This scene burns countless people crying: the biggest lie in the world is that you can't!
This scene burns countless people crying: the biggest lie in the world is that you can't!
Tell the world: you can do it!



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and Uncle have confided their troubles:

she said that her life was a mess, doing a job she didn't like and taking a reluctant salary. She finally made up her mind to take the CFA certificate, but she was poured cold water one after another.

she was on the verge of giving up and asked me shakily, "is life doomed to be like this?"

have you ever had a similar experience?

obviously want to do something, obviously want to be someone, but once a "you can't" down, immediately lost all the motivation to move forward.

but when the whole world is saying that you can't, can't you really?

the answer is obviously no.

remember Rafael Nadal, the "King of Clay" who just won the 12th French Open title not long ago? When he held up the Musketeer Cup amid cheers, few people must have known that he had been in the shadow of "you can't".

he has been under fire since he first started playing tennis. Many people think that his fame is just a flash in the pan. But even if the injury is troubled, is not optimistic, Nadal has never had the idea of retirement, but again and again to refresh their own record.

Nadal wrote such a short story in his autobiography:

when he was 14 years old, he took part in the youth competition for the first time, but he got off to a bad start and broke his tail finger. Many people around him advised him to give up, but he made it to the end and won the championship by his willpower.

it is this spirit of never giving up that has become the driving force in his later life.

where are there so many "no" things in life? You can do it if you want to.

as Nadal said:

"everything you get in life is not who I am, but what I do."

when you start doing things seriously, life is bound to give you rich feedback.


I often read the autobiographies of athletes in their spare time and find that they all have one thing in common: they never tell themselves "I can't".

Kobe Bryant, although the brightest new star in the history of the NBA, has also suffered four failures in winning the championship, but he chose to train himself harder to get the famous saying "have you seen Los Angeles at 4: 00 in the morning?" and the glory of the No. 24 jersey.

Messi, once abandoned by the team because of "dwarfism", persisted in his beloved football career, finally won the Golden Globe Award five times, and was looked up by people all over the world standing on the pitch.

Agassi, who also fell into a professional downturn, believes that if he hits 2500 times a day, he hits close to 1 million a year, then he is invincible, so he has become a cross-era star in tennis.


everyone faces a difficult situation sometimes, but as long as they persevere, they can turn the impossible into a possibility and win miraculous victories.

think of another autobiography I saw earlier, written by a basketball superstar born in 1944

Sergei Belov


you may not be very familiar with the name at first glance, but when you see these honors, you must know what is meant by "legend":

as an outstanding Russian athlete, he is one of the best basketball players in modern times and the first non-American player to be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. In that era, which was covered by the haze of the Cold War, it was almost unique.

and Sergei's most commendable game was the men's basketball final at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

because, in this game, he and his team, in almost impossible circumstances, completed the upwind turnaround in 3 seconds!

47 years later, this legendary experience of ups and downs has been adapted into a movie

"kill Munich"

, it set a new record at the local box office in Russian film history, and even President Putin himself was frequently praised.

and after it was released in China, it successfully won the first place in the same period of the whole platform, and with a high score of 8.3, it became the most highly rated Russian film in Douban in the past five years.

Cat's Eye score soared to 9.7, ranking first in the annual score and second in history, second only to "Wrestling!" Dad.

Zero poor rating and popularity of the whole network, and even Han Han said:

is one of the top ten must-see in 2019!

after watching it in the cinema, my uncle was aroused and moved by the blood he hadn't seen for a long time, and he almost burst into tears!


the film took place in 1972, the famous era of hegemony between the United States and the Soviet Union.

maybe we who live in peaceful times have no idea, but what they have to face is not only the harsh competition mechanism, but also the omnipresent shadow, the plot of confrontation between the two countries, and the shadow of death hanging over their heads.

facing the whole world at a press conference, he made a military writ first and then issued a military writ: vowing to defeat the United States!

this is tantamount to cutting off their own back road, they can only win, not lose, and if they lose, it will bring shame on the whole country.

however, it is easy to say, but it is not easy to do it.

the opponent, the United States, has won for 36 consecutive years. It can be said that heWe have never stumbled in basketball.

and what about themselves?

personnel are cobbled together by various regions, with no order and no discipline. They only have a sense of fighting alone, and they never cooperate.

moreover, almost everyone has their own "ghosts" and has their own considerations.

as a result, the whole world booed, thinking that they could not.

only coach Garland Ren, who never thought so.

in order to make this team the trump card of the Olympic Games, he worked hard--

he observes the players' movements, skills, and personalities, all of which are kept in mind.

he changed the training mode of the team and used more advanced technology to improve the efficiency of training.

he tried his best to win the game abroad, just to get the team members to overcome their fear of the American team.

