There is a kind of wisdom called learning to turn.
There is a kind of wisdom called learning to turn.
The straight road can be far from the horse, and the winding path can lead to seclusion.


when the road is blocked, learn to make a detour

Life is like a book. Only by turning this page can you write the next page, and then read it again, so that the past will blossom and be free and easy beyond things.

it is not difficult to move forward, as long as you learn to turn.

the old monk and the young monk went down the mountain together. On the way, the old monk asked, "if you go further, you will die. If you retire, what are you going to do?"

the little monk replied without hesitation, "I'm going to the side."

move aside! What a wise answer, maybe everyone knows the truth, but when you really encounter problems in life, very few people realize it.

when he failed in the college entrance examination, he never recovered and lost infinite possibilities for the future, but not all hard study and hard study can lead to the title of the list, people have their own aspirations, all roads lead to Rome, find the key to backwardness, and start anew.

Business failure, all kinds of unhappiness, lack of courage to regroup, and even less determination to start all over again, not every attempt is rewarded, and success is the only way to take countless detours.

Party A's case will always be here. We need to revise it again and give us feedback tomorrow. In addition to clever words, why not try a quick knife to cut the mess, this plan is not good, then find another way, people's energy is limited, but creativity is unlimited;


the Buddha said, "Phase is born from the heart, and the environment is changed from the heart." The road is at the foot, more in the heart, the heart turns with the road, the road is often wide.

when you feel like you're in a dead end, don't rush back and see if there's an exit, because setbacks are often accompanied by turning points, and sometimes just a flash of inspiration is enough to turn the moment around.

the road of life is blocked and long, the main road with many obstacles may make you powerless, but there are also many forks, so when you come to a dead end, you can take the side road, even if it is a circuitous way, you can finally reach your destination.

you know, there is also a road beside the road. Different journey, perhaps the scenery is more beautiful.

We often say that "there is no other way". People who know how to turn will always find "another village around the corner" when they "look as if there is no road".


turn your mind around

four taels are enough to move a thousand jin

there is a saying in the Book of changes: qu into all things without leaving behind. It means that the changes of all things in heaven and earth are twists and turns and invincible.

just like the two magic weapons in the journey of life, one is to move forward, and the other is to turn.

it takes unprecedented courage to move forward, and clear wisdom to turn.

Life is like a road, often hindered by mountains and rivers.

when the road is impassable, you can make a detour, and when the brain can't figure it out, try a different way of thinking.

in class, the teacher asked: "if you want to boil a pot of water and find that there is not enough firewood in the middle of the fire, what should you do?"

below are whispering, some students say hurry to find more firewood, some say to borrow some firewood from the farmers around, and some say to spend money to buy it.

for a while, everyone was full of voices and expressed their own views. after a long time, the teacher said, "Why can't you pour some water out of the pot?" .

the students are silent.

it can be seen that everyone runs around telling each other in a fixed mind. you know, giving up is much easier than getting it. If you change your way of thinking, you can also drink water, and in a faster way.

in fact, the same is true of life. When you find that you can't get there as soon as possible, try another path!

the world is clear and knowledgeable, and there are many times in life that need to have a turning point of thinking. Do not stick to conventions, do not rest on their laurels, people who will live, will be one step faster in the process of success.

the company sent three salesmen to the temple to sell combs. The first salesman came back empty-handed, saying that the temple is full of monks. Who uses combs? isn't this deliberately making things difficult?

the second salesman sold a hundred. He said, "I told the abbot of the temple that you can put some combs in the front hall of the temple. After those pious pilgrims burn incense and kowtow, their hair will inevitably be a little messy. These combs will allow them to comb their hair. Pilgrims will feel that the temple is very human and will come again next time."

the last salesman came back, not only sold out the combs he brought, but also brought back the order contract.

he said, I went to the abbot for a chat, saw the incense in the temple and guessed that pilgrims would often donate, so you should also give back some gifts to others. The comb is a good and cheap choice.

you can also carve three words "good comb" on the comb, so that there will be an endless stream of people coming to burn incense.

in this way, the third salesman not only sold the comb in the temple, but also signed a long-term customer to sell the comb to the monk who laughed off his big teeth.

Liang Qichao said: "if you change, you will be familiar with it, and if you change it, you will know it for a long time." As a matter of fact, there are many ways to achieve success, and it is not necessary to stick to one principle.

only those who are flexible and know how to turn can find a way out, stand out and achieve success faster than others.


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Don't go all the way to black

turn back when you hit the south wall

the song "maybe No", which has been popular on Douyin, sings: maybe I won't look back until I hit the south wall, maybe I won't give up until I see the Yellow River, maybe I want to walk a way to the dark …...

most of the time, knowing that there are tigers in the mountains, they tend to walk in the mountains, until one day, when they are scarred, they wake up.It is futile to go dark on this road.

people's life is like a moving train, some people sing all the way, some people are cautious and steady, but the same steering wheel shows a completely different fate.

people who are adept at driving, walk and stop, and have a panoramic view of the scenery all the way. It is time to move forward, to turn when it is time to turn, not to be unrestrained and unrestrained.

people who travel fast all the way only know how to rush forward and can't even brake when they run into a cliff and lose their life, let alone watch the scenery.

everything in the world has a causal cycle. If God closes a door for you, he will open a window for you.

as long as we look back a little, or think from a different point of view, we will have unexpected results.

good things, let nature take its course, love to do; bad things, do not get to the point, people are also comfortable, the heart is also comfortable; when not going well, take a few more turns, in order to remain unchanged.

successful people, in addition to full of blood, indomitable courage, but, more importantly, know how to turn on the road of life.

Learning to turn and find another way to make a living is not a kind of wise life!


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

three voices.