The road is not as wide as the heart, and the life is not as good as the heart.
The road is not as wide as the heart, and the life is not as good as the heart.
Happiness is here and now.

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an uncle

you must have felt this way:

once intimate old classmates, now there are only chat records of all kinds of bargaining and building in the dialog box.

A best friend who used to tell everything is now wearing clothes you have never seen in moments and smiling with people you don't know.

used to talk about heaven and earth, but now he goes his separate ways.

after half a lifetime, more and more people find that people's life is an one-way train.

along the way, we will meet a lot of people, some people get off before you, and some people will get off before you at night, but in the end, you are the only one who will accompany you to the end.

loneliness is the normal state of life.

if you are still worried about it, find the true meaning of life in "Solitude is a person's Happiness" with your uncle this week.

when you understand Lin Qingxuan's four hearts, you will know how to live in a troubled world.

in fact, many people are just passers-by who accompany you. Don't force him to stay when he gets out of the car. Be grateful and wave goodbye.


live with joy

there is a saying in Buddhism:

there are four sufferings in life: birth, old age, illness and death; love parting, resentment for a long time, can not ask, can not let go.

all hearts are reluctant to take gains and losses too seriously; they want too much, so they can't sleep at night.

the morning is the same for everyone, but when you wake up, some are happy and some are sad.

in "loneliness is a person's happiness," a big stock market tycoon said, "I can earn 10 million in the stock market in one morning."

Lin Qingxuan replied, "earning 10 million yuan in one morning seems like a lot, but one day you will find that 10 million can't buy it in one morning."

when you think about it, that's really the case!

if we blindly pursue material satisfaction, we will forget the value of the loving world.

how much is it worth to accompany your family for a walk by the river and read a good book of wisdom?

how much is it worth to have a good meal and drink a cup of tea with a day of happiness and a good night's sleep without dreams?

Happiness will not last if it is measured by money; if life is sunny everywhere, the storm is not far away.

A man is working in the field, sweating, and his eyes are golden. He feels happy, and he is happy.

another person plays golf and rides horses in the backyard, even though he owns the whole manor, but he feels very unhappy, he is not happy.

the circumstances of life are unpredictable, but the mind can be turned around, the heart has mindfulness, everything is great joy.

"'through the flowers, the leaves do not stick to the body.' That kind of life is the life we aspire to. "

do things with joy, everything is for me; treat others with gratitude, everyone comes for me.

"enjoy red flowers and green grass in spring, ice and snow in winter, sunny in sunny days and rain in rainy days."

remember! Life is not elsewhere, the present is the scenery, the spring tea of that year is the most fragrant!


be affectionate with ordinary feelings

the young monk asked the master, "Master, why is it that the more I want, the less I can get?"

Master replied, "it's probably because I care too much, because I care too much, so it's hard to avoid being left and right, advance and retreat, but I can't get it."

"what am I supposed to do?" Xiaohe is still puzzled.

Fantasy silver mother of the bride dresses at fantastic price! Shop now at prices that will make your head spin.

Master smiled and said, "from a normal point of view, it should always be yours, and you can't run away."

in fact, every day is the same, but the story in the day is changeable. The most precious thing in life is to have an ordinary heart, not to be confused by the five colors of the world, not to be fascinated by all flavors of life.

then what is a normal mind?

Zhuangzi said: "gain but do not like, lose but not worry."

the author records such a story in the book:

once, I bought sugarcane in the market, and the old man who sold sugarcane seemed to be a wise man.

the old man spoke so hard that everyone next to him laughed. He suddenly said solemnly:

"Don't laugh, the changes in life are unpredictable. Look at me peeling sugar cane here, talking and laughing. Maybe if I lie down and sleep tonight, I won't be able to get up tomorrow."

A voice suddenly appeared in the crowd: "if you don't know if you can get up tomorrow, why come to sell sugar cane today?"

