Water bear bug HD full body photo! Now you can use it as wallpaper.
Water bear bug HD full body photo! Now you can use it as wallpaper.
You can change the wallpaper.

recently, Olympus announced their award-winning works for the 2019 Life Science Optical microscope Photography Awards, all of which are very exquisite. Let's take a look at them today.

by the way, one of the advantages of this award is that a clear original picture can be downloaded on the website, and officials also provide wallpaper packages that can beautify the desktop of computers and mobile phones. If you are interested, you can download → https://www.olympus-lifescience.com/en/landing/ioty-2019/

here, first of all, the global champion of the award. Photographer: Ainara Pintor

this is a gorgeous fluorescent microphotograph. It was photographed by confocal microscope. The picture shows a section of the hippocampus of a genetically modified experimental mouse. The author calls his work "nerve Garden".

here are the award-winning works from several regions.

first of all, the award-winning works in America, in fact, this is the key point: high-definition fluorescent water bear bug full body photo! Okay, now you know why I'm sending this tweet. Photographer: Tagide deCarvalho

followed by award-winning works from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This microphotograph comes from a frozen tissue section of the head of an experimental mouse. Photographer: Alan Prescott. According to the photographer, this part of the tissue was not really the focus of his research, but the developed mouse beard attracted his attention.

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then the award-winning works in the Asia-Pacific region. This time, it is still the experimental mice that appear: this fine image shows the autofluorescence of a mouse embryo. Photographer: Howard Vindin

finally, let's show the effect of launching bear bug wallpaper (well, that's the point. )