Zhang Jiajia: never envy other people's lives!
Zhang Jiajia: never envy other people's lives!
That's why he can live freely and freely.

there is a saying: all our lives, we are looking for a road of our own.

however, walking in the wilderness of life, everyone chooses a completely different direction.

some people, carrying more than a thousand jin of luggage, gradually lose themselves and are buried by vulgar and boring gravel.

some people, with a solitary courage in their bones, dare to break through the fog in front of them and be free to meet the unknown light.

Zhang Jiajia belongs to the latter.

with an indomitable initial heart, he walked alone in the road of life, and finally broke out a new world of his own.

Today, in the Star interview column of one book a week, Zhang Jiajia, a free writer, is invited to listen to him talk about joy and anger, joy and sorrow in life.


"Life is a free thing for me"

Zhang Jiajia, who is he?

if you open the encyclopedia introduction, you will find the following related words:

A top student who graduated from Nanjing University;

A best-selling author who has set a record for selling a single novel;

A filmmaker who has worked with Wong Kar-wai;


even if you haven't read the popular book passing by your World, you will probably praise it from the bottom of your heart: "awesome!"

but putting aside this series of gorgeous labels, Uncle prefers to call him a "writer".

as an extraordinarily expressive person, he always has endless words to the world.

in the third year of junior high school, Zhang Jiajia was arranged by his mother to transfer to another school, which meant that he could not even recognize 26 letters so that he could study English well.

it may be the edification of scholarly families and the accumulation of martial arts novels. But it awakened the love of words in his blood.

Zhang Jiajia began to sprinkle the aura in her heart with the tip of her pen. The head teacher at that time described it as:

"words are like running water, there are no alterations, punctuation and rhetoric surprise you, words are not shocking to death."

his daily exercises began to be published in the composition of Middle School students, which also gave Zhang Jiajia great encouragement.

since then, writing has become a matter of course.

he wrote letters with many friends and went to the mailroom almost every day to get them, and even the teachers wanted to confiscate them. He joined the campus literature club and became the lead writer of the magazine, criticizing the evils of the times and showing his sharpness, and his pen waved tens of thousands of words.

he has never been a step-by-step person, but he always lives from his heart and passes the world freely.

Zhang Jiajia describes herself as "very foolish". She has hardly ever sat in an office, but works around with a pen.

for a time, he worked for the TV station, in order not to let his mother worry, and even deceived her to say that he was a civil servant and worked in the power bureau.

over the years, Zhang Jiajia has tried countless interesting things:

doing lyrics, directing, writing, making movies, even being a bar owner and opening a crayfish shop. In the course of the uncle's interview, he joked that

"I have done a lot of business, opening bars and restaurants. Anyway, as long as I open it, I will definitely lose it in the end."

but he also feels that this kind of "failure" experience is necessary, and he doesn't care. As long as you've lived and owned, that's good.

as Zhang Jiajia once said:

"you are not left behind, nor are you prepared for others. Everything grows freely, you plant your own flowers and blossom on your own, and you fail if you make mistakes. Time blows off, give it to time to pick it up. "

I think this is probably what many people really lack.


"if I'm just passing by, I'll wait for you at the finish line."

Zhang Jiajia was facing a trough in her life when she wrote passing through your World.

at that time, he had just experienced a vigorous relationship, but announced the end with a vigorous breakup.

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Today, the iconic strand of white hair and ponytail that we can see is not intentional.

since the marriage change in 2012, Zhang Jiajia has turned white overnight. Unable to bear the mental blow, he once sunk in the dark, made a living by drinking day and night, and even suffered from severe depression again.

he once talked about the experience of that decadent period in the interview:

"I traveled all over the world for 400 days, bought 300 air tickets and train tickets, met 476 hotel owners, and spent all my money."

