What size shoes you wear, who you are destined to be!
What size shoes you wear, who you are destined to be!
Feet are more important than shoes.

which of the following two pairs of shoes would you choose?

A. A pair of nice high heels, but the soles are hard

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B. A pair of comfortable soft-soled shoes, but the style is not so eye-catching

choose A woman, decency is your pronoun, elegance is your temperament engraved in your bones.

you are used to maintaining a perfect image in front of others, and often wronged yourself by taking care of other people's feelings.

the woman who chooses B, you like to maintain a comfortable posture anytime and anywhere, not in the eyes of others, but only in your own heart.

you care more about whether you follow your heart than how others look at you.

when it comes to shoes, this may be a simple multiple-choice question, but when you encounter the same problem in life, your uncle wants you to think twice.


choose shoes according to your own heart and live

anything that feels hard is forced.

if you are prone to wrestling in high heels, don't force yourself to hold on.

you think your reluctance can be exchanged for elegance, but you don't know that you are really embarrassed when you are afraid to walk in it.

you ask yourself to be a delicate and beautiful sister in the eyes of your best friend, a gentle and considerate wife in the eyes of your husband, an omnipotent mother in the eyes of your children, and a filial and sensible daughter in the eyes of your parents.

you always package yourself as everyone likes. You are synonymous with all compliments, but not who you really are.

others can't see the pain in your heart, they can only see the smile on your face. After wearing the mask on my face for a long time, I can't tell how real the smile is.

in fact, life is just a journey to please yourself, so why make yourself so tired. Life is not long, why make your life sad and tired.

writer Xi Murong said: "people should live for themselves, should learn to like themselves, and should not care too much about what others think of me or what others think of me."

Don't be careful to cater to other people's ideas, and don't force yourself to follow other people's footprints.

it should be your happy and leisurely heart that guides you to make all these choices.


choose the pair of shoes that best suits you, that person

the marriage between Xu Bochang and his wife Liu Shufen is a complete tragedy in the movie "No questions about the West".

this should have been Liu Shufen's best chance to stop her loss in time, but because she indulged in the warm memories of the past, she did not hesitate to force her to die and married Xu Bochang as she wished.

but what do you get after marriage?

Xu Bo is often a good man in the eyes of his neighbors, but he has never had a good face towards Liu Shufen.

Liu Shufen often punches and kicks Xu Bochang and longs for a trace of his response, but what she sees is always Xu Bochang's calm and strange eyes.

Xu Bo often avoids touching everything about Liu Shufen. Even if Liu Shufen breaks his cup on purpose, he would rather drink water from a bowl than use his wife's cup.

such a marriage that exists in name only is wrong from the beginning. At the end of the story, Liu Shufen jumped into a well and committed suicide.

Marriage is like a pair of shoes, only you know whether it fits. Choosing an unsuitable person is like wearing a pair of shoes that don't fit.

shoes one size bigger is like finding a person who doesn't care about yourself. If you don't have a heart on you, you can never keep up with your pace.

shoes are one size smaller, you think it will be all right if you run in a little more, but in the end you will only make yourself scarred.

cut feet to fit shoes, hurt feet and dirty shoes.

writer Bi Shumin once said, "Don't just covet the luxury of shoes and wronge your feet." What others see is shoes, but what they feel is feet. "

if you have already found the right shoes, cherish them. A person who can tolerate you, a harmonious and happy marriage, will make you comfortable and happy.

if you haven't met the right person yet, don't worry and wait. A relationship that is not easy can make you walk comfortably, laugh happily, and enjoy loving and being loved.

remember, feet are always more important than shoes. If shoes hurt your feet, it doesn't matter if you go barefoot. After all, a junk marriage is not as important as being single.


take good care of your shoes and take good care of yourself

Mu Xin said, "what is a man doing when he comes into the world?" Love the cutest, the prettiest, the prettiest and the best. "

Love yourself first, and the most important thing you can live up to is yourself.

take good care of your shoes, pour them out when there is sand, and wipe them if there are stains, which is good for your shoes and your feet.

take good care of your health. After all, health is an intangible asset and wealth. Only with health can life be possible.

only when you love yourself on three meals a day can you reap true happiness.

have a good meal

people who look forward to good food always pursue something in life.

have a glass of hot water before breakfast and go to bedDrink a glass of warm milk before. Accept simple foods, pay attention to a healthy diet, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

remember to have a good meal at all times, because all troubles will be eliminated in the steaming smell of fireworks.

have a good sleep

Don't take any chances. Everything in life is clearly priced, and the nights you stay up tonight will be punished in the future.

put down your phone, go to bed early, don't force yourself to do anything, just rest when you are tired.

only by taking good care of your body can you have the opportunity to participate in the beauty of life.

dress up

buy yourself more beautiful clothes when you are free, and people who like to clean up themselves are always enthusiastic about life.

if you have nothing to do, you will spend more time on yourself. The good mood comes from the beginning of appreciating yourself.

I hope you are beautiful when you smile, when you cry, when you are full of firepower, and when you don't make up at home with big T-shirts, shorts and slippers.

loving yourself is not only the beginning of a happy life, but also the starting point of lifelong romance, but also the best way to be grateful for life.

from now on, put on the most suitable shoes, meet the people you want to see, do happy things, and bravely embark on a new journey of life.

May you have both high heels and running shoes, travel through thousands of rivers and mountains, enjoy the surprises of life, brush shoulders with strangers and say goodbye to the sunset;

May you find a loved one, hold his hand, and walk slowly through life, from spring and summer to autumn and winter, from street to alley, from sunrise to dusk;

May you live seriously, love hard, collect every tenderness given by life, and meet more moments worth rejoicing.

I wish you all the best.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.




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