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in order to treat the members of the basketball team, he even took out the money for his son's treatment.


finally, under the leadership of Galanren, the Nirvana reborn team made its way to the final in Munich.

in the face of impossible opponents, they no longer said "I can't", but took all the courage to play a brilliant game.

even if there were only 3 seconds left in the end, they did not choose to give up, but won the final victory by fighting for the opportunity to kill with a whistle ball.

and in order to highly restore this true history, the crew also took great pains:

not only customized more than 500 costumes and more than 20 Soviet-standard basketball, but also required all the leading actors to practice for one year.

when filming the last thrilling final, the director used six cameras to shoot at the same time, which took 30 days!

it was only after overcoming all the difficulties that this good film with high reputation and high production came into being.

you see, when you make up your mind to start, there is no obstacle in the way.

Uncle likes what Garland Ren said in the movie:

"the American team will be defeated one day. I think it's best to lose to us."

Yes, there are always winners and losers in a game.

Why do you always feel like you can't, instead of believing that you are the one who will win?


in fact, the biggest lie in the world is that you can't!

if you don't dare to act because you are afraid of failure, then you really can't.

Uncle likes Sergei, the No. 10 player in the movie, and the prototype is the author of this memoir.

he also once faced the dilemma of the low ebb: although he had extraordinary skills, he was always plagued by injuries.

his honed knee makes him suffer so much that even standing on his beloved court, he will feel so painful that he will be paralyzed in the courtside seat.

however, in order to conquer the goal in his mind, he has never shouted a word of bitterness or tiredness. On the contrary, he will silently increase the amount of training for himself when all the other players have left the game. He is really in severe pain, so he gets a painkiller injection.

when he runs, takes off and shoots with heavy sandbags on his back, who can say he can't do it?

everyone in the movie is faced with their own dilemma:

Zar, with high myopia, can't get a pass from his teammates, so he can only hide everything for fear of being kicked out of the team.

Sasha, who was diagnosed with terminal illness before the game, is likely to have only one year to live, and even wants to break up with his girlfriend who has been in love for many years.

Paulauskas, who has been considering whether to defect to other teams, is in a dilemma between the country and himself, and is ridiculed as "sitting on the bench"


but without exception, they all broke through the shackles in their hearts and came out of the ending that best suits them.

Zar, who can't even see the ball clearly, got a pair of contact lenses from the coach and became the most robust player on the field.

Sasha, who was terminally ill and lost hope, got back together with his girlfriend after thinking about it, grasped every second in front of him, and burned his life to complete the last 3 seconds.



Paulauskas, who was ready to defect, finally saw his heart and made the right decision.

when they overcome their fears, they usher in the final victory.

the blood and passion about that summer in 1972 will remain forever in their memory and become the spiritual wealth of their lives.

after watching this super-burning movie, my uncle felt particularly excited.

the story of a desperate counterattack, no matter when it is put, will never be out of date.

like the Soviets in the movie, the never-favored motley grew into the ultimate ace ACE, completing the miraculous 3-second shot.

everyone says they can't, but they just say they're good at it.


"kill Munich"

, isn't that the case?

on its first day of release in the domestic cinema, it had only 3% of the screenings, and many people thought that as a Russian sports film, it was destined to be lost in the blockbuster schedule.

but it never said give up.

typesetting is not good enough? Then rely on the bad word of mouth, one step.Accumulate popularity step by step. Not well-known? Then rely on moving emotion, all the way to counterattack, counterattack, and then counterattack.

to the end of the story, it finally relied on its own persistence and courage to break through a bloody road, performing the first box office miracle in 2019.

in fact, the whole world can say you can't, but you can't.

as long as you don't give up, there must be hope. As long as you insist, there will be a chance.

when you muster up your courage and fight for yourself, you will be able to embrace endless possibilities.

this is what the film wants to convey to everyone.

if you also like this cool and burning story, hurry into the cinema. Uncle believes that when you finish watching this movie, you will be able to get new inspiration.

also hopes that no matter when and where, you have the courage to turn against the wind!