Weekend Handicraft: make a retro anatomical paper model
Weekend Handicraft: make a retro anatomical paper model
It should be ready soon.

if it is convenient for you to use the printer, you can make a retro-style paper model of human anatomy this weekend. This is a flat layered model that can be opened layer by layer to see different human structures, both male and female versions.

print drawings (the last two pages) can be found in the PDF document linked below, along with an introduction and instructions for coloring, pasting and assembly.


this paper model course is from the Royal College of Physicians Museum (the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) museum) in London. These anatomical drawings were all written by the Renaissance anatomist Andreas Visari (Andreas Vesalius), who is regarded by later generations as the founder of modern human anatomy. He wrote the famous human anatomy book, the structure of the Human body (De humani corporis fabrica), which has a full version of 600 pages and a general version of 30 pages, from which the anatomical drawings are drawn.

it should be noted that these anatomical maps have a history of nearly 500 years, and although they are painted in great detail, they are still different from people's current understanding of the structure of the human body.

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as mentioned in the tutorial, you can choose to draw drawings manually if you don't have a printer, but this is more difficult.