Your mouth is your feng shui.
Your mouth is your feng shui.
May each of us be a talker and have blessings for the rest of our lives!

have seen such a story:

the master sent his servant to go shopping.

the next day, he asked for "the worst thing in the world", and the servant bought the tongue!

the master felt furious and angrily asked the servant, "Why are you playing him?"

unexpectedly, the servant explained:

"the so-called 'best' and 'worst' in the world are all woven with one mouth. Therefore, it is the best thing in the world and the worst thing in the world. "

after reading this story, do you feel the same way?

there is a saying that what you say is what you are.

We often look for our own fengshui, but do not realize that your mouth is your fengshui!

the best lives and the worst lives are actually hidden in the mouth.


your mouth,

is your EQ

an anecdote about Churchill was widely circulated.

that was when he was prime minister of Britain, he was often vilified by unknown sources. During a public speech, some opponents even threw a note with two big words-"stupid".

what would you do if it were you? Are you angry and angry to go back on the spot, or are you discouraged?

I think it's possible.

but Churchill calmly replied:

"I received a letter just now, but it is a pity that the writer forgot to write and only signed his name."

can't help but be amazed.

in fact, similar things are often encountered in life:

although he has done well enough, he is still ironically satirized and humiliated.

sometimes I can't help but rush up to defend myself, but when you say a bad word and I say a bad word, I get nothing but a stomach full of anger.

and those who can speak will use words as a shield to erect an iron wall for themselves, and others can no longer hurt him.

I was very impressed when I watched Huang Bo's interview before.

at an award ceremony, the host deliberately made things difficult for Huang Bo's appearance and questioned him: "some people say that a man's appearance is inversely proportional to his talent. what do you think?"

Attract your audience when in glittering formal attire by showing confidence, femininity and elegance. Kick off your amazing shopping experience with us.

this was originally a very malicious joke, but Huang Bo fought back easily:

"I believe this sentence has always inspired you."

the verdict was made immediately.

No wonder some people say that as soon as you open your mouth, you will know if you have it in your stomach.

because what is hidden in your mouth is your personality and EQ.

those experts who can talk all know how to split the thorns in front of them with their mouths and let themselves explore the whole world.


your mouth,

is your accomplishment

some time ago,

# Big S bullied Aya #

was once popular on Weibo.

program, the two talked about idols. When Big S mentioned his idol Takuya Kimura, Aya was very happy for her. But when Aya talked about Andy Lau, Big S interrupted impatiently:

"what right do you have to like him? he doesn't want to be liked by people like you!"

those who can't speak often hurt others, hurt themselves, hurt feelings, even if they are blocked, they still don't know where they are wrong.

and those who can speak will turn words into wisdom, treat others gently, and be treated gently by others.

Yan Geling once wrote such a short story in her book:

someone asked the rich businessman who had been famous for a long time: "I heard that Mr. Duan graduated from Tsinghua University?"

if the answer is yes, the people present will inevitably feel resentful; if the answer is no, it seems false to deviate from the truth.

guess what the rich businessmen say? He replied, "when I was at school, it was easier to take the exam than now." In a word, it not only admits the fact of Tsinghua graduation, but also makes people feel like a spring breeze.

benefits me a lot:

"this is what makes him unusual. His speech is seven points, not full, and the tone is half a degree lower than that of ordinary people, so low that you are comfortable, and no matter how low it is, it will be fake."

as the old saying goes, words with good people are as warm as cloth, and words with evil people are as painful as swords.

that's true.

people are all mutual. If you want to be "as warm as cloth", don't let others "cut like a knife".

consider other people's feelings before speaking, that's where real self-cultivation lies.


your mouth,

is your destiny

German poet Heine once said:

"words are so powerful that they can awaken the dead from their graves, bury the living alive, turn dwarfs into giants, and bring down giants once and for all."

We often feel that whether we can speak or not is a matter of mouth. But it seems inconspicuous, but it actually determines your fate.

remember making a scene a while ago.Do you have to reply to the incident with the hubbub of Wechat?

A girl complained in a post: "the boss talked to me, and I replied 'hmmm', and I was criticized."

it turns out that the boss thinks that "um" is a kind of impolite behavior. But the girl said she couldn't understand and said she was going to leave at the end of the month.

it is not difficult to imagine that even if she finds a next home, it may not necessarily have a good result.

the word "hmmm" this time may just displease the boss, and the next "hmmm" may lose an order and hurt a customer.

people who can't talk can't move anywhere.

because the mouth is actually an exit from the human body, when you open your mouth, you can see whether you can be a person or not.

if you don't believe me, look at the winners in life, which one is the one who can't talk? It is precisely because they can control their mouths, so they can control their lives and open up a wider world.

remembering eating melons on Weibo earlier, someone asked director Wong Kar-wai, Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung who like them better.

he replied:

"drunken flowers should be day, drunk snow should be late, it is a different taste, it is my luck to meet."

so, even though his films are notoriously demanding, there are still waves of famous actors flocking to them.

how do you know this is not the blessing of his ability to talk?

as Cai Kangyong said:

"the more you can talk, the happier others will be; the happier others will be, the more they will like you; the more others like you, the more help you will get, and the happier you will be."

being able to talk is a virtuous cycle.

you may not see anything yet, but if you stick to it for a long time, sooner or later you will find that your mouth can't give you anything else in return.


words are the voice of the heart and words are the state of mind.

what is hidden in your mouth is a lifetime of fengshui and blessings.

therefore, each of us should learn to make good use of the double-edged sword of "mouth".

Don't talk nonsense

really smart people never talk nonsense.

if you keep talking about a little thing, you can not only express your views clearly, but also waste each other's time.

you don't have to go on and on, you just need to hit the nail on the head and point out the problem. If you are refreshing yourself, others will admire you.

Don't be angry

it is said that impulse is the devil, and people who blurt out words when they are angry will often hurt others and themselves.

so, when you want to argue, give yourself 3 minutes to calm down and think carefully about whether you should say this sentence or not.

when you organize your thoughts, the anger and annoyance will go away.

turn the volume down

Why do people yell when they are angry? Because when angry, two people's hearts are far apart, only by turning up the volume can they convey their opinions.

but the louder the sound, the farther the distance, the farther the heart.

lowering the tone by half and speaking gently and firmly may have an unexpected effect.

be more polite

when you feel hostile, try to use polite language on your lips.

"Please", "Thank you", "Sorry", "Sorry".

when others are comfortable, they are naturally willing to help. And the more dignitaries you have, the more your life will hang up.

as the old saying goes: good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June.

May each of us be a talker and have blessings for the rest of our lives!


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