There are only three kinds of people who like to say "thank you".
There are only three kinds of people who like to say "thank you".
May you cherish the people around you who often say "thank you".


writer Lawrence once said: it is a person's character that makes a person noble.

A short sentence tells the truth of the world and human feelings.

what is character?

it is as big as the pattern when a person is faced with all the things in life, and as small as his words and deeds when dealing with others.

as the old saying goes: you are what you say. What you often say is your most real life.

A kind word is warmer than cloth; a hurtful word is deeper than a spear.

on weekdays, there are always mean words to others, and life will be full of hostility.

and those who like to say "thank you" are often these three kinds of people.

sincere people, gratitude hidden in details

what little things about kindness make you cry instantly?

see an impressive story:

Nobel laureate Yasunari Kawabata committed suicide in 1972. He has experienced numerous ups and downs and sorrows in his life, so he is determined not to leave any last words.

on the way to the hospital, he said the last words of his life to the driver: "the road is so crowded, it's really hard for you."

some people say that this is the last tenderness he left to the world, and it is also the sincerity and gratitude he has hidden in his heart.

two strokes of herringbone, one skimming and one pressing, seem simple, but they are very thick.

prime represents the restriction on oneself, what kind of person should be, and what kind of character should be kept.

it represents the feelings for others, how to treat others and how to go on.

and sincerity is the foundation that a person should abide by at the bottom of his heart.

sincerity comes from people's magnanimity; knowing grace comes from people's good thoughts.

sincerity + gratitude is a person's best character, treat others with sincerity, do not forget the kindness of others, there will be blessings.

when you are in trouble, a sincere "thank you" is the best answer to kindness if you come across an honorable person to help you and help you in times of hardship.

on the way of growing up, parents' meticulous care and a sincere "thank you" is the best reward for family affection.

in a long life, the warmth given by strangers and a sincere "thank you" is the best response to kindness.

knowing how to be grateful, being sincere, being a magnanimous person and doing things that accumulate virtue are the best blessings in one's life.

A virtuous person is nurtured in his bones

there is a sentence written in Caigen Tan:

"there is no difference in character, but it is what it is."

I think so.

when a person engraves his upbringing in his bones, he is always used to it, which is reflected in all parts of his life and makes the people around him feel comfortable.

make people comfortable, is a person's top personality charm.

at the Golden Eagle Festival awards ceremony in 2016, a speech by Hu GE hit the Internet.

mentioned two words made by her good friend Lin Yichen in the gap of filming, thanking her for letting her understand the professional attitude that an actress should have.

mentioned the low-key travel of Li Xuejian, the old actor, and thanked him for letting him know what a real actor is like.

unlike the "verbal style" of other people's acceptance speeches, he expressed his deepest gratitude and understanding word by word.

before going on stage to accept the award, he specially went to teacher Li Xuejian to shake hands and bowed and sincerely said, "I don't deserve it."

in an interview, Hu GE mentioned that he liked Chen Daoming's sentence: first be a man, then act.

at the press conference of "Dream like a Dream", a fan stood off the stage and said:

"my mother is 89 years old and suffering from cancer. I like you very much. I hope you can write a word to encourage her."

after hearing about Hu GE, in order to express his gratitude and to reduce the sense of distance from each other, he knelt down and wrote: "Life is a rare practice, so don't hand it in vain easily."

some people commented on him: "self-cultivation, self-cultivation and character cannot be camouflaged. Hu GE is a clear warm wind in the materialistic acting circle."

for people with profound virtues, the saying "thank you" has already become a habit, and this habit will accompany them all their lives and go to every corner of the world.

True upbringing is to see the heart in the details and the truth wherever you go.

as Dean wrote:

"upbringing is like the blood vessels of the human body, growing intertwined and growing in the deepest part of your flesh and blood, inextricably linked."

humble people, respect when dealing with others

there is a problem with Zhihu: what things are small, but you can see a person's character.

see a highly praised answer deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

"be considerate to the useless, but still do their part to the unprofitable."

in the worst days of the epidemic, media man Yang Leduo shared his experience on Weibo:

Beijing has been snowing heavily for two days. Snow covers the city and freezes thousands of miles.

I bought some vegetables on my mobile phone, and the delivery boy accidentally broke the eggs.

he was very sorry (even crying) and said, "I seem to have broken all your eggs. I'll compensate you. Please don't give me a bad comment."

I was pressed for time, so I took the bag and said, "it doesn't matter. I'll take care of it myself."Pay for it. "

when I entered the community, I found that he was still standing in the same place and looked at me guiltily. I added: "it's all right, please go and see the next one off."

after going upstairs, I found that all the eggs were broken.

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but after thinking about it, I sent him a text message: "it's all right, only one is broken. The road is slippery in the snow, so pay attention to your safety."

what is humility?

when you think about it, it should be: humility and courtesy. Treat everyone you meet equally, above others, and treat others as human beings.

I admire the young people who give waste paper boxes and beverage bottles to the old people who pick up waste downstairs and say "thank you" to the old people.

I appreciate the father who takes the child to eat in the restaurant and teaches the child to say "thank you" to the waiter sister.

there are too many moments in life, to respect others is to respect yourself, to treat others respectfully is to be solemn, and to be considerate to others will be understood by others.

Cai Kangyong said in the way of speaking:

"the more you can talk, the happier others will be, and the happier they will be, the more they will like you; the more others like you, the more help you will get, and the happier you will be."

Life is an echo, you give others a smile, others will give you a smile, you say bad words on the lips, people around you will gradually move away.

people who like to say "thank you" make others comfortable and live calmly.

in the second half of life, learn to compare your heart to heart and keep the warmth of your heart in order to reap more blessings.

, may you cherish the people around you who often say "thank you".