"Ah! Young man, have you ever heard of 'don't work, don't eat for a day'? Even if we know full well that we cannot live in this world tomorrow, we still have to cut sugar cane well today. if there is no tomorrow, do we have to lie down and wait to die? "

A paragraph left everyone speechless and awe-inspiring.

as the saying goes, the tiger roars and the dragon sings Ling Yunzhi, the level of falling flowers is normal.

people in this life, not all the time can have perfect, our life will always be drawn by countless desires, there is injustice in the heart to listen to the wind is rain.

"only with an ordinary heart and a normal state can people live in the highest realm of the world."

Life is like a string. If it is too tight, it will break one day. If you put it in the right tightness, you can play a pleasant chapter.

since this is the case, why be so persistent?


remove obstacles with a soft heart

Life is like a reverse journey.Wind and rain all the way.

A person must know how to be flexible and learn some ways of dealing with the world in order to be born and change under the right circumstances.

Laozi said, "the supreme goodness is like water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

Water is the softest thing in the world, but it wears away a stone. The reason why a stream can flow into the sea is that it knows how to turn.

in dealing with the world, we should know how to learn from running water, be able to hit thousands of feet of waves, be able to dive into thousands of miles, be solid in the face of ice, and rise in gas. This is the wise wisdom of life.

there is a classic story in the Islamic canon.

one day, Mohamed announced to the crowd that tomorrow he would stand outside the city and move the mountain closer.

the next day, a packed crowd gathered early outside the city.

Mohamed appeared in everyone's expectation. He stood on his back, silent, took a deep breath, and then shouted to the mountain, "Hey, Dashan!" Come here! " The mountain hasn't moved at all.

after shouting several times in a row, the mountain still showed no sign of moving.

when the people around him were talking about it, Mohamed said to the followers:

"as you can see, since the mountain doesn't want to come, I'll just turn around and see it."

so Mohamed looked up in everyone's amazement and walked calmly towards the mountain.

Yes, we will encounter a lot of mountain-like things in our life. If you insist on it, you can only end up stomping your feet and feeling sorry for yourself!

"what does it matter if the mountain doesn't move? Isn't it the same if we walk there? As we raised our feet to the other side of the mountain, with every step we took, the mountain moved towards us. "

honest people often find it harder to find a way out because of their stubbornness when they encounter problems, while smooth people know to adjust themselves at the right time, so they can find ways to deal with them more quickly.

when you have a soft and flexible heart, you can feel the source of self-clarity.


taste Baiwei with ease

Lin Yutang said: there are many jokes in the prosperous world, but I have a free temples.

in the busy world, cultivate a quiet mind; in the changing world, keep it leisurely.

enjoy the scenery of one person and enjoy the rest of the world.

Li Bai was drunk. "I raised my glass to invite the charming moon, and bowed my head to see that there were already three people drinking together".

Tao Yuanming's leisure state of "picking wild flowers by the fence and accidentally seeing Nanshan"

Su Shi sighed, "I hate this body for a long time. When will I forget the camp?" Broad-minded and optimistic.

this is the most true self of a person after taking off his mask and armor.

you don't have to follow others. You should live up to expectations and live up to your expectations in a short period of time.

only when people have experienced solitude can they shake hands with the boring life and make the rest of their lives more comfortable.

there are two large vats in the streets and alleys of Tonghua. The one on the right sells honey tea, which is sweet to the top, and the one on the left sells bitter tea, which is bitter to the bottom.

some people like sweet ones, others like bitter ones.

some people drink a cup of bitter tea and a cup of honey tea, but no one drinks honey tea and then bitter tea.

and the author is the first person to drink honey tea first and then bitter tea. He thinks that "when drinking bitter tea, it can especially aftertaste the taste of honey tea."

bitterness and sweetness are just a corner of all living beings. Learn to be vigilant and have fun in the midst of bitterness in order to find inner abundance.

Life is like a roller coaster with ups and downs. Only when you have experienced it can you understand that the real calmness is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart.

behind a person's prosperity is polished by countless lonely days.

leave some gaps in life, even if it is sitting, enjoying flowers and tasting tea is a kind of growth.

when you start to treat loneliness as a good medicine, you will eventually grow into what you like!

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