Why do you spend so much money raising children? Let's see which step is wrong.
Why do you spend so much money raising children? Let's see which step is wrong.
To accompany children with love is a subject that parents need to learn constantly.

not long ago, I watched a variety show of parent-child observation, called "teenagers who Open their hearts".

one of the issues impressed me. 11-year-old Wang Yuran is an "Internet addict" addicted to games.

in order to prevent Wang Yuran from playing games, his parents set various passwords for the phone.

but no matter how complex the password is, he can always crack it easily.

first try it again and again with your family's birthday, and then change it to a gesture password. He sprinkles phosphor on the phone screen and observes the gesture marks to determine the password. Even my father changed the password so that he forgot it, and Wang Yuran had to unlock it.

my irritable and helpless mother once became angry and frightened him, "I'll pinch you if you dare to play with your cell phone!"

unexpectedly, Wang Yuran asked: "can you play if you pinch it?" Pinch it! "

in the face of such a persistent child, the parents look helpless.

but does all the problems lie with the children?

in the final analysis, it is the absence of parents and the lack of communication that lead to children's emptiness and loneliness and indulge in games to seek spiritual comfort.

most of the time, whether it is Wang Yuran or a "rebellious" child like him, he is actually expressing his needs that he wants to be seen in his own way.

as parents, we all know the importance of companionship, but in real life, we always fall into the problem of making money to support our family and spending time with our children.

but in any case, such problems should not be solved by children, but because we parents should overcome them.

it may be difficult, but it is a responsibility that parents must bear, and it is also the most important required course in life.

you know, money can never be earned, work can never be done, and children grow up only once.

compared to not spending time with children, what is more frightening is the "false sexual companionship" of parents.

even if I stay with my children, I am absent-mindedly doing my own things, playing with my cell phone, chatting, and working.

however, companionship is not just to accompany, but to understand the child's real thoughts and needs, and to give positive guidance and communication.

therefore, how to accompany the child with love in the limited time, so that the child can feel your heart every minute, is a subject that parents need to learn constantly.

this is not, in order to make the companionship more simple and efficient during the Singles Day discount, I have already done my homework and found a few good helpers for you!

Don't say much, come and have a look with me!



small intelligent learning tablet S12

when it comes to what is the biggest headache for parents in the process of educating their children, tutoring homework must be on the list.

if you don't do your homework, your mother loves your son and your son is filial, as soon as you do your homework, chickens fly and dogs jump.

every time they help their children with their homework, a family ethics martial arts drama is staged, and parents' blood pressure soars with anger.

it is no exaggeration to say that tutoring children to study is simply a "proposition", which makes people bitter and helpless!

thought about letting go, and felt that it was impossible to count on the child's self-consciousness.

later, I talked to my friend about this problem, and she said that she could buy a learning tool so that it would be easier to tutor the child.

in line with the principle of buying good things, after searching, I finally found a product that is easy to use, inexpensive, and has outstanding comprehensive strength--

small intelligent learning tablet S12.

despite the fact that it is just a learning tablet, I find that it is simply an artifact for children to learn.

small intelligent learning tablet S12 is rich in learning resources, not only

cover the synchronization of general subject teaching materials in primary and secondary schools, and there are many vivid learning contents

, for example, famous teachers explain, preview animation, etc., so that children learn quickly, remember well, and really fall in love with learning. The point is that these are all free.


it can only be used for learning, not downloading games at will.

you no longer have to worry about children learning to play games as they did before.

in terms of protecting children's eyesight,

small intelligent learning tablet S12

is also very powerful, and what attracts me most is its own

12 intelligent eye protection function.

there is not only

"YouTV Blue"

large screen eye protection patent, can reduce the harm of blue light to eyes from the source,

Eye protection effect has also been professionally certified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

, far more than similar products with 3,000 or 4,000 yuan on the market.

it also passes

time limit, fatigue reminder

and other ways, prevent children from long-term eye fatigue, take care of children's eyes, and provide a double insurance for children's eyesight.

what is more intimate is that the small intelligent learning tablet S12 can also help me monitor my child's sitting posture.

as long as the child bows down or is too close to the screen, he will be reminded in time.

in addition, there is a very useful function that parents can keep abreast of their children's learning.

you can accompany him remotely online, and you don't have to stare at him anytime, anywhere.

can be said to be very convenient.

of course, what if some parents want to complain and their children are unwilling to learn?

I want to say: "if you want to take good care of your children, you must first take care of yourself."

Children are a mirror of parents, and their words and deeds will exert an imperceptible influence on their children.

A good education never depends on hard preaching, but needs to be taught by words and deeds.

however, it is not easy to learn the right way of education.

many parents' parenting experience is learned from the parenting style of their parents, but whether it is correct or not is unknown.

small intelligent learning tablet S12

with this in mind, launch

small intelligent learning tablet S12 × Fandeng Reading

joint funds, you can buy them now

enjoy Fanden

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Fan Deng reads

will be for you

selected 340 + selected books in many fields

, from parent-child to family, from soul to life, books are rich in content, helping confused parents solve all kinds of thorny problems.

there are even big-shot teachers who interpret professionally, telling us what children need and how to understand them. There is no need to worry about not understanding them at all.

in particular, Mr. Fan Deng regularly updates the book list every week, "you are the child's best toy,"the secret of childhood," and so on.

