These "little signs" on Wechat reveal who is secretly in love with you.
These "little signs" on Wechat reveal who is secretly in love with you.
In Wechat, there are too many secrets about each of us.

some people say that modern relationships are actually hidden in Wechat.

I think so.

who do you chat with most frequently, whose moments do you often give likes and comments, who is at the top of your chat, and who is lying on your blacklist.

Wechat contains too many secrets about each of us.

in particular, these "small signs" on Wechat have exposed some people's "small minds".

interaction in moments

if there is a person who often interacts with your circle of friends, likes it back and supports it every time, nine times out of ten he is interested in you.

if you don't like it in your heart, who will follow every moments posted by others.

the developments we post in moments may not be that interesting in many cases. It may be what kind of food you ate today, or just a few complaints about your work and colleagues.

for people who don't care about you, this kind of information will only be skipped at a glance and will not give superfluous eyes.

only when a person has a strong interest in you will they want to know you, how you are doing and whether you are happy or not through your moments.

writer Zhou Guoping is right:

"Love is a desire to understand. If you love someone, you can't help but want to know everything about her, accept everything she experiences and feel as the most precious treasure, and protect it carefully."

if you love someone, you can't help but want to know each other.

for modern people, is there any easier way to come than moments?

maybe he doesn't have much in common with you or chat with you, but he must be very active in your circle of friends.

maybe he dares to release his love a little bit through the network cable and the screen.

this kind of careful love can always poke into people's hearts.

chat on the top

everyone has countless friends on Wechat and receives all kinds of messages every day.

in the bombardment of information, it is easy to ignore some important information.

and for those who love you, every piece of your information can't be ignored, and he doesn't want to miss any news about you.

so, he will definitely put you on top of Wechat.

because he wants to see and reply to your message as soon as possible.

this is not only a form, but also a silent attention.

the fact that he puts you at the top means that you are the first place in his mind;

his supremacy of you means that your affairs are a priority in his mind.

at the same time, for him, he will feel happy even if he is not talking to you, seeing you on Wechat, clicking on your avatar and looking at your information interface.

secretly love someone is like this, do not even need to meet, as long as think of your appearance, it will be full of joy.

so, if a person puts your Wechat on top and only you on top, he must love you very much.

turn on strong reminder

if a person turns on a strong reminder to you, it means:

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the message you send him will appear in front of him in the form of a bully screen for the first time;

the message you send him will have a unique, continuous tone that is different from others.

such messages remind people that the feeling is actually very oppressive and even irritating.

however, if a person takes the initiative to set you as a strong reminder, he is more afraid of not receiving and replying to your message in time than being disturbed by a message reminder.

A person who sets a strong reminder to you is actually asking for himself: to keep responding to you at all times.

because: those who want to see you can come, and those who love you will always be free for you.

I like the lyrics very much:

"Fog everywhere, hiding secretly, I love you in no one's place." When the fog clears, everyone knows that I love you. "

every sincere love has clues to be found, and every hot heart should be cherished and responded to.

if you find that someone is always interacting with you in moments, setting you as a chat top, a strong reminder, and secretly loving you, remember to cherish it.

maybe as long as you give a positive look, the story between you will have a good follow-up.