The woman who was deified by the Titanic was seriously ill and paralyzed.
The woman who was deified by the Titanic was seriously ill and paralyzed.
A woman who controls her own destiny.

Celine Dion, seriously ill.

Last month, legendary diva Celine Dion suddenly wrote a long article and apologized to her fans.

she had to postpone the concert scheduled for November because of severe and persistent muscle spasms.

but just a few days ago, relatives and friends revealed that Dion's illness was not optimistic.

"she can't get out of bed, can't walk, paralyzed and skinny."

Source: translated from VOICI

for a while, netizens prayed for blessings and fans were distressed, but Dion smiled and posted an old song to announce peace: don't give up your faith.

stage, waiting for me to come back!

in the minds of many people, Celine Dion translates to be a word-Niu X.

how awesome is it? I'm tired of talking about the war record and the golden song. Let's have a "heavy mouth".

in October, Adele's new list paralyzed moments. As soon as the goddess came out, who would compete with her?

but when asked what she was most proud of, she respectfully held out a picture frame.

inside, it is actually gum that Celine Dion spit out.

she is my idol.

as the saying goes, there is a sky outside the sky, there is a god outside the god, and there is a Dion outside the Adele.

but the image of this god has been "collapsing" in recent years.

also has an extra nickname-sketch queen, Xidandan.

when I went to the gaga concert, she was high in the audience for more than two hours.

took part in the program, singing a lyric golden song, but she began to perform "Ghost body".

comments from netizens: just arrived, this is the European and American diva singing "my Heart is Eternal"?

Don't ask, she hacked her own classic, more ruthless.

when she found a garbage boat, she began to play Titanic, singing so loudly that she could hear it from several streets.

Go for hot dresses bridesmaid to bring out your charm and your natural beauty. We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

the expression of the passers-by is as follows:

No baggage, let go of myself, no matter what diva, legend, diva of the universe, I am happy.

this is Xi Dandan's daily life.

but every year on January 15, she is specially free to be with someone.

"Ren é, another year. I miss you so much."

Dion is notoriously hard-mouthed.

when she was a child, 13 brothers and sisters in the family, her mother stuffed a pillow into the drawer and used it as Dion's crib.

she smiled and said, "my family is not poor, but we have no money, but we have love."

running around day and night, the vocal cords were injured, and the doctor issued an ultimatum: "if you don't operate, it will be useless."

she smiled and said, "it's all right. I'll be fine if I don't talk for a week."

but only when she mentioned the name, she burst into tears-Ren é Angle é lil.

in 1980, a girl fell in love with an uncle.

that day, the man broke into her house with a girl's demo and said to her mother, "I want to sign her as a star!"

are you kidding? do you have a star dream with 15 mouths at home waiting for dinner? Mom shook her head.

the man looked at the girl and gritted his teeth: "Don't worry about the money. I'll mortgage the house and give her a record."

this year, he was 38 years old, second married and divorced, and she was 12 years old and ignorant of the world.

40 years later, the girl held the cold man in her arms and recalled, "you know, you have become the light of my life since that day."

along this light, the girl officially hung up.

she made her debut at the age of 13, easily won the best female singer in France at the age of 15, and won the European championship at the age of 19.

Girls can sing, men know talent, two swords are combined, and France, Japan and Europe sweep thousands of troops.

in 1990, when the girl had only studied English for two years, the man led her to surprise the English music world.

turn around and get the Grammy.

as soon as the girl opened the wheat, the whole audience exclaimed "hang up": this sister must have two sets of lungs, right?

Celine Dion became so popular that he was called "the most talented singer on the planet".

at this time, a big melon broke out-she was in love with her agent Ren é Ang é lil, 26 years older.

not to mention that music fans collapsed, even Dion's mother blew up.

in fact, my mother has long known that she likes Ren é, but the age difference is too young for Dion to call him uncle.

Mom goes to do ideological work for Ren é every day, forcing her to die if she is too soft.

Dion hurriedly stopped: "Mom, I fell in love with him first, since I was 12 years old."

her diary is full of secret thoughts of young girls.

"every night before I go to bed, I hide the picture of Ren é under my pillow for fear that my mother will find out."

"I fell in love with someone I can't love. He doesn't want me to love him. He avoids me!"

but love is like coughing. How can I stand it? How to hide?

in 1993, the Dion album "the Color of my Love" swept the world. On the back of CD, there was a handwritten note: "Ren é, this secret can no longer be kept in my heart, you are the color of my love!"

which man can withstand such a confession?

but Ren é asks Dion, what do you want in return? Dion was confused and answered no.Come on up.

Ren é said with a smile, "is a fairy tale wedding okay?"

on December 27, 1994, Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal, live broadcast, caused a sensation throughout the city.

Dion is as beautiful as a god in a 6m-long snow-white wedding dress and a 6jin crystal tiara.

"would you like to marry Ren é Angle é lil? Whether sick or healthy, poor or rich, faithful forever? "

"I do."

on this day, she was 26 years old and had a crush on her for 14 years. He was 52 years old and had a beautiful woman in her arms.

Dion closed her eyes and kissed Ren é affectionately.

she had no idea that many years later, she would be in the same place, kissing her lover's coffin.

after marriage, husband and wife join hands and have no disadvantage.

you may not know that the song "my Heart lasts forever" was originally disliked by Dion.

it was Ren é who persuaded her to record, so that she had a classic in the annals of history.

but when Dion's career was in its heyday, she found a lump in her husband's chin.

Laryngeal cancer was found.

Dion immediately dropped the job at hand and even destroyed the sky-high contract to accompany her husband to chemotherapy.

the needle for chemotherapy is so thick that Dion gently rubbed his lover's hand and sang to him.

like when I was 12 years old.

Heaven saw pity, Ren é 's condition improved, a pair of lovers who survived the disaster were blessed.

Dion is pregnant.

in 2001, Dion gave birth to a baby boy through in vitro conception, laughing like a 200kg baby.

No one knew, and the man said, "son, it's up to you to take care of your mother."

Cancer Devil and death decided to cut the man some slack, but the time limit was 12 years.

during this time, he did his best for Dion.

in every performance, he would sit in the same seat, monitor the overall situation, and then pick up his wife and go home.

Dion gave birth to another pair of twin boys, and Ren é muttered happily, "that's nice, three brothers. I'm not afraid of being bullied."

he knew that time was running out.

in 2013, Ren é cancer returned and was operated on immediately.

as soon as he was released from the hospital, he gave Dion concerts as soon as he was weak, but how could she?

he smiled and advised: "you love singing most in your life, anyway, The Show Must Go On."

in fact, Ren é knows that she doesn't know. How long can I hear you sing?

in 2014, Ren é 's throat cancer worsened and was unable to eat, so he had to insert a tube into his stomach to feed.

Dion left everything to take care of him, feeding him three times a day and crying once.

watching his lover suffer, Dion wanted to help him carry half of the pain. "I'd rather be the one who hurts."

but pain is not a sandbag, pain is a downpour.

if you stand with him in the rain, even if you are drenched, you won't lose a drop of Rain Water who hits him.

but if you love someone, isn't that so? Let Rain Water, who got wet with him, fall into his own life.

on January 14, 2016, it snowed heavily one night.

Celine Dion hugs his lover, laughs and cries, and talks about the past.

"you have been guiding me, worrying about me and protecting me all your life."

"now, I'm not that 12-year-old girl anymore. I promise you, I can hold on."

before I finished, my heart rate was in a straight line.

he died in her arms.