You will live as you speak.
You will live as you speak.
A good-looking man has a good face, and he speaks well.

I often hear people complain that the people around me are better than themselves, not because others have a good mouth.

when we see people who can talk, we will occasionally be jealous and resentful, but when we think about it, we actually like people who can talk.

people are good-looking and well-spoken.

being able to talk is never opportunistic, it is an indispensable skill.

Ten years from now, people who can talk and those who cannot talk will lead a different life.

people who can talk have more friends

people who can't speak like to make enemies

when people get along with others, they can be regarded as friends only if they chat with each other, and it is always passers-by who find topics.

but there are always some people who can talk to everyone and seem to be naturally likeable.


@ Feynman senior

is like,

she is talkative, but she never talks about the disadvantages of people, even if it is a difficult topic, she can always talk about it.

for example, Feynman's mother wore gaudy lipstick and asked her cousin if she looked good.

my cousin doesn't lie, but smiles and says:

"Auntie, I think maple leaf red is more suitable for you. I'll bring you one when New Year's Day comes back."

the elder sighs that he is fat, and his cousin will comfort him:

"it's good for you to keep this figure because you have to work and take care of your family. In this case, I really can't do it."

when she commented on her friends, she even talked about her advantages and didn't say anything hurtful.

now at home and outside, anyone who mentions his cousin has to say a few words of praise.

being able to talk is not flattering, but half telling the truth. If you make others comfortable, you will feel comfortable yourself.

if you don't speak well, even if you mean no harm, you will inevitably make enemies.

one netizen's son grew slowly, and she was extremely happy that the child scored 80 or 90 in the first time in primary school.

who knew that a precious mother who had a good relationship with her heard about it and approached her:

"the child is out of his mind, so don't try too hard."

that was a casual remark, but she stood there for a moment.

the other party then invited her to dinner and made friends with her, but she didn't want to follow her any more.

from closeness to exclusion, it is often an one-word thing. Saying bad things with good intentions is sometimes more irritating than bad intentions.

to say a kind word is to be kind, and to be good is to say EQ.

everyone talks every day,

Ten years later, those who can talk are bound to gain popularity, while those who can't talk will only have more people to dislike.

people who can talk have a chance

those who can't speak should learn a lesson

how important is it to be able to talk?

just see if you can take it off in 10 years.

she still works in an advertising agency at the age of 18

when the company made a proposal, she called teacher Zhan Guoxiang, who had met in the open class. Sure enough, the secretary answered it, and the teacher was in a meeting.

but she dared to leave a message saying:

"I am a student who listened to his lecture on the Advertising Salon. I would like to ask him some questions. Could you ask him to call me back?"

later, Mr. Zhan personally instructed her.

want to listen to Hewlett-Packard's teacher Gao Jianhua, but the teacher is not willing to start the class in private.

she thought differently:

"if we also have an open class, can we invite you?"

not only did she hire a teacher this time, but she also became a partner with outstanding students.

28, she realized her financial freedom.

up to now, she does Luoji thinking CEO, and her career is going well, which is inseparable from her communication skills.

the era when the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley is long gone.

too many people can speak first, and only with help can they improve their level and strength step by step.

EQ should be practiced slowly, but no matter what, don't be a dumb person.

there is a post complaining about colleague Lao Meng,

he told everyone that his grandfather was a calligrapher and his brother was overseas, so no one looked down on him. When he doesn't have a good relationship with his colleagues, he goes around saying that his quality is too low and has no level.

later, I don't know who he offended, but he was finally fired. When he left, he blurted out, "can you let me stay until the 20th and let me earn another month's salary?"

people are most afraid of not having much talent and a mouth that can't talk. Instead of waiting for a chance, they get into a lot of trouble.

what's more, strength is not all, no matter what occupation or position you are in, 10 years later, the person who will speak must be full of opportunities.

people who keep their mouths shut are lucky occasionally.

people who can't speak, even if they are as good as others, waste time and learn more lessons.

people who can talk are happier

people who can't speak worry a lot

there is an author in Jane's book who says that his daughter likes to complain very much.

