Yu Minhong, I respect you as a man!
Yu Minhong, I respect you as a man!
How much dignity you keep for yourself when you leave the game, and how much applause you will get when you return.

these days, there is a piece of news on the hot search, but instantly submerged, but I can not help but sigh.

the protagonist of Hot search is Yu Minhong of New Oriental.

on November 4, Yu Minhong forwarded an article on moments with the following text:

"at the end of the era of education and training, New Oriental donated brand-new desks and chairs to rural schools, and has donated nearly 80,000 sets."

it is said that because of the business adjustment, schools around New Oriental have renamed some of their campuses.

but the tens of thousands of brand-new tables and chairs left behind have no chance to be used again.

so Yu Minhong and the principals of New Oriental cities decided to donate them.

they choose rural schools with demand.

from Zhengzhou to Xi'an, from Hefei to Chengdu, and from Wuhan to Urumqi, New Oriental donated a total of 73366 new tables and chairs.

these desks and chairs were specially made by New Oriental at that time for the children who took part in the training.

some can adjust the height according to the child's height, while others have rounded corners to prevent the child from accidentally kowtowing.

according to the current market price, each set is six or seven hundred yuan.

in some rural schools, students' desks have been used for many years and have been worn out.

because of the brand-new class seats in New Oriental, the classroom immediately became spacious and lovely.

some schools have heard that the car for transporting class seats is coming, and the school gate is full of waiting students early in the morning.

"they know that they have their own set of desks and chairs."

so far, donations have continued.

in Yu Minhong's words, it is "not spoiled".

Yes, what Yu Minhong said seems to be light: "the era of education and training is over."

the general trend is that an era is over, and New Oriental and some of the teaching and training institutions it represents are gradually leaving.

but the truck that donated tables and chairs is still on the road.

the comparison between the two is inexplicably sad.

No one thought that Yu Minhong made this somewhat "tragic" decision.

he chose to exit in a way that no one could have imagined.

he is an individual after all.

some people suspect that this is a kind of hype by Yu Minhong, fishing for fame.

but you don't know what's going on in New Oriental now.

how important the donated seats are to Yu Minhong if they are converted into money.

nearly 80, 000 sets of tables and chairs have reached more than 50 million.

add in the potentially more expensive transportation costs, and the total value is almost 100 million.

however, since August, the market value of New Oriental has shrunk by HK $230 billion so far.

starting in September, New Oriental began to completely stop enrollment of primary and secondary school students.

on September 10 this year, Yu Minhong said frankly in moments, "this is my saddest teacher's Day."

then, at the company's internal executive meeting, Yu Minhong said:

Business adjustment is imminent.

"at the worst, all the business attempts have failed, there is no money in the New Oriental account, and we will break up after a big drink."

however, in addition to donating class seats, Yu Minhong did two things during the period.

one thing is that parents of students who have paid their fees have promised an unconditional pro rata refund.

students who have not started the course after registration will be refunded unconditionally.

for the refund requirements of the students who have started the course, the corresponding tuition fees will be deducted according to the completed class hours, and the rest will be refunded unconditionally.

another thing is that employees' wages are settled in an orderly and rapid manner without delinquency.

at that time, when I opened Weibo, I saw the feelings of New Oriental employees, "I am glad to work in such a reliable organization."

how to deal with the fixed assets of your own enterprise?

whether it is a donation or a low-price sale, it is the freedom of the enterprise, and there is no need for moral kidnapping.

but compare with those training institutions that run away, and compare with those who go to great lengths to owe their wages.

Yu Minhong has more than one figure in the lead.

at the end of the curtain, we can still abide by the contract, do not owe wages, and donate love.

the difference in breadth and bearing between the two is self-evident.

A sentence we often say is:

A person's character depends on his speech and behavior when he is at the bottom and when he is down.

when he exited, he was also full of compassion.

this is Yu Minhong's pattern.

but it's not surprising that it happened to him.

