decade of exasperation.

A lot of unhappiness in life comes from keeping up with the comparison.

as the Little Monk in one Zen said, "you don't have to compete all the time, you will have your own world if you don't compete."

Don't compare yourself with others for the rest of your life.

if you are not satisfied, you will rarely be happy.

there was a scholar who searched everywhere to find the happiest person in the world.

one day, he walked to the door of a magnificent palace and thought, "the people in this luxurious palace must be very happy."

thinking of this, he went into the palace. Unexpectedly, a young man sat on the hall with a sad face.

looking at the appearance of the young man, the scholar could not help asking, "what else can you not be happy when you live in such a luxurious palace?"

the young man looked up at the scholar and said, "I want to have more money to build a bigger palace. This palace is too small. How can I be happy?"

the scholar walked out of the palace in disappointment.

on the way to continue his search, the scholar suddenly heard a joyful tune and followed his voice to find a ragged passer-by.

passers-by are warming themselves by the fire, humming melodious songs from time to time.

the scholar is very puzzled, in his eyes, how passers-by can be happy.

the scholar can't help asking, "do you think you are the happiest person in the world now?"

passers-by replied, "of course, I've just had a big meal, and now I can keep warm by the fire. What else is there to be unhappy about?"

some people sit in luxury palaces and have no worries about food and clothing, but they are not satisfied and it is difficult to be happy.

some people eat and sleep outdoors, but they are satisfied with a good meal and a fire to keep warm.

there is no unhappiness in life, only discontent. The discontentedIt is difficult to be happy, but he who is content is always happy.

gourmet Cai Lan once said, "it is not very difficult to live a happy life. Lower the conditions a little bit, be contented and always be happy."

there are no unhappy people, only discontented hearts.

when you are content, you can always smile.

when the heart is simple, people will be happy.

Don't think about it, your troubles will dissipate.

Don't compare too much, there will be no sorrow;

Don't be too greedy and be content.

be a simple person, keep a normal mind, do not think much, do not compare, know how to be contented, and live happily.