"I drink more than 400 bottles of vodka a year, and my hair is white."

sensitive people always seem to have an extraordinarily gloomy perception in the face of emotions. Perhaps it is for this reason that Zhang Jiajia desperately needs an outlet to vent her emotions.

he became a bystander, breaking up and reshaping all the stories of himself and the people around him into short essays, which were later assembled into "passing through your World."

in his book, he recounts the tenderness and pain, and buries his inner sadness deeply with external brilliance.

he described the book as:

"the concentration of emotion is high, and friendship, love and kinship are all very strong."

but it never occurred to Zhang Jiajia at that time that this collection of short stories written by affection had become not only his own outlet, but also that of many readers.

maybe that's the way the feeling is, when it's extremely strong.Hou, it is easy to evoke the most common resonance in the depths of human nature.

in 2019, when the sales of passing through your World exceeded 10 million copies, Zhang Jiajia decided to revise and publish the book.

apart from adjusting the text expressions that are behind the times, he specially added a text to tell you about your ten years of ups and downs and the real-life stories of the characters in the novel.

he named it "destination". First, I hope this is the first and last revision; second, because he wants to draw a complete full stop to the book.

the scar dripping with blood at that time was so good that he would never get drunk or turn around in the middle of the night.

he finally decided to face himself calmly and analyze the marital pain that he dared not touch with the tip of his pen.

he opened the protective cover of the wound frankly, because he began to believe that when the body was strong enough, it would be enough to withstand the stinging pain of the wind.


"most importantly, write what you want to write."

when passing through your World was first published, it took only half a year to sell more than 2 million copies.

overnight, Zhang Jiajia has gone from being the most minority writer in China to the most popular writer. Zhang Jiajia is frank and has had her own confusion.

but no matter how many bad reviews she has received, Zhang Jiajia is unwilling to change her writing attitude because of other people's opinions.

in the interview, he all sighed loneliness: "the feeling of loneliness will last a lifetime."

he said:

"I can't help it. No matter your parents, your lover, or your friends, they can never become one with you. Although we are inextricably linked, we are all independent individuals. "

therefore, he never asks for empathy, but insists on expressing his own point of view:

"I think as a writer, the most important thing is to write what you want to write. I can write as I like. I can write as I like. I just want to be happy.

the novels that are really the most moving and popular are not novels that can be done through commercial computing. "

in Zhang Jiajia's eyes, people who have access to a certain literary work must have a close band.

as he said in his new book, "there is a Commissary by the Cloud":

"most of the lyrics in the world are regarded as moaning without illness. If you can understand what kind of disease it is, you are basically bosom friends. "

he would rather be a silent radio station and release the joy of telepathy when he collides with airwaves of the same frequency.

Zhang Jiajia once set such a "password" in her "Ferry Man":

Chen Mo in the film said to Xiaoyu: there is an iceberg in your heart. The movie Titanic that Guan Chun and Mao Mao went to see was used to break the iceberg.

is not limited to this. At the end of the movie, they went to the bar to get drunk. Xiaoyu broke one cup after another, and the broken cup was also made of icebergs.

this is actually the process that Xiaoyu slowly wiped out the iceberg in her heart.

in Zhang Jiajia's works, such codes and eggs are almost everywhere.

if someone can read it, he will be surprised, and if no one can read it, it's no big deal.

he is free to come into contact with the soul of the reader in a lazy way.


"I am actually a very lazy person"

in the process of uncle's interview, Zhang Jiajia said bluntly that she had no ambition and was unwilling to think about things that were too "big":

"I am a person who does not have much ambition, and I do not have much desire." I am full of love for many small things, and I can't answer if you ask me what I'm going to do in the next few years. I often joke and say to people, "Don't ask me what I'm going to do in the future. I don't even think about what to eat tonight."

he confesses that he is actually a very lazy person.

he is too lazy to be an emotional mentor to millions of readers, thinking that the truth can only be understood through personal experience:

