The three most healing things when you come home from work
The three most healing things when you come home from work
Might as well, do what you like, relax, and make yourself happy.

the writer Qi Pansy year said: "in our years, what we lose is a kind of mood."

time chases everyone, and the more you grow up, the more you find that in the adult world, there is more stress than freedom and more right and wrong than certainty.

every job is not easy, requires a high level of commitment, and has to suppress emotions.

at the end of the day, we, who are nervous and tired, all hope that we can relax and rest in the balance of 24 hours.

you might as well do what you like, relax and make yourself happy.

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smell fireworks in the world

colleague Xiaoyu, after the birth of their daughter, the three of them moved to their parents' house to live together.

many people are worried about her large family and contradictions, but Xiaoyu is happy. She said:

"every day after work, I can smell what is cooking in my mother's pot as soon as I open the door. I trot all the way to the kitchen and pick up a piece of hot meat and put it in my mouth. This is the happiest time of every day."

listening to the sound of the smoke exhaust machine and watching the steaming heat coming out of the pot, the family sat around the table, laughing, complaining and chatting.

this lively energy is the tenderness given by life, healing every melancholy and busy heart.

seeing the light in the eyes of light rain, we know how meaningful the warmth of fireworks in the world will be to a person.

after a day's report, eat a mouthful of hot noodles cooked by your lover; after meeting a difficult client, take a sip of wine at the right temperature; after reporting the copywriting at hand, take a bite of leek dumplings stained with vinegar.

these seemingly simple soups and meals are the most down-to-earth things in daily life. The scent of onions in the kitchen is more comfortable and reassuring than those convenient fast food and takeout.

that sentence "Let's eat" is like an antidote to "fatigue", enough to drive away a whole day's tiredness and tension.

at this moment, it seems that business reports and sales data have nothing to do with me, and all the troubles disappear in this familiar smell.

Wang Zengqi once said, "Food in all directions is but a bowl of earthly fireworks."

and this earthly fireworks, that is, soy sauce, vinegar, tea and wine, firewood, rice, oil and salt, have the power to counteract secular coldness, and do not hesitate to return the preference and enthusiasm of life to us.

cured the panic and soothed the sadness.

play with children


@ hoarding nanny

once shared my feelings:

"when I don't have children, I feel like I have a dark life when I think of having to deal with my children when I get home from work.

but after having a child, I often communicate with my friends and find that no matter how tired I am, I can see the child come back to life.

none of us can tell which mysterious force it is that gives us so much patience and energy when facing our children. "

We often think that parents are accompanying and giving when they are with their children.

but sometimes, it is the children who accompany us, curing our irritability and sadness with their innocence.

with no regard in their eyes, they run with open arms and let you hold them high.

there is no falsehood in their words, putting their arms around your neck and telling how much they miss you;

there is no concealment in their movements, holding their favorite candy and stuffing it to you with joy.

We can't resist the love of our children, and we accept it with tears in our eyes.

even if we have experienced difficulties from customers, slander from colleagues, and suffered a lot at work, a hug from our children will immediately make us forget all our troubles and change our frowns into smiles.

then, put the computer aside and pick up the paper planes that haven't been folded for a long time, the checkers that I haven't played in years, and the Mini Game that have almost forgotten their names.

some people say, "every adult is just a grown-up child."

when you get home from work, go crazy and have fun with your kids. You don't have to worry about your image and you don't have to worry about right or wrong.

it is natural happiness to laugh and laugh without scruples, and there is no need to be deliberate.

and this small fortune given by the child is the easiest release in a busy life, extremely cured and happy.

enjoy alone time

after a yoga class ended, I chatted with the teacher and found that she seemed to be in her 30s and was already in her 50s.

asking for advice on the reasons, she told us:

"besides exercise, being alone is a habit that I have adhered to for a long time.

No matter how difficult or annoying things you encounter at work, when you get home and finish housework and children, you will find time to calm down before you go to bed.

drink something you like, read a few pages or just meditate for a while.

relieve physical soreness and digest negative emotions.

if there is no trouble to disturb one's mind, one's state will be better. "

in today's fast-paced life, we often ignore our inner thoughts and are always busy maintaining relationships and improving performance. Staying up late at work has become a common occurrence, and social gatherings have become an inevitable chore.

I have no time to spend with myself, and I am pushed forward by trivial things.

some people say that when the word "busy" is taken apart, it means "losing one's heart". When a person is busy, he will lose his heart.

some people say that to be busy is to be blind. When you are busy, you can't see.

at work, we have too many unspeakable behaviors. When we go home, we set aside some time to talk to ourselves, talk about our wishes, and find a place for our emotions.Exit, but also to make room for hobbies.

there is a passage in "one hundred years of Solitude":

"A person's best state is to be quiet and comfortable when he is alone, without having to deal with other people's emotions, nor to deliberately judge other people's thoughts, to accompany himself and return to his true self."

find your passion for life and have a better chance of putting more strokes on your ideal list.

if you have confidence in your heart, you will find peace.

Lin Qingxuan said: "Romantic means wasting time eating slowly, wasting time slowly drinking tea, wasting time walking slowly, wasting time getting old slowly."

when we go to work, we run around for a living. After work, we might as well slow down and enjoy our time.

cook a meal with your lover, get spoiled with your children, and then find a free time to chat with yourself.

when we really relax, all we see is a gesture of joy, and the tasteless life will dance with it.