Your life will be whatever you are used to.
Your life will be whatever you are used to.
In the long life, it is very important to explore a way of life that you like and benefit from.

talk about how to get rid of bad habits

an uncle

my colleagues sitting next to me complained early in the morning that "it's been a really bad day."

asked the reason, I learned:

he stayed up late last night to play games, resulting in not getting up on time in the morning, and then hurriedly went to catch the subway, but accidentally knocked over breakfast. Although I was in a hurry, I was not late, but I had stomach trouble because I didn't have breakfast.

at a sudden glance, it seems that it is really because of bad luck, but when I think about it, it is all caused by staying up late.

because I stayed up late, I made a mistake in my busy schedule, which delayed my breakfast and caused my discomfort.

in fact, life is like this, and luck is mixed, but if you change some bad habits, you can avoid bad luck in many cases.

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that is to say, your life will be whatever you are used to.

Today, you might as well learn the book "how to get rid of Bad habits" with Uncle, from which you can experience the powerful power of habits and become a better person.


people are habitual animals.

Today he stayed up late to catch up with the show, saying that he must go to bed early tomorrow, but habitually picked up his cell phone when night fell the next day.

when I hang up my key when I get home from work, I can't remember where I left what I need.

weight loss slogans are famous all over the world, but they comfort themselves again and again, "if you don't have enough to eat, how can you have the strength to lose weight?"


these seemingly subconscious actions are all blind actions for the sake of temporary pleasure.

over time, a bad habit will have a chain reaction and breed the next bad habit like dominoes.

when your life is dominated by bad habits, there is nothing but to increase your life's debt.

the author Samurai Furukawa also had many bad habits, and when he realized that these habits brought a lot of trouble to his life, he was determined to give up these bad habits one by one.

he began to strictly control his bedtime, stopped staying up late, and insisted on going to bed on time at 11:00 every night.

in order to eliminate procrastination, he goes to the company to deal with the most important work an hour in advance every day.

on weekends, he no longer wakes up naturally and spends a day lazily. He successfully slimmed down 8kg in three months through regular habits.

habits are slowly cultivated, and life also needs to be carefully sorted out. When you begin to learn to pay attention to the little things of life, you will usher in a new glory in life.

as the author said, "when I quit one bad habit after another, I took back the initiative in life."

good habits will be transformed into a person's mental outlook in silence, it will change a person's temperament, shape a person's mind, and thus create a broader world for people.

Haruki Murakami, a writer, gets up at 04:30 and goes to bed at 9 p.m. For 35 years in a row.

he who persists in running once wrote in "what do I talk about when I talk about running?"

"I can feel very quiet happiness. Inhale the air, spit out the air, and there is no confusion in the sound of breathing. "

the reason why a person is excellent is not that he has good habits only when he is excellent, but that people become better and better when they form good habits.

most of the time, it is not the earth-shaking turning point that changes our destiny, but precisely these humble habits.

"A man's habits are made up of the rest of his life, but his habits are formed in the first half of his life."

if you have the ability to get rid of bad habits, then your life wealth will slowly accumulate.


in life, some people go well with the wind and water, while others get caught up in bad things.

in fact, God is fair to everyone. Don't complain about your "lack of time" and "too many things". Don't use "trifles" as an excuse, let alone blame bad luck for mistakes in your schedule.

your luck is hidden in your habits.

heard a story:

A fresh graduate of an ordinary university is going to attend a job fair of a large enterprise.

in the echelon of applicants, he is contested by graduates from prestigious schools or experienced professionals.

among many job seekers with outstanding academic qualifications and qualifications, his success rate is almost slim.

but in the end, he beat many highly educated candidates and stood out.

when asked why, the examiner's explanation suddenly dawned on everyone:

"of all the applicants, he was the only one who picked up the bag of rubbish and threw it into the dustbin before coming in, and only he moved the chair he made to a place closer to us before the interview began. That's why we admitted him. I think he will also be a trustworthy person in his work."

once heard such a saying: "habit is a tenacious and great force, it can dominate life."

although the impact of each habit is relatively small, over time, the accumulation of these habits has a great impact on our lives.

every step you take, every book you read, and every habit you form will make every opportunity in your life with the power of accepting all rivers.

good habits are the stepping stone to a good life, while bad habits areIs a stepping stone to the corridor of failure.

forming a good habit can help you face and solve problems more calmly.

remember, people with good habits don't have too bad luck.


it is often said that good habits are hard to keep and bad habits are hard to break.

in life, we often encounter all kinds of difficult times, but I hope you can keep your feet on the ground and find the way forward.

only when we develop more good habits can we move forward step by step towards the future we want.

from now on, please force yourself to form these good habits.

first: keep exercising

as the saying goes, "if you move, you will not decline, but if you are happy, you will live a long life."

exercise are not only a good-looking body, but also, more importantly, it will make you more disciplined and restrained, calm your impetuous mind and help you become a better person more quickly.

exercise in the way you like and keep healthy. Over time, you will love life more and do things more efficiently.

second: go to bed early and get up early

No one or anything is worth your health to accomplish. If you know how to control your schedule, your mental state will be fuller and your life will be smoother.

drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed, cook a delicious breakfast when you get up early, and the good luck of the day will unfold smoothly in this wonderful state.

third: play less on your phone and read more

"Don't smile when you wear flowers with white hair. Years are never defeated by beauties. If there are poems and books hidden in the heart, the flowers will come true. "

people who are used to reading will always find it easier to find the answer to life in the classics of history, so as to become open-minded and open-minded, get rid of vulgarity and keep Fang Hua.

recharge a little bit every day and add up. I'm sure you can get what you've been waiting for for a long time.

psychologist William James once said:

sow a behavior, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.

the power of habit is like rain like water, moisturizing things are silent, but there is the energy of dripping water to wear away stones.

if you want to control your life and become a better person, you should start by developing these good habits of self-management.

when you become good, your world will get better with it.

encourage each other.

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