as soon as the child enters the house, he starts to say that the teacher leaves too much homework, the teaching facilities are too poor, and how annoying the students are.

how she teaches her children is useless.

once she was angry at the company, and when she came home, she heard her child complain and couldn't help shouting: "Why are you complaining so much?" Can you think about it if it's your fault? "

Don't you often complain? HoldComplain that you are tired from work, that your father has no conscience and that your life is bad? "

very tired and annoying low pressure, it is really contagious.

when you can't speak, you are full of accusations and complaints, and people close to you are likely to be unable to talk properly.

for a long time, sorrow can only accumulate more and more, and recruit more and more.

the situation of people who can talk is very different.

Aunt Chen, the nurse, got angry at the beginning of this year.

she stares at patients 24 hours a day, eats cabbage and tofu skins, sleeps on a broken board, and earns only a few thousand yuan.

but without any complaint, she comforted the old lady with dementia over and over again:

"Grandma, don't be nervous."

when she mentioned her life, she also said:

"this is much better than in the countryside. A family of four have money to earn, and the children also have health insurance. My biggest dream is about to come true."

the patients taken care of by Aunt Chen gradually have a smiling face, and their families are grateful to her. She says nice things all the way, and she is more and more happy.

when you can talk, there will be more people who understand you and care about you.

when you look at others with a soft and peaceful heart, the world will become pleasant.

10 years later, those who are soaked in complaints must add to their worries.

and those who listen to many kind words will be sweet in their hearts.

people who can talk go up the hill

people who can't speak go downhill

people have different starting points and pursue all kinds of things, but people who can talk are not afraid. As long as life is long enough, they will go uphill.

in 2004, Dou Liguo became a courier. He printed his business card and publicized it on the road every day.

his wife thought he was crazy, but he insisted on going out and talking to the people around him until everyone knew him.

after working for 6 years, Dou Liguo wrote a letter to his boss and expressed his ambition. Soon, the boss interviewed him and asked him to run a branch office.

he shared his experience with his couriers every day, and the performance of the branch quickly went from the bottom to the top three of the company.

when Alibaba went public in 2014, he unexpectedly became a bell ringer.

in the past 10 years, he has made achievements in his career, his salary has skyrocketed, and his family is still that happy little family, which is not only hard-earned, but also because he can speak.

communicate with bosses and colleagues, communicate with customers, people who can talk, every effort will not be wasted.

10 years is enough for a small seedling to grow into a towering tree.

those who cannot speak, no matter how high the starting point, will fall off the altar sooner or later.

once because of the fire of "if you are the one", 10 years later, the audience of his speech is getting smaller and smaller, and it is difficult for him to make a comeback.

there are more and more rumors about breaking up with his partner and divorcing his wife.

this section of his downhill actually has signs:

on "if you are the one", the female guest's brother was paralyzed and needed to be taken care of. He opened his mouth and said that it was a burden to find a partner, causing the female guest to shed tears at the scene.

every time he talks crazy on the stage, it is Meng Fei who makes a round play for him.

recording "I am an orator", the contestant he brought was eliminated. He came up directly with white wine, scolded the people in the program group, scolded the mentor, and made no choice of words.

Zhu Ziqing said:

"if you talk every day, you don't necessarily know how to speak. Many people talk all their lives and don't say a few words well."

be a talker, not only with your mouth, but also with your heart.

some people are eloquent, others are eloquent, but can they speak?


0 years later, it will be clear.

Huang Bo once said in an interview:

Our outstanding macy's short formal dresses are a must have for you. Our flexible selections suit all body types well.

"the so-called high EQ means that you don't want to hurt others."

"the other thing is that I am not an impulsive and aggressive person. There is softness in my personality, so I don't like to say things like that."

can or cannot speak, and most people are somewhere in between.

as soon as it is enough up, the EQ will be a little higher, a little more indulgence, and it will be ruined if you are not careful.

before you open your mouth, think about other people's feelings, ask your own heart, and remember that respect for others is perfection for yourself.

, think it over and open your mouth.

be a talker and welcome 10 years of good luck.