What happened to those young people who refused to accept their fate?
What happened to those young people who refused to accept their fate?
You are your own hero if you want to.

I don't know if you have experienced a similar moment:

lose all enthusiasm and motivation for no reason, watching time slip away through my fingers, but I don't even have the strength to retain it. I can only allow the mood of "mourning" to devour myself.

it seems that when people reach a certain age, they don't want to, accept their fate, and gradually become a depressed salted fish.

obviously a young body, but with an old heart, bowed his head to fate and lost.

I have a friend, Helen, who used to be ambitious, but in recent years she has been found to have given up food, once become a vassal of the world, and is called "there is plenty of time to make things when you are young."

probably as Liu Yu wrote in "giving you a bullet":

"under the cover of youth, decadence is courage, laziness is resistance, emptiness is sexy."

however, where is the so-called "affectation" of youth wasted time and mediocrity? Taking advantage of the good times of youth, do our best and burn our hearts, this is what we should really do.

Uncle went to the cinema today to see a very good action comedy, talking about those things about "young".

this group of young people in the movie, although they are ordinary people, live to be heroes who save the world.

they have a very special name, called--

"plain man agent"



there is a kind of youth called never accepting one's fate

if there are countless tracks in life, then this group of "plain human agents" have reason to choose the easiest one.

after all, among them are parkour celebrities, Interpol, inventors and professional doctors who can lead a boring but stable life, no matter how bad they are.

if there were many people in real life, they would be subservient and unwilling to change.

as announced by the boss of "experienced people" in the movie, the total age of 1000 in the whole office has taught you only one lesson, that is, accept your fate!

what does it mean to "accept fate"?

means that they will close the door to the unknown, meaning that they can only be trapped in a small world, running slowly along the track set by life, and can't find any new possibilities.

do you want to bow your head or look up and move forward?

in a coincidental situation, this group of young people were involved in a spy operation against terrorists, risking their lives for justice. The multiple choice question provided by this fate is so greatly placed in front of us.

the road ahead is full of thorns, and there is no bottom to the bottom of the plot. They have countless nodes to choose from.

when asked if you want to help, you can refuse.

when the theft has not officially begun, you can give up.

you can flinch when your partner is seriously injured.

however, "accepting fate" is never something that young people will do.

they don't want to be tortoises, much less do they want to obey orders all their lives. If they want to do it, they will make a touch of bright color, and with the unique sharpness of youth, they will bump into the deep, bottomless darkness.

without professional spy props, they use shoddy gizmos; without meticulous action plans, they rely on resourceful wit; without reliable organizational backing, they rely on each other as backing.

even the An exploding professional agent played by Mira, the Goddess of War, has to be praised from the bottom of her heart!

they are not afraid of pain, losing, losing face or disillusionment. They are always enthusiastic and full of hope.

this is the feat of saving the world.

remember the classic question?

if there were two climbing paths in front of you, the left side was flat and wide, and the right side was full of thorns, which one would you take?

choose the left, and you may walk very smoothly, like many people in the world, but you can only see weeds and wild flowers by the side of the road. By choosing the right side, you can enjoy the different scenery and dig up the inaccessible treasure.

if you choose to accept a broad and smooth path, instead of taking advantage of your youth to roll and break through the fire, how will you have a chance to see more possibilities?

Wang Xiaobo said:

"the places I am going to are the hometown I have never met. It was before, and now is now. I can't choose how to live or how to die, but I can decide how to love and how to live. "

try to run, maybe?


there is a kind of aggressiveness, which is called doing your best

We often dream that we want to take the Western Sutra, but often when a basin of cold water from others is poured down, we are frightened by the imagined difficulty of 9981, and we begin to feel that "I can't" and "I can't do it." so we put down our pick and give up starting.

but when others look down on you, do you despise yourself?

the "plain man agents" in the movie are also labeled "you can't".

Zhao Feng

(played by Wang Continental)

, like the small potatoes everywhere around us, in his own words, "I can't do good things, and I can't do bad things."

Director Yuan Jinlin joked that this time he chose a "plain hero", an "ordinary person who is not handsome and has a low IQ."

throughout his performance in the film, it is true:

inLive broadcast on the Internet to climb tall buildings, but rely on their own cheating means to win;

obviously held a serious battle meeting, but glued his lips with a glue stick out of curiosity;

when they learn that they need to assist agents, they can't resist the temptation of money.


No what you want, what you don't know what to do.

Yan Yan

(Zhang Rongrong)

although it is Interpol, it screws up simple tasks again and again, and it is not too much to rely on bosses and colleagues to clean up the mess.

Ding Shan

(played by Xu Weizhou)

, Kong has a good mind, but he can only stay in the factory and develop a bunch of "useless" gadgets.

and LV

(Liu Meitong)

, he acted as Ding Shan's experimental assistant and was blasted into the sky again and again in bubble clothes.

whether it is Mira's international spy mentor or the villain uncle who plans to destroy the world, they are dismissive of them at the beginning, thinking that they are just "rookies" who will only make a mess.

be looked down upon, ridiculed, ridiculed. Everyone felt that they had no chance of realizing their wishes.

this reminds my uncle of the hot topic on Zhihu: "what kind of experience is it to dream of being laughed at?"

some people say that the moment the wish is spoken, the whole class roars with laughter.

some people say that they weep in the middle of the night and choose to give up from then on.

some people say that you will never mention it in front of others again;


but even if we are ridiculed, should we throw our dreams to Java? The answer is actually not.

if you, as an unmotivated salted fish, don't even have the dream of being laughed at, that's the hardest thing.

the "plain man agent" in the movie, when others look down on them, still choose to try their best to break the definition given by the world.

for them, "impossible" is something that will never appear in the dictionary.

just like the impressive line in the movie:

"Let them see what we can do, and don't let others look down upon us."

you see, the ridicule and doubt encountered in life can be an obstacle to your progress, but it can also be used as a driving force to push you forward and take you to the other side of your dreams.

as long as you are willing to believe, you can certainly do it.


there is a kind of hero called born ordinary

the gears of real life have tortured us beyond recognition, and I can't help thinking: I don't even have superpowers, so what can I use to be a hero?

but Zhao Feng and his party in the film are also ordinary people who will be weak, give up and cry, but they rely on their own courage to pull the world out of danger with the strength of a praying mantis.

in fact, no matter "plain man agent" or "Spider-Man", they all say the same thing:

as long as you try to recognize yourself, you are a hero!

as there is a saying:

"We should believe that everyone comes to earth with a mission. No matter how small and insignificant he is, there will always be a corner that will put him on hold, and there will always be someone who needs his existence. "

as long as you can love and live magnanimously in this world, you will shine one day.

Uncle likes the movie "the Secret Service" very much, not only because it resembles the cool and funny Jackie Chan action movie, but also because it is a love letter for the dreams of small potatoes.

it wants to use this group of lovely young people to tell us:

plain people can fight back, salted fish can also counterattack, as long as you are willing, you are your own hero.

on July 12, this movie "the Secret Service of the vegetarian Man" has been released in cinemas all over the country. Uncle hopes that you can go into the cinema with me and watch this crying movie. I believe you will get new inspiration.

finally, end with a line from the movie:

"This is youth!

Transform you to look more beautiful in our long sleeve burgundy mermaid dress! Benefit now from the utility and simplicity mixes.

(this is youth!

) "