Your attitude towards your parents determines your luck in life.
Your attitude towards your parents determines your luck in life.
You must be kind to your parents for the rest of your life. Life comes and goes, and the days to come will not be long.


writer Bi Shumin once said:

"parents still have a place to come in life, and parents can only go back to life."

I deeply agree that for people drifting away, a place with parents is home.

parents have worked hard for us for most of their lives.

they always take "leave you alone" as their mantra.

the most common thing they say is that I will leave you alone when you grow up;

I'll leave you alone when you get married;

I'll leave you alone when you have a baby;

I'll leave you alone when your kids go to school.

they have been heartbroken for us all their lives. Time can be unkind to them, but we must be gentle to them.

respect your parents and start with a pleasant face

Zi Xia asked Confucius: what is filial piety?

Confucius replied: color is difficult.

what Confucius means is filial piety to be kind to his parents, but this is also the hardest thing to do.

as children, many people always fail to control their emotions in front of their parents and take their tolerance for granted.

almost everyone makes such a mistake:

when facing parents, they have no scruples and can say anything, but they are modest and polite in front of strangers and friends.

Zhang ailing said a very classic saying about love:

"if you like someone, you will be humble to the dust."

this sentence also applies to kinship.

I have seen people share chat records with their parents on the Internet before:

Father asked: "how to post in moments? please teach me."

he said, "Why do you learn that? you have nothing to send even if you learn it. I'm too busy. I don't have time to teach you this. You can find out for yourself."

Mother said, "it's getting colder and colder recently. You must wear more clothes."


in this conversation scenario, we see:

A father who is careful in front of his child, a mother who wants to care more about her child but can't do anything about it.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"it is instinct to be critical of those who are close to you, but it is a kind of upbringing to overcome your instinct and not to be critical of those who are close to you."

when we were young, we were full of curiosity about the world, always holding hands with our parents and asking questions.

Today, we are grown up, our parents are getting older, and they are slow to accept new things.

as children, we should be patient and help our parents understand the ever-changing world and keep up with the pace of social change.

Don't always tease them with "no time", don't always use "busy" to get rid of them.

in ordinary life, buying a house for parents and hiring a babysitter and taking parents to a big meal are only low-level filial piety.

being kind to your parents, being more patient, respecting and caring for your parents is the advanced "filial piety".

understand parents and accept their imperfections

once read such a post:

"Why do I always lose control of my emotions and want to blame my parents every time they make childish mistakes?"

the answer that impressed me the most was this:

"We are angry with our parents, not because they have done something wrong, but because they should not be the ones who made mistakes."

some time ago, my friend Xiaocheng had a big quarrel with his parents because he didn't have enough down payment when he got married and bought a house.

he growled at his father hysterically:

"the colleague who joined the company with me is because the family is rich and powerful, they get promoted and get a raise all the way, and they become management for three years, while I am still a junior clerk for three years."

"when my friends ask their parents for money, they transfer as much as they want; when I ask for money, you always ask me what to buy and let me buy it cheaply."

"when my friend bought a house, my parents paid a full payment directly. Now I buy a house and you have saved most of your life, but even a down payment is not enough."

the stupidest thing to do as a child is to make a face to your parents.

We always feel that our parents are not perfect, but we don't know that they have paid a lot behind their backs in order to get your approval.

they have been subservient to the world, just to try their best to give you what they think is the best.

in the book the Road that few people take, there is a touching passage:

"Life is really short, not as long as we think, and never far away." Therefore, we might as well be kind to those who love ourselves. "

it is already a great fate to meet in a vast sea of people, not to mention the parents who gave birth to us and raised us.

they have devoted almost all their lives to us without asking for anything in return. Why should we be dissatisfied?

our home is where our parents are, and we will not wither because we are rootless.

learn to put aside the harsh criteria for parents, learn to accept their parents' imperfections, and give them a little more understanding and tolerance.

when parents are old, love them as much as they love us, understand them, and don't wait for their parents to be gone before leaving regrets.

being kind to our parents is our lifelong practice

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "Sheep has the grace of kneeling milk, crow has the meaning of back-feeding."

Sheep and crows know how to return the favor, not to mention that as the most advanced human beings, we should be kind to our parents.

filial piety is the first of all good.

the kindness of our parents is greater than that of heaven, and we can't repay it for the rest of our lives.

someone summed up ten words not to say to parents:

1. All right, got it!

2. May I help you? Nothing? Then I'll hang up.

3. You don't understand what I said.

4. How many times have I told you.

5. Your style is already out of date.

6. I told you not to clean up my room.

7. I know what I want to eat. Please stop.

8. I told you not to eat these leftovers. Why don't you always listen.

9. Is it annoying?

10. These things said no, what are you doing here?

Are you prepared to look drop dead gorgeous with our exquisite formal country dresses at your upcoming event? A great collections are on hot sale now!

for parents, something we inadvertently say may be like a thorn, which will sting them hard.

when they grow old, we should be more careful and patient.

once saw a calculation problem:

"if your parents are 50 years old now, if they live to be 90 years old and you see them every six months, how many times do you have left to meet your parents? How many words can you say? "

see once, one less.

if we play with our mobile phones or deal with other things when we meet our parents, then there will be very few opportunities to talk to our parents.

No one in the world can love us as much as our parents. They are willing to give all they have so that we can live a better life.

Today, parents are old, their hands and feet are not flexible, and their thinking is not agile. In the face of what they do not understand, we should have the patience to explain to them and be more considerate.

because parents are our roots.

Don't wait until your parents are gone before you suddenly realize that they are the ones you should fall in love with most.

as the old saying goes, "it is useless to worship Buddha if you are unfilial to your parents."

parents are everyone's greatest Fukuda. Only by being kind to their parents can they encounter the greatest blessings.

recall that every time we get sick, every time we get injured, it is always our parents that we are most worried about.

there are two elders in the family, and there is a treasure in victory.

the people in the world who love us most, those who understand us most, and those who love us most are our parents.

, you must be kind to your parents for the rest of your life. Life comes and goes, and the days to come will not be long.