Write a poem at 14, marry a teacher at 22, and direct the Beijing Olympic Games at 43. This woman is crazy!
Write a poem at 14, marry a teacher at 22, and direct the Beijing Olympic Games at 43. This woman is crazy!
Lived, loved, existed.

"what kind of person am I?"

this is the answer that each of us has been looking for all our lives.

unlike most people, there are three "I" hidden in Wang Chaoge.

the first one is what you see on TV. He is tough and tough, and his voice is loud enough to roar.

the second one is what you see in reality. The stature is not tall, the self-confidence is flamboyant, has the vigor between the moves.

the third is what you see in the work. After reading her works, you will not know whether this Wang Chao song is male or female.

here in Wang Chaoge, the three "I" take turns and are never absent.

as the most innovative director and the most free artist in China, this special woman, with her unique power, has made each "self" the center of her own universe.


"who is Wang Chaoge?"

speaking of the name Wang Chaoge, you may not be familiar with it.

but if you mention several of her titles, you are bound to have some impression:

one of the six behind-the-scenes directors of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games;

Chief Director of the series "impression of third Sister Liu", "impression of National Music" and "see Dunhuang";

, together with Zhang Yimou and Fan Yue, they are called "impression Iron Triangle" and have made numerous gains at the box office.


someone even commented on her performance: "it's worth buying a plane ticket from anywhere on earth."

however, compared with the popularity of his works at home and abroad, Wang Chaoge has always been like a mother nurturing her works behind the scenes, seldom exposing her heart in public. But her story is as wonderful as her works.

in the 1960s, Wang Chaoge was born in a family of intellectuals in Beijing, but she was not a lady in the traditional sense, but she had the "naughty" spirit peculiar to a Beijing girl.

because she is only good at Chinese composition, her math is so bad that she has to find her name backwards almost every time she sends out a report card.

even once in class, she was punished by the teacher for being distracted, but when she tilted her head, she found that the perspective was very suitable for looking out of the window in spring. So she stared at the whole class and wrote a small poem in the textbook.

this new green from spring made her awaken her inherent freedom in the depths of her blood. Since then, it has gotten out of hand.

at the age of 14, her poems were published in people's Literature, next to the famous writer Jia Pingwa.

in her junior year, her debut film, the Story in Summer Holiday, appeared on CCTV, featuring Gong Li, who was still young at that time.


High-spirited, talented and aggressive, Wang Chaoge is as resilient and strong as a man.

she is like a sword that has just come out of its scabbard, with every strength shining and shocking.

when he was in college, Wang Chaoge met the true love of his life, with Xu Dong, the head teacher at that time. Xu Dong, who is 7 years older than her, is gentle and personable, which makes the girl who is in love secretly.

he instructs her to shoot, and his suggestions can always make up for her shortcomings; he accompanies her to the theatre, and she is always inspired by the comments made during the chat.

and the two people's similar family circumstances, similar personalities, and even the habit of eating popsicles, make them attract each other like the two ends of the magnetic pole, and gradually produce the sprout of love.

you know, at that time, the relationship between teachers and students was absolutely unorthodox, and the identity of Xu Dong's father, the dean of the opera, made their relationship even more hindered by gossip.

Wang Chaoge has also been afraid of gossip, but she has no way to give up this relationship. She is determined to catch up with her husband and win her magnanimous dignity.

in the lecture hall of willing Wisdom, she described herself as "not an animal, I am a plant, I am a tree, a tree that grows at will."


"gender is not my yoke"

anyone who has seen Wang Chaoge is easily attracted to her. Her hair is fluffy, her eyes are firm, and although her figure is not very tall, she reveals her vitality all the time.

she is frank and the last thing she wants to know is that Snow White's gauze dress is the most beautiful in the child's eyes, and the last thing she wants to see is that China's erhu pipa, elephant invisibility, big tone, freehand brushwork, red walls and green tiles have become worthless.

