There is a kind of high EQ, which is called not judging others at will.
There is a kind of high EQ, which is called not judging others at will.
Please wait for the truth and don't chase the unfounded truth.

imagine a scenario:

one day, you find a wallet on the bus and return it to the owner.

it was originally a good thing, but after it spread to the Internet, it was said to be stealing money.

how would you feel if you were you?

this happened to Mr. Gao, a sanitation worker in Anhui some time ago.

there is controversy over the rescue of a 6-year-old girl by an elderly sanitation man in Huainan, Anhui province on Aug. 20.

here's how things go:

the little girl accidentally jammed her head into the iron gate. Mr. Gao, a passing sanitation worker, saw that he rushed to help the girl out of trouble.

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before the rescue, one of his actions attracted everyone's attention.

he asked another little girl present to record his life-saving scene on her cell phone.

but unpreventable, this self-testifying video dragged him into the whirlpool of public opinion.

after the video was posted online, there was a sound like this:

some people accused him of acting improperly when saving lives, and his hands were too close to the girl's private parts.

some people slander that rescuers take advantage of the opportunity, and the life-saving motives of sanitation workers are not pure.

A video with a short span of more than ten seconds, Mr. Gao's action to save lives, can't be associated with normal people at all.

he was so scolded that even the little girl's family could not bear to watch, and came forward one after another to clarify the facts for Mr. Gao and express his thanks.

in the end, Mr. Gao had no choice but to say:

the situation was so urgent that it was impossible to consider so much at all.

he also said that as long as he has a clear conscience, his heart is clean.

it is already ironic that when you do good deeds, you need to leave evidence.

it is even more sad for everyone to be slandered in the end when they do good deeds.

people with dirty hearts look at others unclean

the elderly sanitation workers in Anhui help the little girl, which reminds me of a kind of person on the Internet.

they are always good at speculating on others with the worst malice. You must have heard a lot of such voices:

she must have been taken care of for driving such a good car so young;

he has tattoos on his body, so he must not be a good person.

she must be a casual person because she is so scantily dressed.

you know, what you know is not what things are really like; a lot of what you think is just what you think.

do you remember Wang Bingbing, the most popular reporter on CCTV?

is famous for its sweet, pure and lovely smile.

some time ago, she was involved in negative comments because of a photo.

in the photo, Wang Bingbing is surrounded by a man, and Bing Bing himself is also very happy and does not avoid suspicion at all.

seeing this picture, some people began to spray feces all over their mouths:

"is Wang Bingbing too hypocritical?"

"it turns out that her innocence is all fake."

some people just look at the picture and begin to use foul language:

"sure enough, there are countless men behind good-looking women."

but the fact is, this picture was maliciously clipped, the original photo is not more than one person, there is no so-called encirclement, one hand comes from another person.

this is just a normal work photo, but it is interpreted as a humiliation.

they are obviously dirty, but they measure the innocence of others.

if you see that others are not clean, your heart is too dirty.

the truth you pursue is just other people's traffic

there is a saying like this: "there is Longquan under the tongue, killing people without blood."

what you don't know is what kind of harm it will do to others every time you make a sound.

face-to-face incidents of hot public opinion and hot news are also emerging one after another and staging constantly.

earlier, there was a discussion about the news that a 17-year-old boy in Hebei rescued three girls from drowning.

when the news was first released, everyone was very sorry.

according to the Internet, after the three girls were taken to the hospital, they were indifferent to the rescue families and replied under their social account: "did you want her to save her?"

later, people who claimed that the girl's cousin came out to apologize and explain that the child was not sensible and was in a rebellious period, begging everyone to let it go.

what is the psychology of a giant baby? why should you just say "beg to let go"? you are just scolded, but others have lost their lives for you.

the netizens' anger was suddenly ignited to do justice for the drowning teenager.

but it wasn't long before things reversed:

the three girls in the incident stepped forward and posted a video of them kneeling at a drowning teenager's funeral, saying they had never insulted the rescue family, let alone turned their faces.

the inverted video, like a loud slap in the face, hit the person who followed the abuse in the face.

this time, the indignant public is once again reduced to a pawn for those who are willing to spread rumors.

We speak for justice and become the flow of conscientious people.

and those unthinking voices have no other use except to let their own emotions vent and cause harm to others.

there is a sentenceSay:

every word you say is energetic, and if there is no investigation, there will be no voice.

what we need to do is to be rational, we don't know the whole picture, and we don't comment; when we see the comments, we speak rationally.

Please let the bullet fly a little longer

the news on the Internet confirms again and again that don't say anything at will:

cargo lesbian girls jump out of a car and reverse;

the case of wrong change of life is reversed.

in fact, there is not only this reversal, but there will always be a next time.

I prefer to discuss with you why the public is led by public opinion every time.

people don't care about the truth, they only believe what they want to believe

the rabble says this:

the masses have never craved for truth, and they have turned a blind eye to unpalatable evidence.

if falsehood is tempting to them, they are more willing to worship it.

whoever provides them with hallucinations can easily become their master; whoever destroys their hallucinations will become their victim.

the truth is often boring, insipid, and untouchable.

those that have been distorted and spliced are often full of great curiosity to the public.

what people are looking for is not the truth, but something that suits their own taste.

in order to avoid hitting you in the face, please wait for the truth instead of chasing the unfounded truth.

Please let the bullet fly for a while

Di Zi Gui said: "do not speak lightly when you see what is not true, and do not pass on what you know not yet."

says is, don't express your opinion easily until you know the truth; don't spread it at will until you know the truth.

as an adult who can think independently, always keep in mind that when things go wrong, there must be demons.

Don't believe rumors easily, so as not to be confused by rumors, and then avoid being taken advantage of by rumors.

if you don't want to be led by public opinion, you must wait and see what happens and don't be in a hurry to make a voice.

it is not too late to wait for the final conclusion of the investigation and wait for the truth to fall to the ground.

High-level people never judge improperly

Wang Xiaobo once said: "the spatter of mouth foam is at a very low level to judge the value of others."

A true wise man does not know the truth, does not follow the trend, does not maliciously attack, does not judge.

those who follow the crowd with the loudest voice tend to disappear when they need to make a voice.

We should always be on guard against this "mediocre evil".

maintain the ability to think independently and avoid blind obedience, cruelty, paranoia and fanaticism.

stand up when it is time to speak, and never speak when it is time to be silent.

if you want to do it, be a resounding and upright person, not someone who can only hide behind the keyboard and twist.

, may we all be able to guard our minds, heart and self-control.

also hope that goodness will no longer be disappointed and IQ will no longer be taken away.