Yu Minhong was admitted to Peking University three times before he was admitted to Peking University.

but for four years, Yu Minhong insisted on cleaning the dormitory and boiling water for his roommates.

in 2003, SARS broke out.

overnight, the number of applicants for New Oriental dropped sharply, and there was a huge break in cash flow of 20 million.

then, because of the epidemic, New Oriental must suspend classes and refund all students' tuition fees.

the New Oriental, which had been favored by countless people, suddenly became shaky.

the media reported that the students who queued for a refund at that time lined up from the office on the fourth floor to downstairs.

however, according to the regulations, banks can only withdraw 500000 cash a day.

Where should New Oriental go?

Yu Minhong went white almost overnight.

however, he did not choose to run away, nor did he choose to give up his career.

he personally went to plead with the bank leader and raised the cash withdrawal limit.

this is still not enough.

he ran around again, found friends to raise more than 20 million, and finally survived the crisis.

not only that, Yu Minhong also made a decision:

by the end of the college entrance examination that year, New Oriental will open free English tutoring courses for candidates who review the national college entrance examination.

this is true for classmates, students and employees, and Yu Minhong never complains about his entrepreneurial companions who decisively abandon themselves.

he once wrote:

the husband is not without tears, not between parting. If you aim at fame and fame, you can't sigh for parting.

he only wants to be better off for people who leave the company.

he always leaves himself the last decency.

he is always so elegant in the low places and in the mud.

You can only be guaranteed of better things when in our elegant formal gowns for marine corps ball. Ideal choices for your big days!

A person can go up high for a reason.

in the impression of most Chinese people, Yu Minhong is a typical "counterattack" sample.

since childhood, the family was poor;

mediocre talent, repeat several times before being admitted to university;

enter Peking University, but suffer from tuberculosis and can only be suspended from school for one year;

outside of work, he secretly went out to run classes to earn class fees, and was finally fired by the unit.

I just made money and was robbed. I almost lost my life.

since then, although New Oriental has developed rapidly, it has experienced several ups and downs.

stumbling along the way, we have achieved what we are today.

We habitually affirm his tenacity, infidelity, and good luck, but ignore the rest.

he is very sincere and tolerant, and is always willing to give up some of his immediate interests for the sake of long-term goals.

the salary of New Oriental teachers is almost the highest in the whole industry.

there is always the name of New Oriental on the donation list in China.

he has no affair.

the reviews of the media are also good.

he firmly believes that reading is a shortcut to change the fate of ordinary people.

on relevant occasions, he always takes the trouble to mention his own point of view.

even today, he still works 16 hours a day.

Yu Minhong is a businessman, but he is a businessman with feelings and beliefs.

some people want to hold umbrellas for others even if they have been in the rain.

some people want to keep the whole world in the rain because they have been in the rain.

Yu Minhong has been insisting on the former one.

this needs to be seen.

A few years ago, Lu Yu interviewed Yu Minhong on a TV program.

Lu Yu asked Yu Minhong:

Yu Minhong answer:

it will be gone sooner or later.

now if I am not allowed to do anything, I will be very happy to drive a jeep, make pilgrimage all the way to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

one word is done.

We didn't expect that this day would come so soon.

one netizen commented:

how much dignity you keep for yourself when you exit, how much applause you will get when you return;

A person who has been in the C position for a long time will not end up in a state of defeat if he has the mind to give way to virtuous people.

apart from Ren Zhengfei and Cao Dewang, I seldom evaluate other entrepreneurs.

because when they are on stage, praise is always suspected of being flattered;

when they are off the stage, they can't wait to step on it, which is not the work of our generation.

but I am still willing to write this article for Yu Minhong.

Yu Minhong once said:

there are two ways of life.

the first way is to live like grass: you absorb rain, dew and sunlight, but you don't grow up.

the other is to become the seed of a tree.

even if you are stepped on in the middle of the soil, you can still absorb the nutrients of the soil.

when you grow into a towering tree, people can see you in distant places.

even if he is no longer in the rivers and lakes, Yu Minhong also left his rare decency, temperature, and feelings.

Don't laugh at the transformation of New Oriental.

Education in China needs people with feelings to do it.

Yu Minhong, I respect you as a man.

I wish you an early success in transformation and a comeback.