When you are in a bad mood, look at these 5 words and suddenly enlighten you!
When you are in a bad mood, look at these 5 words and suddenly enlighten you!
May you be a warm and bright person for the rest of your life.

an uncle

when I am backstage, I can receive all kinds of life puzzles from my book friends almost every day.

in the face of many difficult situations, people choose to confide in me, or about dreams, or about growth, or about friendship, or about marriage.

in the word

during the trip, I can feel the deep helplessness that I cannot tell to the people around me, and I can also understand your worry, hesitation, confusion and helplessness when you inquire.

therefore, every day I will try my best to give every book friend who consults a serious reply.

in the bottom of my heart, I always remember this sentence:

"people who write letters, they all have a hole in their heart, and the important things are gradually disappearing from that hole.

the voice of people can never be ignored.


and this sentence that moves me most comes from

"worry-free grocery store"

, which is the book I will read with you this week.

I believe that after reading this article, your sadness will be healed a little.

book, there is a magical little store called Langya grocery store.

Grandpa Nangya, who is in charge of answering letters, always takes every letter seriously, never perfunctorily, even if all he receives is a blank piece of paper.

there is a wonderful fetter hidden in all the encounters.

Grandpa Nangya inadvertently found that he would receive letters from the future.

so, before he was about to die of illness, he asked his son to open a magical "consultation window Resurrection Day" to know his life advice and whether it would bring real help and comfort to the letter.

unexpectedly, there are unexpectedly many people who are of great significance in Langya grocery store in their lives.

all the people who have been helped by Grandpa Langya expressed their most sincere gratitude.

some become school teachers and flexibly use the advice they got when they were young, so their work becomes very smooth.

some have struggled in the face of love and dreams, and finally understand their thoughts from one reply after another;

some of them come from the gratitude of the counselor's daughter. When she was sent to the orphanage when she was young, she always mistakenly thought that she was abandoned. She didn't know her mother's deep love for her until she read the letter.


Grandpa Nangya, who saw these letters, finally left without regret.

maybe in the dark, we are all grocery stores for each other, helping others as well as saving ourselves.

No one is an island, when you feel that life is hopeless, please do not lose heart, there must be somewhere, someone is willing to give sincerity, give you warmth.


about dreams,

you can cry along the way, but you can't be a pussy

such as

if you are full of enthusiasm and want to realize your dream from the bottom of your heart, only to find that you do not have the talent and talent in this field, will you foolishly persist?

the krone is faced with such a life puzzle.

once he decided to drop out of school for the sake of his dream of music, but after a lot of hardships, his career still did not improve.

coupled with the old age of his parents, the krone gradually began to retire, wondering whether he should go back to his hometown, inherit his father's fish shop and take care of his parents.

three children who strayed into the "worry-relieving grocery store" wrote back to him:

"your persistent pursuit of music is by no means in vain, and someone will be saved because of your song.


these replies were like a beam of light to redeem the krone, propping up his confidence.

on the way to chasing dreams, there are few born geniuses, and most of their success depends on their persistence and painstaking attainments.

be patient, do your best, and you will have your own highlight moment.


about love,

Love him the way he wants

book, a girl who calls herself the Moon Rabbit has trouble protecting her lover and pursuing her dream.

at this time, her boyfriend has an incurable disease, and her Olympic training is imminent.

protect your lover or pursue your dream?

Moon Rabbit knows very well that her boyfriend's expectation for her is that she can pursue her dream bravely and realize their common dream.

all letters have their own answers, and all they need is someone who can help them break through the fog and see their minds clearly.

to love someone, companionship is not the most important thing, you have to love him the way he wants.

listen carefully to the other person, take the time to consider his preferences and expectations, and put yourself in his shoes to feel his needs, and you will certainly be able to brew more sweetness into your ordinary little days.


about family,

the biggest wish is that you have a good life

in the book

what moved me most was the story between the fish shop musician Kraang and his father.

on the way to pursue the dream of music, his relationship with his fatherThe department was stiff for a time.

when he learned that Kraang had dropped out of school to pursue his dream of music, his father roared with anger.

later, when Kraang saw that his father was seriously ill and felt guilty, he was determined to give up his dream of music and inherit the fish shop, but he was strongly opposed by his father.

all dilemmas in life will be fulfilled by love.

even if they are reluctant to give up, parents are willing to let their children live according to their own wishes and realize their dreams.

it is said that all the love in the world is to get closer, only the love of parents is destined to be a farewell.

parents' greatest wish is for us to be safe and smooth.

Happy life.


about life,

Don't easily choose the seemingly easy path

there are many seemingly easy shortcuts in life, but only by learning to resist these temptations can you have who you really are.

Qing Mei, a female student bent on making money in the book, wrote to ask if she would like to stay with the wine, or even become the mistress of a wealthy businessman, so as to lighten the financial burden on the adoptive parents' family.

in their reply, the three children told the lost puppy not to do anything wrong, but to rely on their own strength to learn and save wealth.

walking in society, confusion is inevitable and temptation can be seen everywhere.

as a girl, you should protect yourself, don't rely on others to give you wealth, let alone forgive the length of your eyes and forget your original heart.

the process of shaping yourself may be painful, but in the future, you will be grateful to yourself who is trying to be better now.


about the future,

believe that everything will slowly get better

as the book says:


when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter a lot of difficulties, troubles, and a mess. Don't lose heart. Fate will certainly treat you kindly and live actively and seriously.

everything will be all right, and there are many strange beauties and goodwill in life.

Don't fight hard, don't be afraid of the difficulties of life, please protect yourself.

if there is still energy, don't forget to send some fine warmth to more people.

Don't be stingy with a little kindness. Sometimes, it's a kind of happiness to be needed.

May you be a warm and bright person for the rest of your life, illuminating yourself and more people.

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