Why do contemporary young people live more and more "go back"?
Why do contemporary young people live more and more "go back"?
How much fun is traditional culture? When Tencent joined hands with the Qin Mausoleum, even the Terracotta Warriors became different.

A while ago, with

# Contemporary Young people #

as a prefix has been frequently put up on Weibo.

it seems that every move and every word and deed of young people can arouse widespread concern in society.

however, surprisingly, the young people of this class are really different from what they imagined! one! Yes!

from the words under the topic, you can probably get a glimpse of it:

"Contemporary young people become Internet celebrities, play with tradition, handle technology, and read classics." We have nothing to fear, because everything is fearless. "

as early as before they knew it, the young people of this class have quietly tore off their labels and lived comfortably between the old tradition and the new wave.

Lang Jiazi, a post-1995 generation who shines brilliantly in the strongest brain, is the third-generation heir of Noodle Lang. What he likes best is Jordan sneaker anime movies, and what he is good at is kneading noodles.

Xiao Huang Man, Bruce Lee, Yue Yunpeng, sneakers. No matter how trendy the subject matter is, he kneads it into the traditional dough.

he said: "the traditional culture is so cool that I can only peep at the leopard a little bit, but it has made me drunk like a dog."

Xu Yang, a post-90s cake maker famous at home and abroad for turning candy cakes, spent three months making a cake half a meter high and full of Chinese style, winning the gold medal in the international competition.

gazebo, folding fan, Phoenix crown. When modern popular desserts encounter elements of traditional culture, they collide with exquisite sparks.

the roots brought by traditional culture have long been buried deep in her body, slowly growing into towering trees.

as the saying goes:

"the ancient seed, the germ of life is hidden inside, but needs to be sown in the soil of the new age."

in the contemporary era when young people play the main role of inheritance, the existing fruits of traditional culture are intertwined with the track of young life.


nowadays, you can easily find the shadow of those traditional cultures in your life:

the meme used in QQ chat is a solemn cultural relic sitting in the museum in the past, while the font used to chat, you can set it to a seemingly aloof Xiao Zhuan;

the interesting photo of brushing the screen in moments is the terracotta warriors and horses most like you after face comparison. You can find your past life and this life from his face, and compose a cultural heritage thousands of years apart.

even if you turn on your mobile phone for entertainment, you may find that in the much-anticipated "Qin Shi Mingyue Mobile Tour", the magnificent game scene has actually experienced the archaeological research of the Qin Mausoleum Museum and restores the true historical features of the Qin Dynasty.

Your best choice of white ball gowns for debutante to show your unique sense of style. The collection is in different beautiful materials.

you see, the traditional culture that seems to be buried in the pile of old paper has never been forgotten by contemporary young people.

they are all presented in a relaxed and fun way in the cooperation between Tencent and Qin Mausoleum Museum.

in the Penguin search for the Terracotta Warriors, you can even see the ancient and thick terracotta warriors, shaking off the ash accumulated over the years, dancing to the beat of the music, not to mention quite decent.

when this group of "antiques" come alive from their sleep, the expressions of "thousands of people with thousands of faces", not to mention how funny, are frame by scene, frowning and smiling.

although the painting on the armor has faded, the spirit hidden in the bones is still full of vitality.

and in the creative products, you can also see that although they have come over a thousand years, they still live a youthful look--

or lie in a teacup and take a leisurely bath:

or hide in the page and note the text briskly:

or become an astronaut in space and the king of KO in the game world:


when this group of "antiques" is injected with fresh blood and glows with brand-new vitality, traditional culture becomes especially fun and funny.

No wonder many young people around us not only do not reject traditional culture, but flock to it.


once upon a time, traditional culture was synonymous with dullness and rigidity. Whenever people think of it, they will think of old pedants who shake their heads and cultural relics that are solemn but distant in history.

that's why many people think that traditional culture is inherently out of tune with young people.

but is that really the case?

in fact, it's not that young people don't like traditional culture, they just don't like culture that is bound by tradition.

when the Qin Mausoleum Museum walked out of the temple and leaned down with Tencent to embrace the new wave, the distance between traditional culture and young people was drawn closer and closer.

on September 24th

45 years of Discovery of Qin Terracotta Warriors and horses and 40 years of Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Museum

, Tencent and Qin Mausoleum Museum announced the opening of three major cooperation, the two sides will join hands to build