"see the country again

Music at the Kennedy Arts Center, the Washington Post of the United States used a full page to report it, and there was no lack of praise in the comments, which made Wang Chaoge feel very happy.

she hopes that her works can bring Chinese aesthetics to the world. While "being liked and recognized by you", she is also "liked and recognized by them".

in order to realize his wish, Wang Chaoge hopes to go further on the road of "director".

however, being a director requires a lot of talent and strength, especially a female director. Not only to solve the problems of filming, but also to face the label of "women" affixed by others.

200In 2008, when the Beijing Olympic Games opened, someone excitedly made a list, saying that she was the number one female director. She asked unconvincingly: it's all creative. How can there be a difference between men and women?

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whenever others call her a "female director", Wang Chaoge will reflect: is there any place for her to use a female mind?

for Wang Chaoge, gender has never been a yoke. No matter her work or her life, she should hold it firmly in her own hands.

lack of physical strength? Then try harder! At the most exaggerated time, she worked outside at more than ten degrees below zero for more than ten hours, so she persisted for ten days, sleeping only three or four hours a day.

is the sound too low? Then use the loudspeaker! In the noisy set, she can be seen with her hands on her hips, holding a loudspeaker, roaring to the top of her voice, conveying her instructions to heaven and earth, and even losing her voice after a respiratory tract infection.

most of the time, when the theater is not completed, she has to wear a helmet and ash, all on screws, large and small.

she issued a declaration to the world:

Women can do what men can do!

No madness, no survival. It is this strong attitude that makes her do well in a set full of men. Even Zhang Yimou, a perfectionist who has always been picky, regards her as the most reliable companion in life in the "torture" with her.

Wang Chaoge describes the relationship between her and Zhang Yimou:

"We often disagree. He is a strong person, and so am I. so we often disagree with each other."

during the rehearsal of the lighting ceremony for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the two men had a fierce conflict.

this is what they look like every time they get together for a meeting: each comes up with an idea, points out each other's shortcomings mercilessly, overthrows it over and over again, sometimes arguing hoarse.

but the next day, they will get back together again. This is a unique tacit understanding between bosom friends.

Wang Chaoge said that if you want to win Zhang Yimou's trust, you only need to do two things:

"first, I believe I must be more diligent than him; second, I must be smarter than him."

with the exception of Zhang Yimou, almost everyone who has worked with Wang Chaoge has been "tortured" by her.

on the way to the creation of impressions of third Sister Liu, she spent two years revising the script 109 times, overturning and restarting all the dances that had been prepared before she took the stage.

during the rehearsal of "see Malacca again" in Malaysia, there were even many local actors who could not adapt to her intense work rhythm, often getting sick, fainting, and suffering both physically and mentally.

there was a joke on the crew that was widely circulated:

it was when she went to the bathroom at halftime, and the people inside ran out in a uproar as soon as they heard someone shouting "Director Wang is coming". But Wang Chaoge did not regard it as a compliment, but laughed loudly.

but for Wang Chaoge, these sufferings are not only "torture", but also "enjoyment".

in an interview with the "willing Wisdom Lecture Hall", the reporter asked her: "do you sometimes feel that it is a particularly terrible thing that you can persist in this state and have been gone for 30 years?"

Wang Chaoge replied:

"how can it be terrible? How nice. If God is lucky, give me some more. "

this is her life.

push to the extreme again and again, push to collapse again and again.

she jumped into the dark abyss and caught the ray of light shining in.

like the lecture she gave at the Hong Kong Book Fair entitled "the vast majority of people died at the age of 36":

"after 12 years of reincarnation, family, work and life tend to be stable at the age of 36. Some people get tired at the age of 36, doing the same thing, eating the same meal and walking the same path every day. At the age of 36, there are two kinds of people: one is to repeat the age of 36, and the other is to start looking for a new life. "

there is no doubt that Wang Chaoge belongs to the latter.

when there is a minute of light, it emits a minute of light, and when there is a part of heat, it emits a part of heat. Every day of life will be new.

she has lived, loved and existed. That's enough.


