Why is it that the cleaner the house is cleaned before the new year, the better the luck of the whole family will be after the new year? The truth is that.
Why is it that the cleaner the house is cleaned before the new year, the better the luck of the whole family will be after the new year? The truth is that.
Carelessness and cleanliness is the best state.

when I was a child during the Spring Festival, I often heard such a saying: 28 years old, wash sloppily.

later learned that it was because "dust" is the same as "Chen", so the meaning of "removing Chen Buxin" means "removing Chen Buxin" during the 12th lunar month.

the old man in the family also said that cleaning during the Spring Festival would wipe out all the bad luck in the family, such as "poor luck" and "bad luck".

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I think so.

as Zhuangzi said, "the empty room gives birth to whiteness, but auspiciousness stops."

only a clean and tidy room can be spacious and bright, and there is room to accommodate festive events; on the contrary, if the cold pot and stove are covered with dust, it will be blocked, and light and light will naturally be impenetrable.

that is to say, your life fortune is hidden in your room.

the cleaner the room, the better the luck.


your room is your state of life

once there was a famous feng shui master who asked him to look at the situation without divination or divination. He only had to ask him to take a look at his future fortune from the courtyard of his home.

the feng shui master smiled knowingly and said:

how difficult is it? you only need to see if the floor room of the host's house is clean.

if the home is messy and dirty, the fortune of the family will begin to decline; if the home is clean and clean, the family's life will be better and better.

it can be seen that your room is your life state.

if you want to be energetic and have a bright future, the most important thing is to keep yourself clean.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan, "the poor family sweeps the floor and the poor girl combs her hair. Although the scenery is not gorgeous, her demeanor is elegant."

means that people from poor families are cleaned up, and although their material appearance is not luxurious and gorgeous, they can maintain a clean and elegant posture.

this kind of elegance is not beautiful clothes and jade, but two simple words: clean.

therefore, one should never give up sloppily, whether he is in a cloud full of friends, or in a poor, down-and-out mud.

because the more down and out you are, the more dangerous your life will be.

therefore, if you feel that life is not going well, you might as well start cleaning from the surrounding environment, replant a pot of flowers and plant a blade of grass, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also refreshing your temperament.

this is not only a new look, but also a face full of passion and love for life.


A clean room hides your blessings

"money does not enter the dirty door", our ancestors told us: blessed human settlements, blessed human settlements.

this is true.

when I was working in a publishing house, I went to the home of a fledgling writer. As soon as I entered the door, there was a fresh visual feast:

vibrant grapevines are scattered on the shelves, all kinds of flower branches are competing in the low flower beds, and there is a plate of crystal clear grapes on the table.

the spotless house and the courtyard full of flowers make people feel much more relaxed in an instant.

at that time, my first feeling was that this writer would certainly have good grades in the future.

later, it was true that reading her words seemed to be in the countryside of grass, abundant bamboo and luxuriant grass, exquisite writing, and the unique angle really caused a small storm in the literary world.

if you look at a person's luck, it depends on what kind of environment he is in, where the window is clear, and he is sitting on the best feng shui in the world.

during Japan's economic depression, many companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. A boss saw that his employees were depressed and depressed, so he thought of a way to clean up.

seeing that the boss has set an example, the employees have followed suit.

as a result, the company is getting cleaner and cleaner and everyone's mood becomes positive.

slowly, employees settle down to do things, and the company comes back from the dead in such a state, survives the economic crisis, and is unique in the industry with the concept of "love cleanliness".

successful enterprises are often as bright as a mirror; on the contrary, stagnant enterprises must have dirty corners.

how can we sweep the world without sweeping a house? If you do the little things to the extreme, you are bound to change your luck and turn things around.

to tell whether a person is blessed or not, you can see that he is a room, and happiness and wealth are hidden in a clean environment.


A clean room hides a child's future

I have a friend who is a teacher. After many years of home visits, I got an experience:

for those families whose rooms are dirty and messy, there is much disharmony between husband and wife. Today they quarrel about who should do the laundry, and tomorrow they argue about whose turn it is to cook. Under such an environment, it is very difficult for children to be successful.

A tidy room can bring happiness to the family, get rid of fatigue and uneasiness, and promote family harmony.

A family with a messy room will magnify the mood of misfortune. I would like to ask, how can children have the desire to forge ahead when they live in such a family all day?

when I first heard it, I just thought it was fresh and interesting, but now Yue Pin feels that what I said is very true.

for a long time, the orchid room does not smell its incense, and the city of Bao does not smell its smell.

A neat place to settle down is a blessed place to nourish the soul. In such an environment, women become gentle and peaceful.Men are also more mature and stable, and the children who come out of such a rich family are bound to be more promising.

Tseng Kuo-fan also said that if the family can prosper, what time will the children and grandchildren sleep? Second, do children and grandchildren do housework? Third, let's see if our children and grandchildren read the books of sages and sages.

he warned his children that they should "get up at dawn, sweep the court, be tidy inside and outside," and not be sloppy and lazy.

posterity will follow the teachings carefully and talented people will emerge in large numbers. Even in the six or seven generations, there has never been a loser or a dude.

so, whether a family is prosperous or not depends on whether the family is clean or not.


the cleaner, the more transparent

"the high hall is plain, there is no easy work, and the bright window is clean, so it is easy to sit and lie down."

cleaning the room is not only sweeping the floor, but also tidying up your heart.

the ground is dusty, stained with skirt shoes and socks; dusty in the heart, what is lost is pleasure.

the room needs to be cleaned regularly, and the inner thoughts need to be cleared regularly. Cleaning is not only an expression of love for life, but also a highlight of inner light and insight.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "anger hurts the liver, likes to be sad, hurts the lungs, thinks about hurting the spleen, and fears the kidney."

so stop hurting yourself for the sake of immortal distractions.

negative emotions are reversed, relationships that are reluctant to give up are put aside, be calm when you are happy and calm when you are frustrated.

the Buddha said: Bodhi has no tree, the mirror is not Taiwan, there is nothing, where to cause dust.

since there is nothing, why put the noisy thoughts in your heart and hold on to the missed past?

the cup, only clean, can taste good tea; the heart, only clean, can also welcome light and love.

know how to clear the negative emotions in your mind in time in order to enjoy every scenery in your life.

carelessness and cleanliness is the best state.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.