What on earth did the ancients do with a mysterious circle made of 60 mammoth bones?
What on earth did the ancients do with a mysterious circle made of 60 mammoth bones?
It takes a lot of mammoths to build one.

an interesting archaeological discovery I read this week.

about 25, 000 years ago, humans living in what is now the Kostenki region of Russia made impressive buildings-they built the skeletons of more than 60 mammoths into a large circle.

(the circle structure, basically made of mammoth bones, was discovered in 2014 in Kostanki, Russia. A. PRYOR ET AL/ANTIQUITY 2020)

this week, in the journal Antiquities, archaeologists published new discoveries about the circle bone array. Many similar mammoth skeletal structures have been found in Eastern Europe, and this is one of the oldest and largest. In this 12.5 meter diameter bone ring, a total of 51 mammoth jaws and 64 mammoth skulls can be found. These mammoths may have come from hunting or from corpses that died of natural causes.

it takes time and effort to make a circle of mammoth remains. Why did the ancients do this? In the past, archaeologists thought this might be a place for people to live in the depths of winter, but the new discovery is not quite consistent with this view: the bone circle is too large to cover the roof. Moreover, although some traces of human activity (including stone crumbs, charred wood and bone fragments) can be found in the bone circle, they are too low-density compared with other longer-term dwellings. The researchers speculated that hunter-gatherers might have stored food in the "mammoth building" or performed some kind of ritual.

in short, people are still not sure what these bone rings are for.

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Source: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/antiquity/article/chronology-and-function-of-a-new-circular-mammothbone-structure-at-kostenki-11/F6A3DA5935550AFA04671CA944EB511F