Tonight, he died by accident! The whole network brushes the screen: "so many people have loved you, have a good journey."... "
Tonight, he died by accident! The whole network brushes the screen: "so many people have loved you, have a good journey."... "
May every drifter go home safely.

Mom went abroad for the first time in her life, not to go sightseeing, not to attend your graduation ceremony.

what a tragic human tragedy!

this is a tearful speech made by a mother at a memorial service for her 24-year-old son.

the dead boy's name is Zheng Shaoxiong, a foreign student at the University of Chicago.

he is excellent in character and learning, warm and pure, sunny, and loves life.

he had graduated successfully and started a good relationship.

will soon leave for home, serve the country and be reunited with my mother.

however, because of an evil bullet.

the bright future of Zheng Shaoxiong came to an abrupt end.

there was a gunshot and the bad news came

November 9th, an ordinary afternoon near the dormitory of the University of Chicago.

Zheng Shaoxiong is on his way back to his dormitory after class.

then a sports car approached him from behind.

A gangster suddenly jumped off the bus and asked Zheng Shaoxiong for money.

Zheng Shaoxiong refused in a panic, and the two men had a slight struggle immediately.

Zheng Shaoxiong fell down, and the blood instantly permeated his coat and spread to the ground.

the gangster robbed him of his belongings and walked away.

the hospital is only three minutes away from the scene of the crime.

but by the time the doctor arrived, Zheng Shaoxiong was not breathing.

after 20 minutes of rescue, Zheng Shaoxiong was pronounced dead.

just a few hours,

# Chinese students at the University of Chicago were shot #

detonated the domestic Internet.

Zheng Shaoxiong's mother, who was on the other side of the ocean, saw sporadic key words.

University of Chicago shootings, 24-year-old statistics major.

she trembled uncontrollably.

pray desperately that this man is not his own son.

however, without waiting to get in touch with my son, I waited for a call from the consulate:

Zheng Shaoxiong, was killed.

Mother's world collapses instantly.

No way! No way?

it was night in Chicago when the bad news came.

this is the time for Zheng Shaoxiong to say good night to his mother every night for five years.

just three days ago, Mother Zheng received a carefully selected birthday present from her son.

A bottle of perfume.

unexpectedly, three days later, there was a separation of yin and yang between mother and son.

the pain of relatives has not subsided, and Zheng Shaoxiong's bones are not cold, but such remarks have appeared on the Internet:

"worshiping foreigners and fawning on foreigners, cooling down"

"who can I blame if I have to go abroad?"

A living life is nothing but ridicule in the eyes of these people.

other people's tragedies are treated as farce.

they are good at staying out of the trial and then easily putting it behind them.

Human disparity, something like that.

however, in the next few days, his short life was gradually revealed.

this story, which is sadder than death, hurts everyone.

students are outstanding

Zheng Shaoxiong is the only son in the family, who has been dependent on his mother since he was a child.

Mama Zheng is an ordinary hospital worker.

but she doesn't want the family's financial conditions to restrict Zheng Shaoxiong's development.

when Zheng Shaoxiong was in high school in Chengdu, Zheng's mother would take a four-hour bus ride every weekend just to cook a few delicious meals for her son.

in those years, it became the constant habit of Zheng's mother to live frugally and live frugally.

suffering from high blood pressure, he only takes the cheapest antihypertensive drugs.

the clothes I usually wear are only a few dozen yuan, and there is only one light on at home all the year round.

like countless ordinary parents, she lifted her son upward with all her strength.

just to let him see the wider world.

Zheng Shaoxiong is also very proud.

High school, with excellent grades, was admitted to Chengdu Seventh Middle School; undergraduate, studied at the University of Hong Kong; Master, also got the opportunity to go to the University of Chicago for further study.

he is proficient in piano, calligraphy, table tennis and other talents, and is often the focus of the public after class.

after entering the university, he stood out among many outstanding people and was selected as the student ambassador of the University of Hong Kong.

also summed up his own learning experience in his spare time and cooperated with his elder sister to write a book, "the Logic of doing things".

University of Chicago, majoring in statistics.

this is one of the best universities in the United States, and the major in statistics is among the top in the world.

almost all the people who can be admitted here are the best of high achiever.

Zheng Shaoxiong is undoubtedly one of them.

before the shooting, he had just graduated with a master's degree and got a driver's license.A girl I like.

in order to be reunited with his mother as soon as possible and pay off the tuition fees owed as soon as possible, he gave up his doctoral studies and prepared to return to China for development.

Require to replace your lace cap sleeve wedding dress after each occasion? Our versatile selections suit all figures well.