"in fact, we all know the great truth in the world, but if you don't experience it, you can't combine it with this thing in your body and mind. I don't understand, and I can't answer it. "

also don't bother to write a book list for others. I think this is an act of being a teacher:

"I am not a person who likes to write a book list very much, because I always think that writing a book list is an act of being a good teacher. So every time someone asks me to recommend a book, I will tell him: "three hundred Tang poems". "

if you turn to Zhang Jiajia's Weibo, you will even find that he hasn't posted a single message for months.

even in the face of "the largest proportion of life" writing, Zhang Jiajia has never been really diligent.

in the course of his uncle's interview, he mentioned that someone once made a statistic for him: he wrote a total of 590000 words, an average of 127 words a day, and could not even send a single Weibo message.

Zhang Jiajia envied writers who could bury themselves in writing according to a strict schedule.

he also tried to take a small notebook with him to write down the words that sprang up in his mind. But he didn't expect it. He just used it.In less than two months, the book was accidentally lost, as if my painstaking efforts had been lost all at once.

over time, he finally realized that what he liked was never step by step, never from nine to five.

he decided to shake off these external shackles and find his own way of writing.

so he chose to disappear.

during the two-year gap between the end of filming of the Ferry Man and the publication of his new book, A Commissary in the Cloud, he lived a particularly free life.

he will swim until four o'clock in the morning, then get up at noon, call friends and drink for pleasure.

once he has leisure time, he will pack his bags and travel slowly around the world. Zhang Jiajia said that this is a process of accumulation:

"if you don't live for three or four years, without enough life materials and accumulation, you can't support yourself to finish a novel."

and when inspiration accumulates to a certain extent, at some point, he will feel that "if you don't write, you will die". It was only then that I began to write and slowly put the shining fragments of the journey into my own words.

like the "Yunbian Town" that we are familiar with, it is actually a collection of fragments in various places.

Zhang Jiajia is lazy and unruly, but who can say that this is not a manifestation of true temperament?

that's probably the way life is. When you have yourself, you can really own the world.


"the older you are, the softer you are."

after years of precipitation, Zhang Jiajia began to become peaceful.

instead of demanding what he can't get, he thinks that what he has is already the most perfect happiness.

he describes people's life as "like a mobile phone":

"when you are 20 years old, the resolution of the phone is the highest, and it will show things very clearly."

when people reach middle age, they are less violent and distinct, and more gentle and precipitated.

his edges and corners were polished into a soft outline by time, dressed in a simple shirt and trousers, and leaned relaxed on the bamboo rattan chair.

seeing that he is now calm, few people think of the rebellion and frivolity of his youth.

but Zhang Jiajia says bluntly that she is not exactly a gentle person:

"there must be a gentle side, but can not be said to be a gentle person as a whole. The word you use to describe me, the first word is definitely not tenderness. "

he left all the noise and restlessness in passing through your World, showing readers the biggest twists and turns he has suffered in the past decade or even two decades.

in the past few years when he wrote "the side of the Cloud", his life was extremely leisurely. When he finished writing, he gradually had a tendency to "hide". He began to learn to narrate calmly and never tried to make great waves.

he tried to release more "gentle" and "gentle" core, pick up the sense of responsibility of the times as a writer.

"I hope this era can be a little better, but it can only get better if someone does something." Therefore, I hope that there will not be any incorrect values in my book, which will affect the content of teenagers. "

it can be said that Zhang Jiajia always carries light in her bones.

although I have seen the harshness of life, I still say that my heart is as pure as an ice jade pot.

he still hopes to move the earth with his own strength, even if it is only a small corner.


on June 22, Zhang Jiajia just celebrated her 39th birthday, only one step away from the 40-year-old.

some people say that he is no longer prickly, others say that he is no longer literary and artistic.

but Zhang Jiajia uses three words to describe her shortcomings: lazy, ignorant and poor.

he laughs that he wants to write down all the things he wants to write before he is out of date and has influence.

maybe that's why he can live freely and freely.

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