"the strongest bear bug on the surface"-- A magical creature full of love, Amway
"the strongest bear bug on the surface"-- A magical creature full of love, Amway
This is a book review.

(this is a book review, first published on Douban)

this is an exciting moment for water bug lovers: there is finally a Chinese book dedicated to these little creatures on the market!

the strongest Bear Bug on the Earth's Surface, this is an easy-to-read little book, which briefly introduces what kind of creature people know about water bears, the history of people's discovery of water bears, the true and false stories of the undead legends of water bears, and the story of Suzuki Chung's bond with water bears. There are not many cutting-edge or advanced scientific concepts in the book, but through it you can learn many lovely details of water bear worms and learn how to observe these small creatures in person.

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among them, the author's own story of trying to raise water bugs is the most fascinating. Among the simple words, everywhere shows the author's inner curiosity and love for water bears. The Mickey's bear worms walk slowly at a speed of 0.1mm per second. Glass or plastic petri dishes will make the soles of their feet slip, so they need to be covered with an "Agar carpet". While water bears like to get into the cracks in Agar, they act like kittens seeking sense of security and must be careful not to suffocate them in the cracks. The water bear bug in the petri dish excreted surprisingly large feces compared to its own size, while the author who recorded the moment with a camera was "trembling all over."... For me, who is also fond of water bugs, it is really happy to imagine these interesting pictures while reading.

it's a shame to say that although I like water bugs very much and have seen tutorials on collecting and observing water bears, I haven't really put it into practice (mainly because I feel a little afraid of some small creatures other than water bugs _ (: water) ∠). Before that, "water bear bug" was more like a distant concept in textbooks and literature to me. Through this book, the images of these little guys become more real, specific and cordial.

if you are interested in the powerful "hidden life" ability of water bears, you can also learn more real details behind the rumors in this book. This is not a perfect ability, it has many restrictions, and it will not really make water bears immortal, but it still fascinates scientists.

in addition to the text, this book also contains a lot of rare pictures of water bears. This includes not only the author's personal photos of water bugs, but also a lot of historical data-for example, the first portraits of water bears painted by scientists in the 18th century.

in short, this is a loving Amway written by people who love water bugs. Water bear bugs are cool and powerful, but most importantly, they are invincible and cute little animals, and they live right next to you and me. If you can get to the cute point of a water bear, this book is probably cute enough to make you scream.

so why don't you eat this Amway and get to know these mysterious but ubiquitous little guys?

finally, we must strongly take a look at the water bear turning page in the book small animation:

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