The three keys to life: self-knowledge, self-examination and self-discipline
The three keys to life: self-knowledge, self-examination and self-discipline
May you and I continue to improve ourselves, have further joy every day, and lead a steaming life.


as the saying goes, "rivers and mountains are easy to change, but nature is hard to change."

although people are stupid, they can learn, they can cultivate themselves, they can improve themselves, and their value lies in themselves.

if one can hold these three commandments: self-knowledge, self-examination, and self-discipline.

even if you can't have a bright future, you can reduce the unpleasant things in life to one or two.

those who know themselves are clear

Wang Yangming said: "A serious illness in life is just the word 'proud'."

if people are arrogant and do not know it, people will avoid it, and even good luck will make a detour.

Xu Da and Zhu Yuanzhang were good playmates in childhood.

when Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming Dynasty, Xu Da was brave and resourceful, made great achievements, and won the favor of Zhu Yuanzhang.

although Xu Da made a lot of achievements in the war, she never took credit for it.

he sets out in command every spring and goes to court at the end of winter.

return the handsome seal immediately after coming back, and still live a very simple life at home.

Zhu Yuanzhang once said to him:

"Brother Xu Da has established extraordinary achievements in the world and has never had a good rest. I will give you my old mansion so that you can enjoy a few years of peace and happiness."

the old mansions mentioned by Zhu Yuanzhang are actually the mansions he lived in when he was king of Wu before he ascended the throne.

one day, Zhu Yuanzhang invited Xu to his old mansion to drink and get him drunk.

when Xu Da woke up in the middle of the night and asked the guard where this place was, the Chamberlain said, "this is the old residence."

Xu Da was so surprised that she jumped out of bed and fell to the ground to call himself to death.

Zhu Yuanzhang was very happy to see that he was so humble, that is, he ordered someone to build a house in front of the old mansion, set up an archway in front of the door, and wrote the word "Dagong".

later, in order to consolidate his throne, Zhu Yuanzhang wantonly punished those who were "proud of themselves". Only Xu Da, who was "respectful and humble", survived.

people are self-aware.

you can be defiant just because of your outstanding achievements in the war.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

"No matter which step you go up in life, people look up at you, and there are people looking down at you. You look up at yourself and are complacent. Only by looking down can you see who you really are."

self-knowledge, not arrogance, humility and contempt for others not only reflect a person's self-cultivation, but also reflect the overall pattern.

A person who knows himself, cherishes the world, and fears nature can live a more comfortable and thorough life.

introspection enters

Zeng Guofan warned his brothers in his letter from home:

"if you are too upset, you will always stop later."

if Gai complains about the sky for no reason, then heaven will not allow it, and if there is no reason for people, then people will not obey, and it is only natural to feel. "

complainers see only other people's problems in their eyes and never look for reasons in themselves, so they lack the ability to reflect and the opportunity for progress.

people who learn to reflect on themselves will find reasons for everything from themselves, instead of blaming others.

only in this way can we better understand ourselves, control the trajectory of our lives, and get closer and closer to success.

in his daily diary, Zeng Guofan has to thoroughly reflect on and clean up his words and deeds.

once, Dou Lanquan, a friend of Zeng Guofan, came to discuss. Zeng Guofan did not understand what his friend meant, so he "uttered empty words and talked to others."

was supposed to be a boost to study, but it backfired, and the two broke up in discord.

Zeng Guofan later reflected and said:

"they disagree with each other and argue repeatedly, but they are very reserved and suspect that others are not open-minded.

Why is it more clear than blaming others but not blaming yourself? "

Daoguang 22 (1842) on the ninth day of November, Zeng Guofan went to Dai Yun's house to pay homage to his mother's birthday.

it was supposed to be a festive event, but Zeng Guofan made a careless remark, which made everyone very embarrassed and hurried home as soon as the banquet was over.

he reflected in his diary that day:

"in the future, abstaining from talking too much is like quitting smoking. If you talk falsely again, you will know that God will ignore it!

and those who do not abandon me, always blame each other. "

Zeng Guofan's life accomplishment and career have reached the highest height, which is inseparable from his constant introspection and improvement all his life.

as a matter of fact, behind every successful person, he must have paid hardships, blood and sweat that ordinary people can not see, as well as "self-examination".

Laozi said in Daojing:

"A tree embraced together is born in the end; a nine-story platform begins with tiredness; a long journey begins under foot."

there is no overnight success in the world. Only by constantly discerning yourself and moving forward can you get the favor of fate.

introspection and correction is the brightest background in life.

those who exercise self-discipline are strong

there is such an experiment: when a monkey is locked up in a tower, it is very hysterical.

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it ran from wall to wall, scratching the door, screaming, and desperately tearing at its hair.

after a while, when it was exhausted and calmed down, it began to look at the tower from different angles.

it realizes that it is safe and peaceful here, and it can enjoy the beautiful blue sky and forest outside through the window.

for a while, boredom hit it, and the walls around it seemed to be close again, and it fell back into hysterical panic.

Life is really hard, a lot of timesWe are like monkeys trapped in the tower of "society", anxious and helpless.

but I have seen this sentence:

"No matter how self-disciplined a person is, he is as strong as he is. Often the greatest enemy of a man is not others, but himself."

writer Haruki Murakami is an extremely self-disciplined man.

he likes running. He gets up at 6: 40 every morning and has been running 10 kilometers every day since 1982.

some people ask, is self-discipline painful? The answer is yes.

self-discipline is bound to bring pain, which is inevitable, but it is better than the pain of mediocrity.

Matsushita Konosuke once said: "the greatest achievement comes from self-discipline."

all great achievements are blessed by self-discipline, and those who are really powerful are long-term self-discipliners.

in the materialistic world, only by honing your mind and rising abruptly based on accumulated strength can you find a quiet place with a happy face and sweetness.

I very much agree with a saying: "people know themselves, then examine themselves, and finally discipline themselves."

May you and I continue to improve ourselves, have further joy and lead a steaming life every day.