There is a kind of advanced self-cultivation, which is called not to blame in case of trouble.
There is a kind of advanced self-cultivation, which is called not to blame in case of trouble.
May you be a light in the place where you exist, illuminating the corner of the world.


one of the wisdom of life is to be tolerant of others.

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each person is in a different position and environment, so it is difficult to understand each other's feelings.

if we can think of others and be considerate from the bottom of our hearts, there will be much less misunderstandings and contradictions between people.


Don't blame when something happens, it's respect for others

two days ago, I saw this report:

before the operation, the attending doctor left in a hurry, and the patient's family did not know the cause and was very dismayed.

later I learned that the doctor's father died downstairs in ICU. The doctor glanced at his father and immediately returned to the operating table.

there is only a wall between upstairs and downstairs, but there is a world separated by yin and yang, and many netizens sigh: doctors are kind-hearted.

but in fact, the doctor-patient incident has never been broken, some people fight fiercely, some people are extremely vicious.

everyone declared war on death for the same person, but in the end it backfired.

you never know what happened to the doctor who operated on you that day. Not judging others by yourself is the greatest mercy to others.

"do not blame others for minor mistakes, do not send people's privacy, do not think about people's old evil, the three can cultivate virtue, but also can harm far away."

in life, everyone will be confused, but people with real measurement can not only appreciate other people's strengths, but also tolerate other people's shortcomings.

Su Shi has a colleague named Han Zongru. Mr. Han likes to eat mutton, but his monthly salary is not enough for him to eat.

learned that some people like to collect Su Shi's calligraphy and paintings, so he wrote to Su Shi every now and then, and then took Su Shi's reply in exchange for mutton.

later, another good friend of Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, knew about this and teased Su Shi: in ancient times, Wang Xizhi traded words for geese, and now Han Zongru traded words for sheep! Su Shi laughed loudly after hearing this.

one day, Han Zongru began to be greedy again. He wrote several letters in one day and sent someone to Su Shi.

it so happened that Su Shi was busy with official business that day, so he humorously said to the newcomer, "preacher, cut off the slaughter today!"

I have to say that it is not very kind for Han Zongru to exchange private letters for meat.

but Su Shi laughed it off and teased each other with humor, which not only retained the friendship between the two, but also lost each other's face.

on the contrary, those narrow-minded people will only stare at the mud under their feet and make random accusations in advance.

Laozi said, "when Great Way was implemented, it was not to blame others."

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory people and unsatisfactory things.

the reason why a wise man is a wise man is that he knows to respect everyone, and he knows that white people have their own strengths, and things are not easy.

to be a man, only when you learn to respect others can you get the respect of others.


Don't blame when something happens, it's a sublimation of the relationship between husband and wife

Buddha said: looking back thousands of times in previous life, in exchange for an encounter in this life.

when two people go from romance to trivial matters, there will inevitably be disputes.

if marriage is full of complaints and accusations, the relationship will only fade slowly.

A really good relationship between husband and wife is that you give me a bit of love and I return it to you.

the way Yang Jiang and Mr. Qian Zhongshu get along with each other is often admired by people:

Qian Zhongshu knocked over the ink bottle and the landlord's tablecloth was dyed. Yang Jiang said, "never mind, I'll wash it at home."

Qian Zhongshu accidentally broke the lamp. Yang Jiang said, "never mind, I can fix it."

Qian Zhongshu accidentally pulled the gateball from the hinge. Yang Jiang said, "never mind, I'll install it."

Yang Jiang cut shrimp and ran out of the kitchen. Qian Zhongshu said, "it doesn't matter. I'll cut all the shrimp in the future."

perhaps in the eyes of the world, Qian Zhongshu is a complete nerd + life idiot. He couldn't tell the difference between his left and right feet all his life, and he didn't learn to light matches until he was 60.

but what does it matter?

A simple "never mind" from my wife is enough to support the impact of ups and downs in life.

the two went through 63 years of wind and rain hand in hand, Qian Zhongshu praised Yang Jiang as "the most talented woman and the most beautiful wife."

one of them is stupid, one smiles; one is wrong, the other is tolerant.

the most beautiful love is "I never thought of getting married before I met her; I married her for decades and never regretted marrying her; I never thought of marrying another woman."

Marriage needs to be nurtured carefully. many couples care about each other, but they can't help talking for a moment, hurting themselves and cooling each other's heart.

Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete.

the most important thing between husband and wife is not to argue for right or wrong when things happen. You should know that talking about "love" is far more intense than talking about "reason".

couples who cling to a trifle and keep blaming each other have to end up losing both sides.

remember, home is a place to talk about love, not a place to be reasonable. Try to awaken each other's love with gentle words, so that the relationship between husband and wife will be more harmonious.


not blaming in case of trouble is one's own spiritual practice

as the old saying goes, "but blame yourself, not others, this is the way of resentment."

in dealing with the world, with a tolerant heart and looking for reasons from yourself, the road of life is bound to become wider and wider.

Wang Yangming has a friend who often blames others angrily.Wang Yangming warned him:

"you should ask yourself when you study. If you just blame others, you will only see the mistakes of others, but not your own.

if you can ask yourself before you can see your own shortcomings, how can you have time to blame others? "

I think so.

"how come you can't even do such a little thing well! It's supposed to be like this. "

to show his superior opinion, but did not think that he has something to learn from others.

"Don't do to others what you don't want to do to others." think about how you would feel if you were criticized by others for no reason.

A man should understand "the use and harm of words". The reason why a successful person can make continuous progress is that he knows how to reflect on himself and surpass himself.

Franklin was not clever when he was young, but later he served as the American ambassador to France and became a man of great skill and skill in dealing with others.

he once said that the secret of his success was: "I don't talk about anyone's bad, but the good of everyone I know!"

"the ruler is short, the inch is strong, the material is insufficient, the wisdom is unknown." Don't despise others at any time.

one flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi.

it is magnanimous to be tolerant when things happen, and it is virtuous to be quiet when things happen. When the gas is not smooth, learn to keep your mouth shut in order to have less regrets.

all living beings are not perfect. If they are people, they will inevitably have shortcomings. To know how to be virtuous to his population is to accumulate blessings for himself.

A truly wise man leaves a step for others, but also a way out for himself.


looking back, on the road of life, no matter whether it is laughter or cynicism, if we have to come forward to theory every voice, life will be a lot less wonderful.

Don't forget that when you point one finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing at yourself.

A real person with connotation and self-cultivation can achieve others with "compassion and tolerance" and himself with "sincerity and goodwill".

complain that it is better to carry a lantern than to complain that you are in the dark.

May you be a beam of light illuminating a corner of the world where you exist.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.