Save the parents who are at a loss and bring them new growth and thinking.

slowly, the child will become more confident and independent, and the parent-child relationship will be closer and more harmonious.

on the road of education, growth is never an one-way output. Parents have to become better themselves first, and they can become better "us" together with their children.

small intelligent learning tablet S12


Fan Deng reads

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small smart screen X8

there is a good saying: parents and children are always accomplishing each other.

the most important thing for parents to accompany their children to grow up is to inspire their children's curiosity about the world.

the more we play with our children, the more we know about them and the closer we get to them.

it's just that we have to choose the right parent-child interaction content, so that companionship should be fresh, interesting, and wholesome.

it is

small smart screen X8.

look at the appearance, do you think it is just a big screen player? Then you underestimate it, listen to songs, chase dramas, cajole children, and answer encyclopedic questions. I am proficient in everything.

when I chose the small smart screen X8, I took a fancy to the

massive children's content, but also access to super-complete Baidu search resources, children's interest encyclopedia,

answer children's "fantastic ideas" in a relaxed and humorous way to satisfy their curiosity and curiosity about the world.

more importantly, the family can get together and play some puzzle Mini Game, the children can't put it down and are happy, the parent-child interaction is much more interesting, and everyone is happy!

can light play with children? Of course, not only, it can also create an atmosphere and help children learn knowledge.

small smart screen X8

the curriculum is very rich, can choose the corresponding learning content according to the child's different age, and

famous teachers synchronize the video explanation of the class,

allows children to listen repeatedly and learn knowledge easily.

for children with poor consciousness, its

set learning plan function

it will come in handy. When it comes to time, children will automatically be reminded to learn. There is no need for parents to urge them. It is simply too easy.


small smart screen X8 and Fan Deng Reading

the joint launch of "knowledge gifts" is not only a worry for parents, but also the best gift for children and parents.

in addition to the huge amount of high-quality content in Xiaodu, there is also Fan Deng

Look no further than plus size short prom dresses for juniors and feel your extremely best. Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

340 + excellent audio books

, accompany education is not wrong, but also can promote the atmosphere of family affection.

moreover, every time you want to listen to a book, just move your mouth

"Xiao du Xiao du, I want to watch the video of Fan Deng's Reading" growing up with my Children for Life ",

can bring you an open-mouth viewing experience, is it time-saving and convenient!

except for voiceIn addition to control, it can also pass

gesture control, eye awakening, face recognition,

it is more convenient and intelligent to manipulate.

I have learned that a smaller smart screen X8 also has a safer and healthier

Child mode, Blu-ray filtering, distance protection and content filtering. Nine-fold protection,

escort the child's growth all the way.

also has the function of video call, no matter where you are, no matter how far away from home.

turn on the phone "Xiaodu" can let you go home in a second, so that companions are not absent anytime, anywhere.

the most important thing is that it does not pick people, and it can be easily used by both the elderly and children.


small smart screen X8

considering the needs of the elderly, it has been launched

"Elder Mode"


simplifies the interface, enlarges the font, and optimizes the recognition of dialect accents.

I have to say that this feature is very good!

it is full of programs designed for elders, square dance, crosstalk sketches, opera reviews. Everything, do not install APP, shout "small degree", you can easily find a lot of favorite content.

what warms my heart is that Xiao du also has a

first aid function

, when you need help at home and can't use your cell phone, shout: "Xiao du, help me",

you can call emergency contacts for help and provide professional rescue services online 24 hours a day.

small smart screen X8 X

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small smart headset R1

for parents who not only have to work to earn money, but also have to work hard to take care of their children, they are often unable to cope well.

but you have to be busy and find your own time, otherwise people will fall apart.

for example, sit down in your spare time and read a good book quietly.

but in this impetuous era, it is really extravagant. Like Fan Deng, reading books has solved the problems of many people. You don't have to take books with you at any time, just like listening to music and watching movies, you can easily finish reading a book.

small smart headset R1

seems to hear your heart, specially

, everything is available.

if a baby mother is caught in the plight of "parenting anxiety", you can listen to "leading from afar" and learn to accompany and listen to your child.

if you are office workers, after a busy day, you can listen to "there is only one thing in Life" on the way home to find ways to be happy.

No matter what age, no matter where you are, if you want to listen to teacher Fan Deng's lecture, put on headphones, you can listen whenever and wherever you want.

for listening to books essential headphones, excellent sound quality, will let you get rid of the impetuous periphery, into the world of reading, calm down to listen to the inner voice, give you a better reading experience.

small smart headset R1

has done a good job in this respect, adopting

noise reduction technology for dual microphone calls

, it can reasonably weaken the noisy environment and immerse you in the world of listening to books, which can be said to be quite sweet.

it uses

semi-ear-in design

, it is not only comfortable to wear, but also firm and not easy to fall, only



even if you wear it for a long time, your ears will not feel oppressed.

if you are afraid to miss the key points in the book, you can also turn it on through a small smart headset R1

Voice Note function

, which can change

convert voice to text record

on the phone, so you don't have to worry!

of course, it has more than that, and the battery life is also very surprising.

it lasts for 4 hours at a time, and can be used with a charging chamber for up to 16 hours,

can fully meet the needs of commuting to and from work to listen to books and make phone calls.

it is worth mentioning that

small smart headset R1

is also matched with

Voice Assistant

, whether you are listening to a book or checking the weather, you only need one sentence to wake up easily.

small smart headset R1


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after reading this list of good items in popular styles, are you also very impressed?

I hope these good things can give you considerate and intelligent guardians.