"Digital Qin Mausoleum"


they hope that by exploring

the pluralistic expression of Qin Mausoleum stories under the new literary creation mode

, a new wave of traditional culture of the Qin Mausoleum has been set off among young people.

when you went to the museum before, you must have had a similar experience:

or the sea of people can't touch the edge;

otherwise, even if there are empty cultural relics and do not understand history, it is tantamount to looking at it for nothing.

and Tencent and the Qin Mausoleum Museum will be altogetherCreate a

"Digital Qin Mausoleum"

Multi-functional Mini Program has helped more young people explore the new posture of "going to the museum".

with it, you only need to open Mini Program to buy tickets and souvenirs at the speed of light, and you don't have to worry about waiting in line.

moreover, most of us do not have a deep understanding of traditional culture, but this Mini Program has a built-in tour guide service, which can explain the cultural relics in the museum by voice, so you don't have to worry about being "uneducated" ~

even if you don't want to go out and crowd, you can visit the Qin Mausoleum Museum online through VR and AR technology.

and the short videos and Mini Game parts of Mini Program can make the originally boring Qin culture easier and fun, even if it has no historical foundation, can also get to those novel and interesting allusions.

this is not the first attempt of Tencent and the Qin Mausoleum Museum. They have been in

"searching for the Mausoleum of Shihuang"


"Museum Officer"

there has been deep cooperation in Mini Program.

this "Digital Qin Mausoleum" project will fully integrate online and offline digital services, and it is believed that it will create more new tricks and new ways for young people to understand Qin culture.

and after last year's Next Idea game production contest, Tencent joined forces with the Qin Mausoleum Museum to launch a

"No end"

Next Idea

Creative Design Competition


the competition will invite young people to combine the images of the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Mausoleum to create

and the excellent design works have a better chance to be incubated into creative products, displayed in the "Tencent Next Idea Market" Mini Program and sold on the shelves.

I believe that when wild ideas come across traditional cultural relics of classical literature and art, it will activate the vitality of Qin culture and make you feel unique charm.

as Liang Wendao once said:

"it is memory, nothing else, that connects who I was yesterday with who I am today, so that I can be unified through the changes of time."

in fact, is this not the case with the inheritance of traditional culture?

traditional culture represents not only those cultural symbols on the surface, but also a spiritual background rooted in our blood and flesh, spirit and soul, no matter how long it takes.

that determines who we are and what kind of world we will see.

as the main force of cultural inheritance, young people should find the "root" of spiritual civilization from our traditional culture.

in order to create a new business card of Chinese culture in the hearts of young people, Tencent Pictures will also produce the TV series Legend of the Terracotta Warriors and horses under the supervision of the Qin Mausoleum Museum.

how were the terracotta warriors discovered? How is it unearthed? How is it protected after being unearthed?

by telling these unknown and moving stories, the thread of history becomes clear, and young people can further touch the true meaning of traditional cultural heritage.

there is a saying that people who do not understand tradition, like travelers without maps, cannot travel far away.

indeed, only when the young heart really embraces the essence of tradition can you find the home of your soul.

and the traditional culture of China, which has lasted for 5,000 years, will be passed on from generation to generation and will continue to thrive on more young people.

Games, social networking, film and television, short videos. In these areas which are closely related to modern life, traditional culture is being presented and interpreted with a new attitude.

on the 45th anniversary of the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors and horses and the 40th anniversary of the Qin Mausoleum Museum, Tencent has brought Qin culture deep into the hearts of more young people through three major cooperation in digital services, youth competitions and new cultural creation.

I believe that through the collision between traditional culture and young life, sparks will surely burst out.

George Bernard Shaw said this sentence:

"Life is not a short candle, but a torch that we hold temporarily. We must burn it very brightly and then give it to our next generation. "

through the vicissitudes of life and the changes of the times, the reason why our traditional culture can stand for a long time is inseparable from the painstaking efforts and efforts of one generation after another.

living in this yellow land, every young person has a responsibility to protect the inheritance of traditional culture.

there is one minute of light, one minute of light, one part of heat, one part of heat.

believes that when we let historical relics glow with a young color, those traditional cultures that span thousands of years will surely usher in a bright rebirth in this brand-new era.

friends who are interested in traditional culture,

poke the picture below to feel the charm of Qin Mausoleum culture.