The top level of health care is not sleep, not exercise, but.
The top level of health care is not sleep, not exercise, but.
May you have good physical and mental health, and may you be free and magnanimous.

Old people keep in good health in traditional Chinese medicine and young people keep in good health in punk.

Women should sleep on beauty sleep, while men should exercise their tendons.

Health preservation seems to have become a symptom of the times, regardless of age and gender, everyone is very concerned.

but what many people don't know is that the top level of health preservation is not sleep or exercise, but these three points.

emotionally stable

World Health Organization research shows that 90% of the world's problems are related to emotion.

indeed, in a bad mood, no matter how good skin care products, can not save your face; the wrong state of mind, no matter how expensive health products, can not save your health.

emotional stability is actually the simplest and most direct way to maintain good health.

A popular "Grandma foodie" on social platforms knows this.

she is 101 years old. when her peers can't hold chopsticks and even have to rely on ICU to survive, she is still popular and spicy, and when she is in high spirits, she has to drink a little wine and go to get a manicure with her granddaughter.

when asked about Grandma foodie's health regimen, she said: "State of mind is everything. There are some things that can't be solved by one meal, then have two meals to solve them. "

her granddaughter also said: "Grandma never gets angry overnight, just like a child, simple and pure."

once, "Grandma foodie" lost her dentures while eating a hamburger. Unexpectedly, she put on her dentures and continued to eat.

sometimes, when her granddaughter talks about her boss and her family, "Grandma foodie" always smiles and says, "you know a shovel."

it seems that all troubles can be resolved one by one when it comes to her.

Zhao Puchu once said: "when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, there is also a day of sorrow and a day of joy." If you don't get into a corner when something happens, you will feel comfortable and your heart will be at ease. "

indeed, in life, all kinds of people will meet and all kinds of things will be experienced.

if you are depressed because of a trifle, people with nothing wrong will worry about it sooner or later.

but if you can regulate your emotions in time, you may be able to get a health password that is hard for ordinary people to get.

but many young people seem to forget this when they try their best to keep fit.

when other people say a few wrong words, they are depressed, and when they encounter a storm, they will never recover.

truly wise people always know that they are not happy with things and not sad with themselves.

No matter what kind of situation, they can take it calmly and face it calmly.

the circle is clean

if you want to be physically and mentally comfortable, in addition to your own emotional stability, it is also important to have a clean and comfortable circle.

if you are surrounded by a mess of people and things, it's hard to be alone.

if you are surrounded by positive little angels, it's hard not to be energetic.

this is the case with my friend Xiaoyang.

for a time, in order to expand his contacts and have a longer-term development, he tried to attend various industry gatherings.

although we know more people, there are all kinds of people, including some fair-weather friends.

in addition to working overtime every day, he also attends various dinners and wine bureaus.

for a while, he found that he had not met any dignitaries at all.

and because of all kinds of entertainment, he not only sacrificed a lot of time for self-improvement, but also increased his waistline and weight.

on one occasion, he was egged on by several drinking friends and even had stomach bleeding.

after learning from the bitter experience, he decided to say goodbye to that circle.

at daily gatherings, I only make an appointment with two or three friends I get along with.

he has a bad stomach, so everyone will take care of his taste and choose a light diet. Seeing that he is fat, everyone suggests forming a team to work out and clock in, and everyone will brainstorm about his troubles at work.

in less than half a year, he found that he had regained his figure and a clear mind, and even because of the excellent proposal, he was approved by the leadership and got the chance to be promoted at the end of the year.

it was only then that he discovered that the circle, ah, does not lie in how big or complicated it is, but in its cleanliness.

when you are with positive people, you will also become positive;

when you are with good people, you will also become kind;

your body and mind will be happy when you are with someone who is comfortable;

being with clean people is, perhaps, the best way to keep fit.

after all, your friends determine the way you open your emotions; your circle determines the true state of your life.

if you feel that you are not in the right state recently, try to reduce your social circle.

learn to let go

if you want to maintain good health, it is also important to be able to let go of yourself, to be able to reconcile with yourself, and to learn to let go when something happens.

after all, the most important thing to keep healthy is to nourish the mind.

if you can let it go, you can live a good life.

the former Li Xueqin obviously didn't figure this out.

as high achiever of Peking University, she used to cut her wrists with a knife to relieve stress.

when asked why, she said that she was very strict with herself because she had been a "child of someone else" since she was a child.

for example: always take the first place in the exam, make your parents satisfied with everything, and be a selfless good person, whether you are happy or not.

however, she is often out of breath with her exacting demands on perfection.

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until I go to NYUWhen she was studying for her master's degree, she couldn't stand it any longer and was diagnosed with depression.

so she chose to drop out of school.

she began not to ask herself to pursue perfection, but began to allow herself to be a loser and began to accept her own mourning.

before long, she became popular on the Internet by virtue of her mourning humor and received an invitation to a "complaint meeting".

she said that in the past, she only wanted to pursue the best, but now she wants to pursue true happiness from the bottom of her heart.

at this time, she not only felt much better mentally, but also stopped torturing her body.

although she is still anxious, she has also learned to reconcile with it.

indeed, if you can let go of something yourself, it will no longer be difficult for you.

born a human being, there are a lot of troubles.

there is a sentence in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

"when you clench your fist and there is nothing in your hand, you loosen your fingers and you can have the whole world."

when we begin to truly accept ourselves and the outside world, we can build a truly full world and achieve more advanced health preservation.

Schopenhauer once said: "Happiness 9/10 is based on health, health is everything."

it is true that the loss of health of the poor is tantamount to making things worse, while the loss of health of the rich is tantamount to being busy for nothing.

and the real way to maintain good health is actually very simple.

keeping a stable mood can reduce the number of diseases by half.

keep a clean circle and you can avoid unnecessary consumption.

if you learn to let go, let go and let go, you can let troubles and pains slip away.

May you be healthy physically and mentally, and may you be free and magnanimous.