"there is no conflict between family and career"

maybe for many women, becoming Wang Chaoge is an incredible thing.

after all, she faces not only high-intensity work pressure, but also a work environment that is away from home all the year round. I spend almost half of the year out of town, sometimes staying in the theater for three months or more.

some netizens will question her:

"do you really have time to take care of your family when you are so busy at work?"

but in Wang Chaoge's mind, family and career have never been a single topic that can only be chosen from one of the two.

in the lecture hall of willing Wisdom, she revealed her heart for the first time:

"I didn't come into this world to be a mother or a wife. I want to be an art first, I want to be a good artist, and then I'm a mother."

many women are trying to be good wives, mothers and daughters, but they don't care about being good themselves. Wang Chaoge is first herself, then her wife and mother.

just ten days after giving birth to her daughter, she appeared on her set under the knife of a C-section and continued to finish her work.

she does not want to be a housewife who brings up her children with a handful of shit, but wants to be a powerful tree, standing beside her husband with the most beautiful and confident appearance, to protect the whole family from the wind and rain.

she has always known where family and career should be placed.

Wang Chaoge on the set always wears broad overalls and mobile flats with a plain face to the sky. As soon as she gets home, she will immediately change into beautiful clothes and use the world's top cosmetics.

in her home, there is a room of more than 20 square meters, which specializes in storing her own clothes, but only for one season.

sometimes when she is away from home for a long time, she even opens a room for her family in the hotel. She said with a smile, "take my family with you, and my daughter is one of my luggage."

whenever she finishes filming, she will have dinner with her husband and daughter. Three people at a table and three meals for four seasons are the most ordinary and warmest happiness.

Wang Chaoge's success has never been desolate. Her family is her wing and her fortress.

she unabashedly displayed the portraits hanging on the walls of her studio in the lecture hall of willing Wisdom. It was her husband's first oil painting and a gift to her.

she said:

"they understand my work very well, and this understanding makes me feel at ease. When I'm not here, the roulette they live in works well. My daughter never cries on the phone and says, 'Mom, I miss you.' "

No wonder Zhang Yimou described her as: "one of the few female directors, 'all alive', is smart and capable, and her family is still happy."

Wang Chaoge gave his daughter a very special scientific name-Dongge at ease.

Dong, taken from her husband, song, comes from himself. And freedom means "the greatness of heaven and earth, I am here".

she wants her daughter to know that if you live in the world, you can do whatever you want.

this is her most precious thing.


"where am I going?"

Wang Chaoge once asked a thought-provoking question in "opening the Lecture": "where am I going?"

she also made her own answer:

she says that in her past years, her fingers have been in the position of clenching her fists, trying to grasp what she has in front of her. As time entered the fourth decade, she finally stretched her fists into palms.

all the things that should flow away flow away through the fingers, while what is left is what they really want to hold.

now she is a person who is very easily satisfied. Even if you only think of food, you will be very happy. Everywhere I go, I go straight to the delicious food, but just buying a new dress can make her happy for a long time.

when life enters the age of 50, Wang Chaoge is born again.

she is no longer the little girl who claims that the whole world is the enemy, but knows how to use tenderness as a weapon to explore the footprints of the whole world.

in December last year, her "only Emei Mountain" series was officially launched.

the stickers left by the children and the mottled copper wire on the wall all remind her of the golden memories of her childhood and the sink in her hometown yard.

probably when people reach a certain age, the more complex they experience, the easier it is to think about things.

through her own works, she hopes to make more people forget the world, forget the years, and feel the purest happiness of human birth.

as Wang Chaoge said in the lecture hall of willing Wisdom:

"there is a kind of happiness, not measured by time. There is a kind of time that has to be meaningful. "

this is where she really wants to go.

isn't that what life is all about? The road ahead is muddled, and we often can't see where the future lies.

but what does it matter?

as long as you live up to yourself, that's enough.