I thought that when the pain came, the light would be boundless.

but never thought that everything was instantly destroyed in the hands of the devil.

what is even more ironic is that after the gangster killed Zheng Shaoxiong, he even swaggered to the mobile phone store to sell the loot.

the total is less than $100.

Zheng Shaoxiong's fresh life, because this one hundred dollars suddenly died in the late autumn of Chicago.

the happiness of a family has come to naught.

warm and pure, love life

the word "high achiever" is too simple and thin for Zheng Shaoxiong.

this is what Zheng Shaoxiong's hair Xiaojingu said about him.

in junior high school, a classmate surnamed Zhang was willing to pay 5 yuan to ask a classmate to go upstairs to help him with his schoolbag.

at that time, no one around wanted to talk.

Zheng Shaoxiong volunteered to help his classmates with their schoolbags and successfully "earned" 5 yuan.

the next day, the teacher praised Zhang in public.

the students were surprised.

it turned out that Zheng Shaoxiong gave the five yuan to the teacher, saying that Mr. Zhang wanted to get a new mop for the class.

when he was still in primary school, Zheng Shaoxiong wanted to run for monitor.

ask my mother in advance if she can vote for herself.

Mom said that as long as you really want to do something for your classmates, even if others don't vote for you, you should vote for yourself.

afterwards, the teacher told his mother that after taking the class for more than a decade, Zheng Shaoxiong was the only child who was elected monitor with 62 votes.

in middle school, Zheng Shaoxiong used calligraphy that he was good at writing messages on fans for others, and all the hundreds of yuan he earned were donated to class expenses.

when Zheng Shaoxiong was mentioned, his classmates and friends did not hesitate to praise him.

"he is handsome and has a good personality. He is a top high achiever and can be said to have no shortcomings."

"he is a gentle and excellent upperclassman who gives me a lot of advice."

there is also a lot of content related to public welfare undertakings on Zheng Shaoxiong's social account.

he has worked as an English teacher in Indonesia and a volunteer in Manila, Philippines.

his kindness and warmth has been a kind of genial and meticulous existence since childhood.

after Zheng Shaoxiong's accident, Chicago alumni spontaneously set up a condolence point for him.

it is full of flowers and handwritten cards, and an endless stream of alumni and Chinese come to observe a moment of silence every day.

the beauty is gone, but no one has forgotten the warmth that this sunny boy has brought to the world.

he comes from a less rich family, but his inner wealth is beyond the reach of many people.

Shi Tiesheng once wrote in me and The Temple of Earth:

"Destiny is fair."

Yes, no matter whether it is lucky or unfortunate, someone has to bear it.

as outsiders, we can do nothing but bemoan the insignificant impermanence of the world.

this is the most powerless.

the dead are gone, but the living are unbearable

# Mom went abroad for the first time to attend your funeral #

this is the saddest Weibo entry these days.

the heart of the word cone.

Zheng Shaoxiong's mother lost her only thought and hope.

how is she going to spend the rest of her life?

those days of living together with my son seem to be in front of me.

Happy, happy, contented.

when Zheng Shaoxiong was about to study in the United States, Zheng Shaoxiong carefully helped his mother replace the socket at home with a switch, which was safer.

also prepare medicine packing boxes for her mother to remind her to take the medicine on time.

he prepares presents for his mother in advance for his birthday and Mother's Day every year.

the last time Mother Zheng received a gift from her son was a bottle of perfume called "Xia Zhi Secret words".

it stands for "gardenia in full bloom in a misty, dewy garden on a summer morning".

this is what his mother looks like in Zheng Shaoxiong's mind.

chat records of Zheng Shaoxiong's mother and fat mother

Zheng Shaoxiong is such a sensible child.

when he was studying in Hong Kong, he refused to eat a mouthful of watermelons because they were too expensive.

in order to reduce his mother's pressure and relieve the burden of tuition, he studied hard and completed his college studies ahead of schedule.

even if he saves like this, he will still save 600 yuan from his living expenses to buy a birthday gift for his mother.

but now, this thoughtful gift has become the final farewell, leaving only endless heartache.

across the mountains and seas, take him home

nearly 10 days have passed since Zheng Shaoxiong was killed.

Mother Zheng has come to the United States at the risk of the epidemic to take her son home.

this great mother, in the face of great grief, still does not forget to thank others for their warmth.

she posted a thank-you note, which made countless netizens cry.

swipe the picture up and down.View in full

when Mama Zheng arrived at the Chicago airport, she choked with laughter:

"when he left, he said he wanted to show me the world, but I didn't expect me to show him the world now."

when she went to pick up her son, mother Zheng put on the perfume her son gave her.

she said:

"son, I'm sure you can smell this, smell your mother, and you know your mother is coming to take you home."

"son, there are so many people who love you, have a good trip to heaven!"